Azealia Banks pens apology letter and Kanye West to boycott Grammy awards

Apologetic Azealia
  • I know we all are tired of hearing about Azealia Banks especially when it has nothing to do with music. But after all the drama, it seems as if Azealia is taking a step in the right direction. A few days ago the controversial rapper shared a letter she penned to Zayk Malik of One Direction fame. Months ago Azealia went on a big rant towards the singer when Azealia mistook something he said to be towards her. It seems like that always happens with Azealia but its good she is moving forward and being positive. Now whether or not Zayk has accepted the apology is unknown.
  • Kanye West says he will not attend Grammys if Frank Ocean is not nominated for his album, "Blond". Kanye must of missed the memo that Frank forgot or didn't submit his album for Grammy consideration before the deadline. In more Kanye West news, it seems as if his relationship with Jay-Z is rocky as Kanye has stated there won't be a "Watch The Throne 2" but I could care either way if there is or not. I have read reports that Jay-Z considers Kanye a "nutcase", which he is. More as this drama unfolds.
  • I was reading that the drama between singer Jaheim and radio host, Charlamagne The God is a lot deeper. If you recall Jaheim was upset about the overall reaction he got to his new hairstyle. He took Charlamagne's insults in particular pretty personal. Now its been said that Charlamagne reported that Jaheim had a sexual relationship with rapper Joe Budden. I must of missed when that was said. Now that's piping hot tea if that's true!  Now Jaheim wants to fight Charlamagne! Who do we think will win this match?

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