Azealia Banks calls RZA a "crackhead" and Big Sean calls out Kid Cudi

Azealia vs. RZA
  • A few days ago Azealia Banks appeared on "Access Hollywood" detailing what went down that fateful night she was spat on and thrown out of a party in Hollywood. A day or so later RZA; who brought Azealia to the party says Russell Crowe did indeed "spit" on Azealia but did not call her the "n" word. Of course Azealia shot back labeling RZA an "ex-crackhead" who "doesn't take care of his 9 kids". Ouch! 
  • And remember I reported that Mariah Carey's fiancé dumped her? Well I just saw a new report that says they are trying to work things out. I didn't read any further. To me, this seems like one big soap opera. I wonder are the cameras still rolling for Mariah's reality show docu-series. "Mariah's World" is set to air on E! in December. Will you be watching?
  • Kid Cudi is feeling the heat from Lupe Fiasco and Big Sean now. Lupe Fiasco came out from whatever rock he's been hiding under and called Kid Cudi out. The funny thing is, Lupe calling Kid Cudi out happened a few days ago and now I don't even remember what he said. But it wasn't anything of relevancy. To me, it was just an opportunity for him to open his mouth but no one cares these days what Lupe has to say. Just make music or make video games. Earlier tonight though Big Sean has released a new song out called, "No New Interviews" where he speaks on his dealings with Cudi. It's funny, its been awhile since one emcee has had everyone talking. I mean rightfully so, as I said before, a lot of these rappers out now have been influenced by Kid Cudi. Show respect! 
  • Happy Halloween folks! Enjoy and be safe! :) 

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