Alicia Keys brings out Jay Z during New York concert and Stevie J suing Joseline Hernandez

Jay-Z's "Here".
Good evening people! I just finished watching "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" and I can't get over the guy A1 who is married to Lyrica. He wears black finger nail polish and its just something about him that seems off. Then again woman nowadays like feminine men. Anyway I have some small updates for you, just enough to quench your music news thirst. Read on for more.
Alicia Keys performed live in New York City and she brought Jay Z on stage for their hit song, "New York State of Mind". If that weren't enough Alicia dragged presidential nominee, Donald Trump in regards to comments he made about "grabbing women by their pussy". Alicia said as a matter of fact that Donald wouldn't be "grabbing [her] by the pussy". Alicia Keys' new album, "Here" will be released on November 4. 
  • Speaking of Alicia Keys, I saw a news excerpt regarding Alicia and her new makeup free face. But according to her makeup artist, her new makeup free isn't exactly makeup free. I'm guessing she has some light touches of makeup here and there. I'm not surprised though. 
  • Stevie J of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" is suing ex and rumored baby mother, Joseline Hernandez for dragging his name through the mud following their breakup. Joseline alleged that Stevie was a child molester, a gay devil worshiper, and more among other things. The funny this is, I believe some of this, not the child stuff but the other stuff wouldn't surprise me. Stevie claims that Joseline's bad mouthing has caused him public ridicule and pain and suffering; my words; not his! 
  • Drake and Rihanna are the top nominees for the American Music Awards. Drake leads the nominations with 13 nods and Rihanna with 7. The award show airs next month likely on ABC but don't ask me the date cause I don't know. It usually airs around November 18-20. The American Music Awards are compiled from record sales in case you ever wondered. 

Well you all have a good night and thanks for reading! See you again soon! 
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