Lady Gaga calls out Madonna and Tiny Harris issues another statement about her picture with T.I.'s enemy

Happy Belated Birthday Monica!
Happy Belated Birthday to Monica, Ashanti, Toni Braxton, and all the fellow Libras. There are so many and too many to name. There is a lot of entertainment news to report and I'll just stick with the interesting stuff. :)
  • Lady Gaga has a new album, "Joanne" which is slated to debut at #1 and she threw shade at Madonna insisting that Madonna doesn't write her songs. CORRECTION: I know for a fact Madonna writes her songs and always has from the very beginning. I think Gaga was just trying to capitalize on the success of her album and decided to call Madonna out. Madonna ain't even been thinking about a Lady Gaga but congrats to Gaga for her #1 album. You never know it might be her last. :) 
  • Tiny Harris has issued a lengthy letter again explaining her taking a picture with her husband's, T.I.'s enemy, Floyd Mayweather. She now says Mariah didn't make her take a picture but she didn't wanna be rude and besides it was a quick pic. She maintains that she is committed and loves her husband. You go Tiny! :) 
  • Remember a few days ago I reported that Future's name was floating around as the reason why NBA star, Scottie Pippen and his wife were divorcing? The story was that Scottie's wife and Future had an inappropriate relationship. Future even posted on his snapchat a picture and shady caption which many believed was a stab at Scottie Pippen and the rumors that were floating around. Future is savage like that so I do believe they had some sort of relationship. Even more someone posted a video of Scottie's wife dancing and partying to Future's music. That's innocent right? I mean Future makes music you can dance and party to right? But Scottie Pippen's wife was really enjoying herself and she knew all the lyrics to Future's songs too. I bet she knows how his ____ looks like! Ha! I like Future and his much but he is not the settling down type. Just ask Ciara. He is like the dude you just mess around with and put back in the toolbox when you're done. But now its being reported that Future is not the reason for the divorce and the couple are looking to reconcile. The story is that the two were planning to divorce because Scottie was going to take a job in Chicago and his wife was against it. Lies! 

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