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Azealia Banks calls RZA a "crackhead" and Big Sean calls out Kid Cudi

A few days ago Azealia Banks appeared on "Access Hollywood" detailing what went down that fateful night she was spat on and thrown out of a party in Hollywood. A day or so later RZA; who brought Azealia to the party says Russell Crowe did indeed "spit" on Azealia but did not call her the "n" word. Of course Azealia shot back labeling RZA an "ex-crackhead" who "doesn't take care of his 9 kids". Ouch! And remember I reported that Mariah Carey's fiancé dumped her? Well I just saw a new report that says they are trying to work things out. I didn't read any further. To me, this seems like one big soap opera. I wonder are the cameras still rolling for Mariah's reality show docu-series. "Mariah's World" is set to air on E! in December. Will you be watching? Kid Cudi is feeling the heat from Lupe Fiasco and Big Sean now. Lupe Fiasco came out from whatever rock he's been hiding under and called Kid Cudi out. Th…

Mariah Carey gets dumped and Drake has a new boo

Mariah Carey and her billionaire fiancé James Packer have broken up. Many reports are saying that James is the one that broke up with Mariah. Apparently the last few weeks have been rough for the pair. Mariah is asking James to cough up $50 million dollars for making her cancel her tour and several verbal and physical threats towards her and her staff. There is a video circulating of James and Mariah walking and he tugs at her which many felt was a sign of possible physical abuse within the relationship. Wendy Williams called it! She said this union between James and Mariah likely wouldn't happen and she was right! Drake and Taylor Swift are rumored to be dating! Say what now? Well that's the trending topic on Twitter and of course everyone is flabbergasted by that revelation if it is indeed true. Remember Drake dissed Kid Cudi on one of his new songs? Well Kid Cudi has responded via his social media asking Drake to "say it to my face" and that Drake's a "pu…

Lady Gaga calls out Madonna and Tiny Harris issues another statement about her picture with T.I.'s enemy

Happy Belated Birthday to Monica, Ashanti, Toni Braxton, and all the fellow Libras. There are so many and too many to name. There is a lot of entertainment news to report and I'll just stick with the interesting stuff. :)
Lady Gaga has a new album, "Joanne" which is slated to debut at #1 and she threw shade at Madonna insisting that Madonna doesn't write her songs. CORRECTION: I know for a fact Madonna writes her songs and always has from the very beginning. I think Gaga was just trying to capitalize on the success of her album and decided to call Madonna out. Madonna ain't even been thinking about a Lady Gaga but congrats to Gaga for her #1 album. You never know it might be her last. :) Tiny Harris has issued a lengthy letter again explaining her taking a picture with her husband's, T.I.'s enemy, Floyd Mayweather. She now says Mariah didn't make her take a picture but she didn't wanna be rude and besides it was a quick pic. She maintains that she…

Drake disses Kid Cudi & Pusha T and Foxy Brown shades Remy Ma & Lil' Kim

Drake had Twitter on fire last night when he released a slew of new songs that dissed Kid Cudi and Pusha T. In one of the songs Drake calls an unnamed Pusha T a "studio drug dealer" or something along those lines. Drake also calls out Kid Cudi by making reference to Kid Cudi's former album title, "man on the moon". People felt that Drake was being insensitive to Kid Cudi since he is currently in rehab. Just months ago Kid Cudi called Drake and Kanye West out. So now Drake is responding two months later, maybe because it took him two months to write the response or his ghostwriter wrote it. Who knows? Foxy Brown threw shade at Remy Ma and Lil' Kim after the picture of Nicki Minaj bowing down to Lauryn Hill made the rounds. Foxy posted a screenshot of the picture and in the caption Foxy states that Nicki has shown love to Lauryn Hill and herself(Foxy Brown) and if she hasn't shown respect to you(Lil' Kim) then your not up to par. She also threw shade …

Azealia Banks pens apology letter and Kanye West to boycott Grammy awards

I know we all are tired of hearing about Azealia Banks especially when it has nothing to do with music. But after all the drama, it seems as if Azealia is taking a step in the right direction. A few days ago the controversial rapper shared a letter she penned to Zayk Malik of One Direction fame. Months ago Azealia went on a big rant towards the singer when Azealia mistook something he said to be towards her. It seems like that always happens with Azealia but its good she is moving forward and being positive. Now whether or not Zayk has accepted the apology is unknown. Kanye West says he will not attend Grammys if Frank Ocean is not nominated for his album, "Blond". Kanye must of missed the memo that Frank forgot or didn't submit his album for Grammy consideration before the deadline. In more Kanye West news, it seems as if his relationship with Jay-Z is rocky as Kanye has stated there won't be a "Watch The Throne 2" but I could care either way if there is o…

Remy Ma speaks starts work on new solo album and Jaheim upset about new hairstyle comments

How is everyone on this Friday night? To be honest, I'm sleepy as hell. I went to the bar earlier and had three beers and now I feel like crawling into the bed. I actually might turn in early tonight. But before I do that, I thought I'd be nice and provide a little music update since there seems to be a lot going on in the entertainment world.
Remy Ma confirmed that she just started working on her first solo album in 10 years. Tentatively titled, "Seven Summers & Six Winters", Remy will first release her joint album with Fat Joe before year's end. I would say the name of that album but I can't remember it off top and I don't feel like looking it up. R&B singer Jaheim has everyone talking about his new hairstyle after a performance at a concert. I'm sitting here trying to think how Jaheim's hair used to look but I do know when he first debuted on the scene, his hair was in braids. Anyway Jaheim's new hairstyle has inspired a number of n…

Kanye West mad at Jay Z and RZA speaks out on Azealia Banks debacle

Good evening everyone!
Kanye West is mad at Jay-Z for not visiting his home after Kim Kardashian was robbed. Kanye blasted Jay during a recent concert and of course the video footage made the rounds on social media. If Jay couldn't visit Kanye and Kim, he could of called at least, right? Well we know Jay isn't going to respond to this and if he does maybe he will via a song or a guest appearance on a song. RZA has FINALLY spoken out after the whole Azealia Banks and Russell Crow debacle. RZA says Azealia was "choked" but not called the "N word". He also states that Azealia was "drunk" and "violent" and threatened to cut a woman with a glass. RZA also details how he came to Azealia's defense when he went to bat for her for his feature film, "Coco". He also talked about how he got Azealia a record deal, flew her out to L.A. and yadda yadda. In typical Azealia Banks fashion, she has since responded and vowed to put this whole …

Azealia Banks backs out of deal with RZA and "Basketball Wives L.A." star gets called out by estranged daughter

Good evening everyone! I'm just sitting here listening to Apple Music; The Neptunes: R&B Productions and it just so happens that The Neptunes are one of my favorite production duos and I like 99% of the songs they've produced over the years. On top of that I have my TV on that I'm not watching. I forgot "Empire" wasn't on tonight so I guess I'll get ready to watch "American Horror Story". So I have a little music news for you all. There is more news on the Azealia Banks debacle(enough already but hey its news) and more.

So there is a TMZ video of Azealia Banks telling her side of what went down that horrid night between her and Russell Crowe. The interviewer asked her if RZA did anything when she was choked and spat on and Azealia replied "no" and that RZA is a "chump". After this whole incident Azealia has decided not to sign with RZA's record label rightfully so. Rusxell Crowe's guests(who no one knows) contends…

More details on Azealia Banks hotel drama and Janet Jackson nominated for prestigious award

Hello all! I hope all is well. I missed you all and now I'm back with a few updates for the music news obsessed.
Azealia Banks contends that she was spat on, choked and called the "N word" by actor Russell Crowe. According to several media outlets, guests at the party say that Banks was the antagonist at the gathering making lewd comments citing that Russell and his friends were "boring white men" and she even laughed at his taste of music(Russell once tweeted a song of Azealia's). This all sounds very believable because Azealia is known to speak out of line a lot. I do believe Azealia when she say she was assaulted but was it brought on by her antics? Azealia says there's camera footage and its being withheld to make her look like the bad guy. She also says that she feels someone of Russell Crowe's stature could potentially cause harm to her livelihood. I feel embarrassed and sad for Azealia Banks. It seems as if she always finds herself in some me…

Azealia Banks says she was "choked" by actor and Beyoncé has a bleeding performance

Hey all! I'm sorry for the lack of updates lately. I haven't forgotten about you all. I have just been busy with life. I do have some updates for you today though. Yay! Enjoy!
I was on Facebook and I saw Azealia Banks post a few statuses as she typically does.Well one status in particular caught my attention. She mentioned how she attended actor, Russell Crowe(movie: "Gladitor") hotel suite and that she was choked up and called a "nigger" by Russell. She went on to say that she's very depressed and low right now. It's really unfortunate that, that something like that went down. :( Lord help these racist people! Last night, music streaming service Tidal held a concert with Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, and Beyoncé. There was a lot of performances and many shocking moments. One of the most talked about moments was Beyoncé addressing the crowd about voting as well as her ripping out her earring and bleeding during her performance. In true Beyo…

Azealia Banks signs new record deal and Ciara's case against Future thrown out

Good evening folks! I'm sitting here watching "Family Feud" and I just heated up some leftover Hamburger Helper for dinner. In the meantime I have a few updates for you all!
Azealia Banks revealed a few days ago that she is signing to rapper and producer RZA and his record label. I'm not sure the name of his record label but RZA did direct Azealia Banks in the upcoming film, "Coco" which is due out next year I believe. If your not familiar with RZA, he is one of the many members of the infamous Wu-Tang Clan and he directed the movie, "The Man With The Iron Fists" starring Russell Crowe. A judge has ruled that Future's tweets about Ciara is not enough to grant Ciara the win in a defamation case she filed against her ex. Ciara claims Future's tweets put a strain on her career. No, honey your bad music career choices hurt your career and besides Ciara isn't exactly hurting. She fortunately still has a record deal considering all of her re…

Alicia Keys brings out Jay Z during New York concert and Stevie J suing Joseline Hernandez

Good evening people! I just finished watching "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" and I can't get over the guy A1 who is married to Lyrica. He wears black finger nail polish and its just something about him that seems off. Then again woman nowadays like feminine men. Anyway I have some small updates for you, just enough to quench your music news thirst. Read on for more.
Alicia Keys performed live in New York City and she brought Jay Z on stage for their hit song, "New York State of Mind". If that weren't enough Alicia dragged presidential nominee, Donald Trump in regards to comments he made about "grabbing women by their pussy". Alicia said as a matter of fact that Donald wouldn't be "grabbing [her] by the pussy". Alicia Keys' new album, "Here" will be released on November 4. Speaking of Alicia Keys, I saw a news excerpt regarding Alicia and her new makeup free face. But according to her makeup artist, her new makeup free …

Nicki Minaj announces new album and Solange's new album hits #1

Good evening! I'm sitting here on laptop of course and the movie, "Honey" starring Jessica Alba is on BET. Its been awhile since I seen this so I figure I'd watch. So here are some updates for you all for the music news obsessed.
Nicki Minaj had the social media world in a tizzy last night when she revealed she had a new album releasing. The album titled, "#PickMyFruitOut" featured a tracklisting tweeted out by Nicki, 1 through 9 with fruits as the song titles. Last but not least, she revealed that track 10 would feature her favorite rapper. Well turns out for now, the news was just a hoax. But people have been on standby on music streaming services to see if an actual album existed. Then again maybe this is not the album but one may be on the way to being released. Congratulations to Solange! Her album, "A Seat at the Table" is #1 on the Billboard charts with 72,000 units sold and streamed. This is Solange's first number 1 album and she and B…

Beyoncé brings out Jay-Z, Serena Williams on tour and Alicia Keys readies new album release

It's an early morning as I type this. I couldn't go back to sleep after waking up to use the bathroom. Now I'm sitting here on my laptop while the ID channel is on. I'm glad the weekend is here even though I only had a 3 day work week this week but it was still very long nonetheless. So I have a little update for you all today. Read on and enjoy!
Beyoncé brought out husband, Jay-Z for "Drunk In Love" during her final leg of her Formation World Tour. Serena Williams also came out and bopped to "Sorry", the video she also appears in. There are rumors out saying that the long awaited Jay-Z and Beyoncé duet album is said to drop by year's end. There was a billboard somewhere in New York I believe that said, "What's Next" in big pink bold letters and with the date "12.13.16". Many speculated that it was a billboard for the upcoming duet album. Well it turns out that the billboard is for the new cycle of "American's Ne…

Kid Cudi checks into rehab and Drake cancels tour dates

Sitting here watching the ID channel which is one of my favorite channels. I'm also eagerly awaiting to watch "American Horror Story: Roanoke". I wish I could say the same for "Empire" but I've pretty much checked out. I try to stick with the show because it is an African American show and I want to support my black people but the show is rather boring. It's only good now once the show goes on hiatus. I need them to step it up or else. I personally think we got spoiled in the first season because every episode then had a huge moment that had everyone talking. Now its not like that and everything is drawn out since the seasons are longer. But anyway I have a lot news tidbits for you today so continue reading.
Kid Cudi left a message on social media stating that he was checking himself into rehab. Apparently Kid Cudi has been battling depression and he was ashamed to admit it but he felt that is best for him to do at this time. More importantly he admitte…

J. Cole speaks on Kim K.'s robbery and Toni Braxton recovering from sickness

As I type this, I was sitting here watching the BET Hip Hop Awards and I'm wondering if I really wanna watch the whole telecast. I think I would rather much be watching the ID channel which I've become obsessed with lately. And just that quick, I just turned the channel. Maybe I'll check back in later. Have you all listened to Solange's album yet? You should if you haven't and read my semi-review on it and check out what else I have to say! :)

People are still talking about Kim K. getting robbed and forced at gunpoint. Twitter is on fire and have been pretty insensitive to the incident and rightfully so people lack compassion as they did back in the day. Karl Lagerfield, world renown designer spoke out and said something along the lines of if you flash all your riches on social media, you can't be surprised that you get robbed. Do you agree? I agree because Kim K. is very flashy and stuff unfortunately like this does happen. That's not to say she deserved t…

Album Spotlight: Solange - A Seat At The Table

Producer(s): Solange Knowles-FergusonWriter(s): Solange Knowles-FergusonGuest appearances: Master P, Mathew Knowles, Tina Knowles-Lawson, Kelly Rowland, Tweet, BJ The Chicago Kid, Kelela, Sampha, Lil' Wayne, Q-Tip, etc.Highlights: "Rise", "Weary", "Junie", "Don't Touch My Hair", "Cranes In The Sky"Release Date: September 30(digital retailers), November 2016(physical release(CD), December 2016(vinyl release)
I was so happy when I learned that Solange was releasing her new album. I felt like it had been forever since her last project and it has. Her last project, the EP, "True" was released 4 years ago believe it or not.  I was even more surprised when I saw that Columbia Records was putting the album out. Solange was signed to Columbia when she released her first album and she revealed years down the road, that she asked to be released. Her second album was released through Interscope and her other projects("True…

Kim Kardashian held at gunpoint and Iggy Azalea speaks on album delay

Kim Kardashian's life was nearly taken when she was held at gunpoint while in Paris! Fortunately the reality TV star turned mogul was not injured in anyway. Her husband, Kanye West was in the middle of a concert when he got the news and immediately ended the show citing "family emergency". Many of concert goers thought Kanye was simply joking but he was not. I read that Kim's security apparently let the man in or something to that effect but I don't know the full story yet as this news is still breaking everywhere. I would expect the security guard(s) to be fired after this mishap because why would you let some random man in her hotel room? Remember Iggy Azalea was supposed to release her second album, "Digital Distortion" over the Summer? Well she didn't and I figured it was because her single, "Team" didn't do all that well. Now she is speaking out and saying that the reason behind the album's delay was because she needed time to…

Benzino fires off at Amber Rose for her "Slut Walk"and "Rob & Chyna" not getting a second season

Trina was one of the many celebrities that joined Amber Rose and her "Slut Walk" event. Other celebrities in attendance included Blac Chyna, Ariane(show: "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta), and Perez Hilton. Trina performed a bevy of hits including, "Fuck Boy", "B R Right" and "Look Back At It". Trina also performed later that night at Thirst, a club in L.A. I got to see Trina earlier this Summer and she was everything and more. Benzino(show: "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta") called out Amber Rose during her "Slut Walk" festivities to which she kindly replied. Many felt his rambling on was out of the blue but it was because he was not a fan of the movement but also because his estranged girlfriend, Althea was there with their daughter. So naturally Benzino was fuming and acting a damn fool. It looks like everyone's favorite guilty pleasure TV show, "Rob & Chyna" might not be brought back for a second season. Asid…