Mariah Carey gets dumped and Drake has a new boo

Mariah's single again.
  • Mariah Carey and her billionaire fiancé James Packer have broken up. Many reports are saying that James is the one that broke up with Mariah. Apparently the last few weeks have been rough for the pair. Mariah is asking James to cough up $50 million dollars for making her cancel her tour and several verbal and physical threats towards her and her staff. There is a video circulating of James and Mariah walking and he tugs at her which many felt was a sign of possible physical abuse within the relationship. Wendy Williams called it! She said this union between James and Mariah likely wouldn't happen and she was right! 
  • Drake and Taylor Swift are rumored to be dating! Say what now? Well that's the trending topic on Twitter and of course everyone is flabbergasted by that revelation if it is indeed true. 
  • Remember Drake dissed Kid Cudi on one of his new songs? Well Kid Cudi has responded via his social media asking Drake to "say it to my face" and that Drake's a "pussy". I do think Drake is wrong for kicking someone when their down like Kid Cudi is but then again this is Hip Hop. 
  • According to Rick Ross, Game and Meek Mill have reportedly squashed their beef. Meek Mill's new album, "DC4" is out and everybody is talking about it. I might have to check it out. 
What do you all have planned for your weekend? Thanks for reading guys! :)
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