Azealia Banks backs out of deal with RZA and "Basketball Wives L.A." star gets called out by estranged daughter

Be nice to Azealia Banks
Good evening everyone! I'm just sitting here listening to Apple Music; The Neptunes: R&B Productions and it just so happens that The Neptunes are one of my favorite production duos and I like 99% of the songs they've produced over the years. On top of that I have my TV on that I'm not watching. I forgot "Empire" wasn't on tonight so I guess I'll get ready to watch "American Horror Story". So I have a little music news for you all. There is more news on the Azealia Banks debacle(enough already but hey its news) and more.

  • So there is a TMZ video of Azealia Banks telling her side of what went down that horrid night between her and Russell Crowe. The interviewer asked her if RZA did anything when she was choked and spat on and Azealia replied "no" and that RZA is a "chump". After this whole incident Azealia has decided not to sign with RZA's record label rightfully so. Rusxell Crowe's guests(who no one knows) contends his innocence and maintains Azealia's "belligerence" as a leading factor for her being removed that night from the party. RZA's people have called Azealia "full of it" but yet they were asking her to still sign to their label. What's more interesting is Azealia stars in the movie, "Coco" that was directed by RZA. I can imagine that red carpet premiere will be VERY awkward. Azealia has since declared that she is free of negativity and she wants to concentrate solely on selfies, music, videos, fashion, and love. Can you blame the girl? Azealia also mentioned that she will be releasing a new freestyle of over Jay Z's "So Ghetto" beat and my body is ready. C'mon Zee! Speak!
  • I'm sitting here thinking about what else is going on in the entertainment news realm and I just thought about "Basketball Wives L.A." star Jackie Christie. The reality TV star's estranged daughter has started a Go Fund Me for her son that was burned at a daycare. Apparently the surgery cost $3.000 and Jackie's daughter blasted her for not coming to her aid during her time of need. Of course social media had a field day with Jackie Christie dodging questions left and right and blocking everyone on Twitter. Jackie has since made a statement through TMZ saying that her daughter cut her out of life. Of course the gossip blogs pulled up video from a couple of seasons ago when Jackie's other daughter, Chantel was talking to Laura Govan(a former star of "Basketball Wives L.A.") about how Jackie disowned her daughter because she was dark skin and how she was homeless and Jackie wouldn't help her out. That doesn't sound like the Jackie Christie we see on reality TV who is very nurturing(and very "messy") on "Basketball Wives L.A.", then again maybe it does. I'm sure this drama with Jackie and her daughter will be a focal point for the new season of the show if and when it gets renewed. 
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