Beyoncé brings out Jay-Z, Serena Williams on tour and Alicia Keys readies new album release

Bey day.
It's an early morning as I type this. I couldn't go back to sleep after waking up to use the bathroom. Now I'm sitting here on my laptop while the ID channel is on. I'm glad the weekend is here even though I only had a 3 day work week this week but it was still very long nonetheless. So I have a little update for you all today. Read on and enjoy!
  • Beyoncé brought out husband, Jay-Z for "Drunk In Love" during her final leg of her Formation World Tour. Serena Williams also came out and bopped to "Sorry", the video she also appears in. There are rumors out saying that the long awaited Jay-Z and Beyoncé duet album is said to drop by year's end. There was a billboard somewhere in New York I believe that said, "What's Next" in big pink bold letters and with the date "12.13.16". Many speculated that it was a billboard for the upcoming duet album. Well it turns out that the billboard is for the new cycle of "American's Next Top Model". 
  • Beanie Sigel has released a dis record aimed at Meek Mill after the two have fallen out. It's funny how prior to this they were laughing it up and popping shit in a video now Beanie's mad. Shortly before he was to take the stage at the Bad Boy Reunion tour, he was knocked to the ground by one of Meek Mill's henchman. Now I haven't heard the dis song and personally I'm not all the interested in it but if that's what Beanie has to do to bring himself back out, then so be it. Is anyone interested though? That is the question. 
  • Alicia Keys will release her new album, "Here" on November 4. The album will feature the single, "In Common" and the newly released single, "Blended Family(What You Do For Love)" featuring ASAP Rocky. The song was trending on Twitter upon its release and I still haven't heard it yet. The new single embraces Alicia's relationship with her husband, Swizz Beat's ex-wife, Mashonda. Interesting indeed. 

Thanks for reading guys! :)
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