Kanye West mad at Jay Z and RZA speaks out on Azealia Banks debacle

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Good evening everyone!
  • Kanye West is mad at Jay-Z for not visiting his home after Kim Kardashian was robbed. Kanye blasted Jay during a recent concert and of course the video footage made the rounds on social media. If Jay couldn't visit Kanye and Kim, he could of called at least, right? Well we know Jay isn't going to respond to this and if he does maybe he will via a song or a guest appearance on a song. 
  • RZA has FINALLY spoken out after the whole Azealia Banks and Russell Crow debacle. RZA says Azealia was "choked" but not called the "N word". He also states that Azealia was "drunk" and "violent" and threatened to cut a woman with a glass. RZA also details how he came to Azealia's defense when he went to bat for her for his feature film, "Coco". He also talked about how he got Azealia a record deal, flew her out to L.A. and yadda yadda. In typical Azealia Banks fashion, she has since responded and vowed to put this whole mess behind her and still plan to press charges against Russell Crow. She went on to say that she will release some new music, blasted RZA by calling him a "crackhead" and Russell a "holiday ham". It's lot more where this came from. 
  • Mary J. Blige's ex-husband Kendu Issacs is asking for spousal support to the tune of $125,000 dollars a month! Say what? I'm sitting here wondering though, did I report this already? Anyway I think that is crazy though! Meanwhile Mary J. has released her new single, "Thick of It" from her upcoming album, "Strength of A Woman". I'm not really a big fan of the song but I am looking forward to hearing the album.
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