Drake disses Kid Cudi & Pusha T and Foxy Brown shades Remy Ma & Lil' Kim

I need a new Drake avatar
  • Drake had Twitter on fire last night when he released a slew of new songs that dissed Kid Cudi and Pusha T. In one of the songs Drake calls an unnamed Pusha T a "studio drug dealer" or something along those lines. Drake also calls out Kid Cudi by making reference to Kid Cudi's former album title, "man on the moon". People felt that Drake was being insensitive to Kid Cudi since he is currently in rehab. Just months ago Kid Cudi called Drake and Kanye West out. So now Drake is responding two months later, maybe because it took him two months to write the response or his ghostwriter wrote it. Who knows? 
  • Foxy Brown threw shade at Remy Ma and Lil' Kim after the picture of Nicki Minaj bowing down to Lauryn Hill made the rounds. Foxy posted a screenshot of the picture and in the caption Foxy states that Nicki has shown love to Lauryn Hill and herself(Foxy Brown) and if she hasn't shown respect to you(Lil' Kim) then your not up to par. She also threw shade at Remy Ma saying that Nicki knows that she would not collaborate with someone who is less talented(Remy Ma). It was just a week or so ago when Nicki Minaj revealed on a radio interview that she wanted Remy and Foxy on a track but it didn't work out. Nicki was obviously not aware of the feud between Remy and Foxy. It also seems like Foxy is the one keeping the feud going with herself and Remy and Kim. At this point I really don't understand Foxy's dismay with Remy. I can understand Kim maybe but Foxy is an Internet gangster in my opinion. Remy is out doing her thing and so is Kim. Foxy is just behind her phone talking big shit and maybe doing the occasional performance but Foxy has been promising new projects(music, TV appearances) for years and has yet to deliver such. Get it together Foxy! 
  • T.I. is fuming mad at his wife, Tiny after she was seen taking a picture with T.I.'s archenemy, boxer; Floyd Mayweather. Tiny as well as Floyd Mayweather were guests at Mariah Carey's Halloween party. The picture featuring the above mentioned made the media rounds and it left many scratching their heads. Well Tiny has responded saying that it was Mariah who insisted Tiny take a picture and she didn't want to turn down the "Queen". Tiny should of just simply opted not to stand next to Floyd Mayweather but oh well. Did Mariah not know about Tiny and Floyd's history? I wouldn't say Mariah is messy but she sure as hell is shady. :)
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