The Weeknd Calls On Drake, Ashanti On TV

Canadian singer The Weeknd has reunited with Drake. The two are responsible for the hit single Crew Love from Drake's album Take Care. There was said to be a beef between the two artists and if it existed, its all dead and gone now. The two have been in the studio collaborating on The Weeknd's upcoming album Kiss Land. Kiss Land will be in stores by year's end. I say that because no official release date has been given. I have read that the album would be released late Summer but let's be real here...Summer's almost over, well in two more months.

I, like everyone else was a huge fan of Crew Love and if this upcoming collaboration is anything like that, we're in for a treat. Right?

I was watching Watch! What Happens Live! and I saw that Ashanti will be appearing on the show Thursday August 1. The show airs at 11 PM EST time. For an independent artist Ashanti sure can book shows! I give her that. I can't say much else right now but I'm excited to see her on the show nonetheless.

Something else that may get your attention, I was reading how Beyonce supposedly scrapped 50 songs from her upcoming album. Beyonce's new album has been shrouded in mystery, as most of her albums are. Of course the producers she occasionally works with, Sean Garrett and The-Dream and Ne-Yo like to give updates here and now. But I'm sure an album was planned and supposed to be released. Beyonce is doing too much right now not to have an album to support. She's touring. She's in commercials. Beyonce's album was reportedly titled Mrs. Carter and rightfully so her tour is named The Mrs. Carter Show.

I guess that long awaited Beyonce album will come in due time. I do believe Beyonce is taking her time with this album and making sure its right. Can't fault no artist for that but the fans are disappointed because they've been expecting an album for awhile now.
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