Nicki Minaj announces new album and Solange's new album hits #1

I need a new Nicki picture.
Good evening! I'm sitting here on laptop of course and the movie, "Honey" starring Jessica Alba is on BET. Its been awhile since I seen this so I figure I'd watch. So here are some updates for you all for the music news obsessed.
  • Nicki Minaj had the social media world in a tizzy last night when she revealed she had a new album releasing. The album titled, "#PickMyFruitOut" featured a tracklisting tweeted out by Nicki, 1 through 9 with fruits as the song titles. Last but not least, she revealed that track 10 would feature her favorite rapper. Well turns out for now, the news was just a hoax. But people have been on standby on music streaming services to see if an actual album existed. Then again maybe this is not the album but one may be on the way to being released. 
  • Congratulations to Solange! Her album, "A Seat at the Table" is #1 on the Billboard charts with 72,000 units sold and streamed. This is Solange's first number 1 album and she and Beyoncé set a record for siblings to release same number 1 albums in the same year. This feature hasn't been done since 2001 when Janet and Michael Jackson released "All For You" and "Invincible" respectively. 
  • Dr. Dre is threatening to sue Sony if he's misrepresented in the biopic for ex, Michel'e, "Surviving Compton" which will air on Lifetime on October 15. If your familiar with Michel'e and her story, she's accused Dr. Dre of abusing her while she was in a relationship with him. This is common knowledge to most folks though who have followed this story over the years. My thing is this, its Michel'e story, so if she says she was abused, then she was abused. I believe it happened. Years ago Dr. Dre came out and apologized for the ex-lovers he had hurt. While he didn't name anyone by name, one could guess he was referring to Michel'e. Biopics are always welcome events nowadays but its the people that get portrayed in the films that usually have a problem with it. Remember when Pebbles, TLC's ex-manager sued the duo and Viacom for a false portrayal of her?

Well everyone enjoy the rest of your weekend! Check back again for more updates!
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