J. Cole speaks on Kim K.'s robbery and Toni Braxton recovering from sickness

An old pic. 
As I type this, I was sitting here watching the BET Hip Hop Awards and I'm wondering if I really wanna watch the whole telecast. I think I would rather much be watching the ID channel which I've become obsessed with lately. And just that quick, I just turned the channel. Maybe I'll check back in later. Have you all listened to Solange's album yet? You should if you haven't and read my semi-review on it and check out what else I have to say! :)

  • People are still talking about Kim K. getting robbed and forced at gunpoint. Twitter is on fire and have been pretty insensitive to the incident and rightfully so people lack compassion as they did back in the day. Karl Lagerfield, world renown designer spoke out and said something along the lines of if you flash all your riches on social media, you can't be surprised that you get robbed. Do you agree? I agree because Kim K. is very flashy and stuff unfortunately like this does happen. That's not to say she deserved that though. 
  • Someone hacked J. Cole's Twitter allegedly or he, himself posted on social media that Kim K. getting robbed was simply a hoax. J. Cole hasn't said anymore besides that. The last we heard from J. Cole, he said he wasn't touring for awhile. 
  • Toni Braxton had been hospitalized for her Lupus outbreak and social media were really worried about her state of being. Boyfriend, Birdman was right by her side as was her family and kids. Toni is now at home resting and we all hope she gets better. We love Toni Braxton! 
  • Demi Lovato is being dragged on Twitter after making comments about Taylor Swift making a song dissing Katy Perry. Perez Hilton, famous blogger and socialite called her out for constantly picking a fight with Taylor and its upsetting her since Taylor has not responded. Demi also came out and said she's taking a break from the business next year. Well good for her! 

Your thoughts on tonight's stories? Okay, don't all comment at once! :)
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