More details on Azealia Banks hotel drama and Janet Jackson nominated for prestigious award

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Hello all! I hope all is well. I missed you all and now I'm back with a few updates for the music news obsessed.
  • Azealia Banks contends that she was spat on, choked and called the "N word" by actor Russell Crowe. According to several media outlets, guests at the party say that Banks was the antagonist at the gathering making lewd comments citing that Russell and his friends were "boring white men" and she even laughed at his taste of music(Russell once tweeted a song of Azealia's). This all sounds very believable because Azealia is known to speak out of line a lot. I do believe Azealia when she say she was assaulted but was it brought on by her antics? Azealia says there's camera footage and its being withheld to make her look like the bad guy. She also says that she feels someone of Russell Crowe's stature could potentially cause harm to her livelihood. I feel embarrassed and sad for Azealia Banks. It seems as if she always finds herself in some mess. I thought she was doing really good by not engaging in social media spats and keeping most of her opinions to herself when she knows it would get her in trouble. I should of known it would be a matter of time before Azealia was at it again with someone. I do wonder how this situation has affected her relationship with RZA. He invited her to the shindig and she recently shared that she signed to his label. RZA says Azealia was not called the "N word". Azealia says she felt "mishandled" and I'm not sure if that was directed at Russell, RZA, or everyone in general. I did read that a police report was also filed so this is a very serious matter. In the meantime you all be nice to Azealia Banks! :)
  • Janet Jackson, Chaka Khan and 2 Pac were just a few of the names that have been nominated for the 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I think this is the second or so time Janet has been nominated. I think the votes are determined by the fans but I'm not totally sure. Congrats to the nominees!
  • Michel'le's Lifetime biopic, "Surviving Compton" was watched by 9.4 million people! I caught some of the movie and I fell asleep on it. I'm not saying that to say it was boring but when I was watching, I was already pretty tired and I couldn't keep my eyes open. I woke up in the middle of the night and the movie was on where I left off. From what I've seen so far, Dr. Dre was really abusive towards Michel'le and I got to see how Suge Knight became prominent in Michel'le's life as well.
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