Kid Cudi checks into rehab and Drake cancels tour dates

Drake University.
Sitting here watching the ID channel which is one of my favorite channels. I'm also eagerly awaiting to watch "American Horror Story: Roanoke". I wish I could say the same for "Empire" but I've pretty much checked out. I try to stick with the show because it is an African American show and I want to support my black people but the show is rather boring. It's only good now once the show goes on hiatus. I need them to step it up or else. I personally think we got spoiled in the first season because every episode then had a huge moment that had everyone talking. Now its not like that and everything is drawn out since the seasons are longer. But anyway I have a lot news tidbits for you today so continue reading.
  • Kid Cudi left a message on social media stating that he was checking himself into rehab. Apparently Kid Cudi has been battling depression and he was ashamed to admit it but he felt that is best for him to do at this time. More importantly he admitted to having suicidal urges and his words definitely struck a chord within the Internet community and with several celebs who have sent their well wishes to him including Teedra Moses(song: "Be Your Girl"), Travis Scott, and Monica. We wish you well Kid Cudi! 
  • Drake had to cancel some of his tours due to an ankle injury. I figure its from all the jumping around he's been doing on stage. If you've been on social media, you might or might not seen a video of Drake on a college campus roaming around like a stalker. 
  • Wale checked a woman who blew smoke in his face. The act was caught on tape by TMZ. That was really rude of her and Wale smacked the cigarette and I'm guessing her purse out of her hand. The incident got pretty heated as Wale's homeboy broke up the commotion but serves the woman right. She was rude as hell! Bitch! 
  • Soulja Boy posted on social media a few days ago(I forgot to post it then) that he had quit "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" citing the show is too ratchet for his brand. Well low and behold, EP(Executive Producer) Mona Scott-Young, queen of ratchet TV posted a shady meme on social media insisting that Soulja Boy did not quit the show but was fired! Ooooh! To be honest Soulja Boy really doesn't need the show. Soulja Boy's money is pretty long. He produces a lot of songs and he got writing credit on Beyoncé's "Lemonade" album. 

Well there you have it! You guys are all caught up! Hopefully I'll update you all tomorrow if there's some juicy news available. Thanks for reading guys!
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