Azealia Banks signs new record deal and Ciara's case against Future thrown out

Azealia is back!
Good evening folks! I'm sitting here watching "Family Feud" and I just heated up some leftover Hamburger Helper for dinner. In the meantime I have a few updates for you all!
  • Azealia Banks revealed a few days ago that she is signing to rapper and producer RZA and his record label. I'm not sure the name of his record label but RZA did direct Azealia Banks in the upcoming film, "Coco" which is due out next year I believe. If your not familiar with RZA, he is one of the many members of the infamous Wu-Tang Clan and he directed the movie, "The Man With The Iron Fists" starring Russell Crowe. 
  • A judge has ruled that Future's tweets about Ciara is not enough to grant Ciara the win in a defamation case she filed against her ex. Ciara claims Future's tweets put a strain on her career. No, honey your bad music career choices hurt your career and besides Ciara isn't exactly hurting. She fortunately still has a record deal considering all of her recent album have underperformed. I think the only thing that keeps Ciara afloat is that her singles typically do very well and on top of that Ciara models for damn near every designer. So you mean to tell me that ain't keeping your pockets full? And your married to a professional football player! Ciara, please have several seats! 
  • Thomas Mikal Ford aka Tommy from the 90s sitcom, "Martin" has died. The actor was on life support and his family made a mutual decision to pull him off of life support. R.I.P. 
  • I was on Twitter and I saw that boxer Adrien Broner was on Twitter threatening to commit suicide. I'm not sure what demons he is facing but hopefully he gets the help he needs. 

Enjoy you night folks and thanks for reading! :)
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