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JD, Janet, Usher, Mariah, Snoop, Mario

Tear Da Club Up
Jermaine Dupri copied Jay Z and decided to open up a club. There was a big turn out including Janet of course. Jermaine is overseeing Mariah, Usher, and yikes.......Janet's upcoming album! I thought L.A. Reid was. Jermaine said Mariah might have her first single but he hasn't heard it yet. I wonder how big this new album will be for Mariah? I hope she comes with some hot material.

Snoop Upside Ya Head
Snoop is hosting the MTV EMA's (Europe Music Awards) which is surprising at best. I thought Snoop was pratically banned from overseas. It seems like everytime he goes over there he gets in trouble.

Try Again
Mario's 2nd single is "Crying Out For Me". The song is produced by Polow Da Don (Ciara, "Promise") and it is one of his hottest productions. Unfortunately the song is not new to most of us as it leaked eons ago. I feel like J Records are going about promoting this album all wrong. I think they should of released a new song no one has h…

Irv Gotti, Ashanti, Lil' Kim, Ray J

Secret Lovers
Irv Gotti was a guest on "The Wendy Williams Experience" yesterday, and he spoke candidly on everything from his recent arrest to Ashanti. When Ashanti's name was brought up that's when they interview got interesting. Gotti was asked about his sexual relationship with Ashanti. Gotti's response was met with a bit of curiosity. He didn't exactly answer the question but he hinted at the possibility of it being true. There had always been the rumor that the two were sexually involved. It wouldn't be a surprise anyway. Many singers have slept with their producers including Diana Ross. Hell Diana Ross had a child with Berry Gordy! Remember those rumors about Joss Stone and Christina Aguilera? They were true.

Drive Me Crazy
Lil' Kim was pulled over for driving in a black Lamborghini with no license plates. When questioned about the vehicle, Kim said it was a gift (from Ray J perhaps). Didn't Ray J just buy a Lambo? Maybe that's who car it…

50 Cent, Kanye West, Whitney & Bobby

Fifty More Cents
September 11th just got more interesting. While we are placing bets on who's going to be number one for that week, both 50 Cent's "Curtis" and Kanye West's "Graduation" have leaked online. Sorry you won't find it here folks! Don't forget country singer Kenny Chesney comes out on that same day. He is no stranger to the number one spot either. I wonder how the recent leak will affect sales. Will it hurt them or propel them? We will have to wait and see! Have you heard both albums yet? What do you think?

Houston v. Brown
Why is Whitney and Bobby fighting over custody of Bobbi Kristina? I thought the girl was grown by now but she is in fact around 15/16. I think Whitney should get custody. Every time you see Bobby out he looks unstable. I can't say Whitney doesn't have her moments but she don't be out there like Bobby.

Times Aren't Changing
Venus Williams joins the already long list of celebrities with clothing lines. The…

Toni Braxton, Keyshia Cole, Mary J, NeYo

A Better Woman
Toni Braxton has denied the rumors of her having breast cancer. The internet rumor spread like wildfire and was believable due to Braxton's pass illnesses. Braxton did however admit to a pain in her breast but it was not cancer. Thank goodness! Toni is a really talented woman. It is unfortunate she has dealt with so many hardships. You can currently catch Toni on the cover of Sister 2 Sister magazine. You can also check out her Las Vegas show, "Toni Braxton: Revealed".

Queen Of Pain
Is Keyshia Cole coming for Mary J. Blige's crown? Many Mary stans will immediately say "No!" but that's what it looks like. Obviously Keyshia (and a lot of other female artists) was influenced by Mary. I remember when Mary was the top R&B singer and every female that came out were compared to her. Now every R&B chick is compared to Beyonce. It's funny how quickly things can change. Anyway Keyshia is looking more Mary-ish and even collaborating with so…

Brandy, Pharrell Williams, T-Pain, Akon

The Return
A lot of unreleased and unheard material has been leaked (as of lately) from Brandy. A lot of these songs are unmastered, unfinished, and underwhelming (in terms of quality). All this music is making Branatics (including myself) yearn for a new Brandy album. I know a new Brandy album is on the horizon (just don't know when). There have been a lot of rumors concerning this album. Every producer who is somebody in the industry has found their name attached to this project. While it is still a mystery as to who will (and is) contributing to the album, Pharrell Williams spoke out awhile back about Brandy's album. He urged us all "to watch out for Brandy's album". I got so excited! Brandy is my favorite singer and The Neptunes are my favorite producers. I always wanted her to work with them and I hope they appear on the new album. My natural assumption would be that Brandy's album will be released at the top of next year. I'm not sure how things are …

Salt-N-Pepa, Solange, Oprah, Whoopi, Foxy

Old Is The New New
VH1 is slowly unveiling their fall lineup with a slew of reality shows. Salt-N-Pepa are returning to not only music but TV. Their upcoming show, "Salt-N-Pepa Show" will follow the duo as they plan to regroup. We find out what really went down between the women concerning their breakup. Expect some major drama. I always thought their breakup was mutual but we will soon learn the truth. The show premieres Oct. 18th (that's a Thursday) on VH1.

Wait A Minute Ain't That ...
Solange (Knowles) has recently signed a publishing deal with EMI (Capitol Records, Virgin Records, etc.), and she is finishing her upcoming album, "Solange & The Hadley Street Dreams". I can only imagine how this album is going to sound. I'm thinking it will be a mix between early Kelis ("Caught Out There") and will steer clear of any Beyonce comparisons. The Beyonce comparisons are going to happen regardless though. Q-Tip and Bilal will guest star on the al…

Hulk's Son, Owen Wilson, Kanye, 50 Cent

Slow It Down
The "A" in August is starting to stand for accident as more celebs are getting involved in them. I read last night (and this morning) that Hulk Hogan's son, Nick Bollea had been involved in a car accident. He along with a friend were speeding down a roadway and crashed into a median. The car was completely totaled. Nick and his friend were pulled out the car by paramedics. They were eventually flown to the hospital where they are listed in critical condition. My well wishes to both.

Life Ain't Easy
My friend texted me this morning saying actor Owen Wilson ("The Wedding Crashers", "Shanghi Noon") is in critical condition for an attempted suicide. I was really surprised. Now that I have read the news stories online, they say his condition remains undisclosed. The rep for the hospital claims he is in "good condition". Wendy Williams says he was slicing at his risk and also taking a huge amount of pills. He was reportedly found by…

The Sit Your Ass Down Award Goes To...

The Flavor Of Love Girls. I love "Flavor Of Love" and the various spinoffs (I Love New York, Charm School) but I'm sick of the Flavor Of Love girls. When I saw the Flavor Flav roast (on Comedy Central), the FOL girls were in the audience. I guess it made since for them to be there to an extent. There were several times where the comedians and guests on the panel insulted the FOL girls. They responded with middle fingers, rude gestures, and slick talk (that couldn't be heard but you could read their lips). These women have gone out of their way to extend their 15 minutes of fame. They have done it all. Modeling, singing, designing, clubbing, and what they do best......ho around. Just when you thought the FOL series was dead, part 3 is about to go into production meaning more FOL girls. I know nowadays just about everyone wants to be famous and will do just about anything to get noticed (sleep with Flav, make a video on YouTube). I just think the FOL girls should move …

Making The Band 4, Da Brat, New York

The Show Is Over
So I watched some of the season finale of "Making The Band 4". I wasn't all that excited about it really. If I remember correctly, Brian A, Big Mike, Willie, Q, and Robert made the band. Donnie got a solo deal. There were many cheers and tears of joy. I think some of those tears should be saved for whats to come. Given Dids track record, I don't know what to expect from the group except a platinum album and hit single. Just look at how Dids did Danity Kane. I really hope the best for the group though.

TV Killed The Rap Star
There is a rumor that Da Brat will be a judge on MTV's upcoming "Celebrity Rap Superstar". This will be Brat's 3rd reality show. It seems like Brat has given up on rap in turn for reality TV. I keep hearing she's working on a new album but nothing ever surfaces. It seems like she is just riding the wave of reality TV (what's popular at the time). She has become more of a follower than a leader over the year…

Keyshia Cole, Mary J. Blige, Will-I-Am

Attack Of The Clones
I just heard Keyshia Cole's 2nd single, "Shoulda Let U Go" produced by Rodney Jerkins (Brandy, Mary J. Blige) and sadly to say the song is a "Enough Crying" clone. I already didn't like "Let It Go" and I'm not liking this 2nd single. Keyshia is going to have a sophomore slump (with me) on this album. I'm not impressed right now. Thanks to Brandy's Horizons for this link.

Keyshia Cole - Shoulda Let U Go (Radio Rip)

Album Update:
Will-I-Amis releasing his debut, "Songs About Girls" on Sept 25. It contains the single, "She Got It From Her Mama". Previously I didn't know the album title but now I do (which explains the reason for this update).

Blu Cantrell, Missy Elliott, Angie Stone

Once In A Blu Moon
Ever wonder what happened to Blu Cantrell ("Breathe", "Hit'Em Up Style (Oops)")? Well she has resurfaced in a new stage play entitled, "Angela Dunlap's Gossip, Lies, and Secrets". Blu plays one of three women bound by trust and loyalty who's lives are suddenly shattered after another friend's success. There is more to the plotline (of course) but that's a general idea of what its about. The play stars the aforementioned Cantrell, LisaRaye ("All Of Us", "The Players Club"), and Kenya Moore ("Trois"). Sadly I always looked at these stage plays as a last resort (for actors/singers) who were pretty much off the radar. I am glad Blu is doing something to pay the bills. I do hope she returns to the music. She is one of my favorite singers. I know a lot of people are quick to say Blu can sing but they just don't like her image.

A Sure Bet
Missy Elliott returns this December with her new albu…

Brandy, John Singleton, Christina Milian

Times Is Hard
I just read that Brandy is working with NeYo on her upcoming album. I don't know when the album comes out though. I'm not too excited about the collaboration. NeYo is the man to go to for hits though. I remember Pharrell Williams (The Neptunes) said he was working on Brandy's album. A lot of names have been attached to this project. We will just have to wait and see. Meanwhile Brandy will be headed to court in January. Brandy is charged with vehicular manslaughter (that left one woman dead). All those lawsuits against her have been combined into one. Considering how things might go there is a 50/50 chance Brandy might do some time or not. I know someone personally who was involved in the same situation. The only difference was they were drunk. They are currently serving three years in jail. You know what they say. Don't drink and drive!

Final Blow
In related news director John Singleton ("Poetic Justice", "Boyz N The Hood") was involved …

Kelly Rowland, Nicole S, Babyface, 50 Cent

The Time Has Come
Kelly Rowland talked to exclusively to MTV about her new video, "Ghetto" which is you guessed it...ghetto. "Ghetto" is one of my favorite songs on "Ms Kelly". I'm just mad it took them so long to decide on a second single. Kelly mentioned it is still hard adjusting to being a solo star without the ladies. She also joked about an upcoming Destiny's Child reunion. With Beyonce starting a new album later this year and Michelle's new album due in October, I think it will be awhile before we get that reunion.

Album Update
Nicole Scherzinger album "Her Name Is Nicole" has been pushed back from Oct 16th to Nov 6th. Babyface will release his upcoming, "Playlist" album (which features mostly covers) on Sept 18th. Both albums have been added to the "Future CD Releases" section.

News Tidbits:
Nicole Richie released from jail after 82 minutuesLindsay Lohan gets one day in jail after DUI pleaR. Kelly denies fall…

Mya, Toni Braxton, Foxy Brown, Tyra Banks

Set Me Free
It has been reported that Mya's upcoming album, "Liberation" has been pushed back yet again. The status of the album is now "TBA" (to be announced). I thought the album was really going to come out especially after the cover leaked last week. The single "Ridin" was getting some steam and still is, I hear it on the radio all the time. Meanwhile Mya is writing that tell...autobiography to make some extra change.

Say It Ain't So
I was listening to Wendy Williams today (as normal) and she was talking about Toni Braxton. She wasn't saying anything mean because Toni as Wendy likes to call it "is a friend to the show". Sadly there is a rumor regarding Toni's health. Supposedly Toni has breast cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. I hope it is not true. I like Toni Braxton. My well wishes to her and her family.

Who's Ya Daddy?
Who is Foxy Brown's baby daddy and fiance? No one knows but I'm thinking it is h…

Mya, Funkmaster Flex, Nelly, R. Kelly, T.I.

Damage Control
Hot on the heels of her rumored tell all book, Mya angrily called up DJ and radio host, Funkmaster Flex and told him off. Apparently Mya's camp released a press release that made Mya's upcoming book look like Superhead esque tell all. Mya insists the book is about her career and relationships but not sexual ones. Yeah right? Mya's music career is almost nonexistant so you have to find ways to keep the income coming in right? I think her book will be interesting and even more interesting if she opens up. No pun intended. Mya has quite a reputation in the industry. She has been linked to everyone from Swizz Beats to Marques Houston. Interesting indeed. Though in an interview conducted today with Wendy Williams, Swizz Beats denied any relationship with Mya. Mya is currently overseas touring with Prince. Her album, "Liberation" is due Sept 18th. Let's hope it actually comes out. A video for the 1st/2nd single(depending on how you want to look at it…

Foxy Brown, Kanye West, Raz-B, Kurupt

Jail Bait
Foxy Brown has been taken into custody and is now the property of the court until her next court date(Sept 7th). Remember Foxy violated her 3 year probation with a series of incidents ranging from beating her neighbor with a Blackberry to lying to New Jersey Police. What a hectic month it has been for her. I hope she truly gets herself together. Maybe some jail time is what she wants and needs. I guess we might have to kiss this December 4th album release goodbye and any plans thereafter. A mess indeed. This Just In: Foxy confirmed in court she is 3 months pregnant and getting married soon.

Friendly Competition
Kanye West is now comparing himself to Justin Timberlake of all people. He feels JT's popularity has influenced his songs and they wouldn't be what they are had it not been for him. Interesting indeed. Time definitely heals a lot of wounds. This time three years ago the black community(including Kanye I think) was ripping JT apart after the Superbowl fiasco. Whe…

Janet, JD, Beyonce, Bow Wow, Omarion

The Marrying Woman
Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri are rumored to have secretly married! It is believable only to the extent of Janet being good at keeping secrets. Hell! They may have already been married for awhile. Y'all know how Janet does. First Usher, now JD. Congrats to the pair if it is true! Meanwhile look for Janet to release a new album sometime next year. Everyone from Swizz Beats to Polow Da Don are attached the project. L.A. Reid(Mariah Carey, Babyface) is overseeing the project.

Working Girl
Ms. Beyonce is going to start working on her new album in December. She will have it finished by January and plans to release it next summer. Beyonce is currently on "The Beyonce Experience" tour with Robin Thicke. You can catch Beyonce at this year's MTV VMA's airing Sept 9th on MTV. The show will be broadcast at the famous Las Vegas Palm Hotel Resort or whatever it is. I wanna visit that place one day definitely.

Trouble In Paradise
I was surfing through MTV and …

News/Updates on Foxy Brown, Bow Wow

The Saga Continues
According to the New York Post, Foxy Brown is pregnant and getting married in September. Foxy has put on quite a bit of weight as of lately. When she did the interview for Sub 0 awhile back, she said her weight gain was from "living well". I hope so. If your living so well, you should pay off those back taxes you reportedly owe. I don't know what to believe. There is always some rumor about this woman. Most of those rumors are never addressed or confirmed. I guess sometimes some of the rumors are too silly to address as some have been. When you read something about Foxy hitting someone that's pretty believable though. However Foxy has been an unfair target in the past. I will report more on this as this story unfolds.

If that wasn't enough drama for you, Foxy has recently been accused of lying to the New Jersery Police. The rapper was stopped by police after riding in her SUV on a cell phone. Foxy reportedly gave a variation of her real name and…

News & Thoughts On Kelis, Nas, 50 Cent etc.

It's Your Birthday
CSV Favorite Kelis recently celebrated her birthday. Her and hubby Nas partied hard into the wee hours of the morning. The pair also got very toasty. Kelis is working on a new album which will be released sometime next year. She is rumored to be working with Polow Da Don(Pussycat Dolls, Ciara). Nas is gearing up for the launch of his shoe line, "Gods Son - The Disciple" and upcoming greatest hits album. Look out for Nas and Kelis' upcoming reality show, "Mr. & Mrs Jones" airing on MTV soon.

Three's A Crowd
It looks like Kanye West and 50 Cent will have some competition on Sept 11th. It comes in the form of country music star, Kenny Chesney(who's albums have debuted at #1 in the past). It is a big debate about who will come on top between Kanye and 50 but Kenny might just come in at #1. I wouldn't be surprised. Regardless of what happens it will be one of the most exciting days in music.

News Tidbits:
Dr. Dre sues Death Row Reco…

The Sit Your Ass Down Award Goes To...

Bow Wow. I think he is very conceited. He thinks he's T.I. but I can see why. It is no secret that T.I. writes his rhymes. It explains why Bow Wow sounds and comes off like T.I. all the time. Now he and Omarion are doing the "Face Off" album which is teen version of "The Best Of Both Worlds". Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow's mentor and longtime collaborator won't be apart of this album because Bow Wow feels he has outgrown him. In other words Bow Wow is simply trying to grow up. I don't think you are going to get any taller though. Bow Wow and Omarion have released their first single,"Designated Driver" which I haven't heard yet. Without out hearing it, I can pretty much predict its future on the charts, TRL, and 106 and Park. I can't say how the rest of the album will be accepted without JD's input. JD was responsible for your last (and probably biggest hits) to date. He is taking a risk though and music is about taking risks. I just…

Call My (Nick) Name

Call My (Nick) Name
Wanna know what users of fan sites and message boards(as I like to call them) think of some of your favorite musicians? Well the following list describes several musicians who are often ridiculed and have been given several unflattering nicknames. Please be advised that some of these names are pretty mean as they are funny!

1. Beyonce - Her status, looks, perception, attitude, and motives have all been questioned. Isn't this always happening? It certainly feels like "Deja Vu" all over again.
Internet Nickname: Manonsay, Be-yawn-say, Beweaveone

2. Jay Z - Jay-Z is known to bail out on friends and associates quicker than Justin Timberlake at the Superbowl. "Trouble" is always looming for this rap star.
Intenet Nickname: Gay Z

3. Mariah Carey - When pictures of Mariah vacationing leaked years ago, she looked like a linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers. It definitely was not a "Fantasy".
Internet Nickname: Manriah

4. Mary J. Blige - Mary ha…

News On Toni Braxton and Ja Rule

Baby Baby Baby
Toni Braxton is pulling an Anita Baker. She is taking some time from recording to take care of her family. She feels it is an inconvenience to record an album then tour again after she just came off tour. Toni needs to be doing something to keep some type of income coming in. We don't need no more bounced checks.

News Tidbits:
"Superbad" is #1 at the box office with over $31.2 million dollarsThe contractor suing Ja Rule drops charges; fears for his safety

News on Foxy Brown, Nicole S, Beyonce etc.

Royal Court
Foxy Brown will be appearing on the first episode of "The Star Jones Show" premiering this Monday on CourtTV. Check your TV listings to see what channel it appears on. I'm very shocked that she will be on here. This will however give her a chance to tell her side of the story of the current assault case.

Try Again
Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls is set to release her debut solo album, "Her Name Is Nicole" on October 16th. I like Nicole and all but not these songs that have leaked out. They are all mediocre at best. You have some of the top producers on your album and that's all you can come up with. I'm hoping The Neptunes produced song is at least hot.

Gold Digger
Beyonce is busy cashing in on her latest endorsement with Armani. Instead of taking that much needed break I suggested, she is working on a new album. The new album will be due next summer. She is also ready to return to movies a la "Dreamgirls" but darker. Scary!

News On Lupe Fiasco, 50 Cent, Keri Hilson etc

Talk Of The Town
50 Cent is the true definition of a "publicity whore"! Forget Paris Hilton. 50 Cent is pulling out the stops to insure that his new album, "Curtis" is a success. Kanye West, Lil' Wayne, Diddy, Jay Z, Beyonce, Irv Gotti, Jimmy Iovine have all been subject to 50's bad mouthing lately. 50's latest stunt is the diss track, "Part Time Lover" where he takes shots at Baby and Lil' Wayne regarding their relationship. Another track, "Southside" dissing Irv Gotti and Jimmy Iovine has leaked as well. Boy oh boy! This man just doesn't stop.

Chinese Check-er
A chinese couple has decided to name their child, "@". Yes! It is the famous at symbol used in e-mails. The move has upset the goverment officials. Chinese culture doesn't have an alphabet but symbols that tell a story. I think the couple needs to be shot "@"! No pun intended!

Lupe Dupe
Lupe Fiasco is set to release his new album, "The Cool&quo…

Video; News On T-Boz, Tango, J Holiday etc.

Certified Goof Troop
Oh my gosh! When I see this video on BET's "We Got To Do Better" I laughed so hard. I wondered who the hell this person was. I knew if I accessed YouTube I could find it and what do you know it was there. Daryl Nathan out of Grand Rapids, Michigan from Cable Access performs a song called, "International Lover". I'm assuming its made up or a cover of the Prince tune. Enjoy!

The Great Daryl Nathan #2

A New Beginning
T-Boz is working on a solo cd to be released very soon. I read that she recorded 17 songs in 3 weeks! Impressive right? I hope this cd is not rushed. T-Boz is my favorite from TLC. I always loved her voice and how laid back she was. I remember conducting a poll awhile back asking readers, "Who would have the more successful solo career" and the majority voted for Chili. Fair enough. I guess only time will tell who will rule between these former band mates.

A Bad Rap
There's been all this talk about 50 vs Kanye and wh…

Random Bits/Albums Update/News Tidbits

Tell Tale
I was listening to the Wendy Williams Experience a few days ago, and I suppose Mya was scheduled to be on the show. I take it she didn't arrive as Wendy started bad mouthing her(that's what they do when you don't show up). Wendy said she heard Mya had a tell all book coming out. She was going to expose all the details of her life and career. When I think of tell all book, I think Superhead. I think someone who wants attention and money. I really don't think this is true but if so Mya is doing this only for attention. Of course you can't believe everything Wendy reports. Her news comes courtesy of mediatakeout which has one of the worst reputations for spreading false news and gossip. It is like the National Enquirer but online.

Free Of Charge
Free(formely of 106 and Park fame) is planning to release her long awaited solo debut this winter. Free has been working on music for years and has a huge list of producers featured on her project. They include Chucky …

Foxy's Latest "Hit" Might Not "Drop"

Foxy's Latest "Hit"
Foxy Brown has officially joined Koch Records. She will release her street album, "Brooklyn Don Diva" on Dec 4th. "Black Roses", the long awaited forthcoming album will arrive early next year. Foxy also brings her label, Black Rose(s) Entertainment to Koch. In a time where Fox should be celebrating her new deal, she is now dealing with her latest melodrama. Last month, Foxy had an altercation with a neighbor which resulted in her smacking the victim with her Blackberry. The victim, Arlene Raymond suffered a bruised eye, busted lip, and loose teeth. She must got hit really hard then. A blackberry isn't that big of a device. Reports say that Foxy and Raymond have a history that boiled down to this altercation. Raymond claims Foxy showed up at her job putting her down. Raymond and neighbors claim Foxy blasts music all the time. People do that in the hood. What's new? I believe Foxy was provoked. She would not just hit someone w…

Sex You Up

Sex You Up
These artists are known for their sexually erotic, graphic, and explicit lyrics. They take you places sexually any man, woman, or object might take you.....of course if you let them.

1. R Kelly - R&B King who has made a career out of singing and simulating sex acts.
Freakiest Song: "Sex In The Kitchen"2. Janet Jackson - Pop music's dirty girl has been letting it all hang out for over 20 years.
Freakiest Song: "Warmth"3. Pretty Ricky - These brothers are so low down and dirty they can make R Kelly blush.
Freakiest Song: "Juicy"4. Lil' Kim - Rap's nasty girl can take sprite cans literally to the dome.
Freakiest Song: "Not Tonight"5. Trey Songz - R&B prince loves to sing about all things sex especially ass.
Freakiest Song: "In The Middle"

Pushbacks Can Lead To A "Def Jam"

Trina To Be Pushed Back?
Trina is supposed to be release her new album, "The Baddest Chick 2" next month! I don't see it happening though. All female rappers get their albums pushed back at least once. In some cases numerous times(hello Foxy Brown). Trina's lead single, "I'm Single Again" featuring Christina Milian hasn't been released yet. It should of been released last month in order to have a Sept release date for the album. I have read people say they've heard it but the song has not leaked. I haven't seen Trina mention anything about it on her MySpace page either. I'm just waiting for the pushback. I'm sure the pushback will be a few weeks to sometime in October. We shall see.

Foxy Always Caught In A "Def Jam"
Foxy Brown has reportedly left Def Jam Records after 13 years! Should I be happy or sad? She has signed an exclusive deal with Koch Records(Prodigy, Jim Jones) to launch her independent label, Black Roses(former al…

The Latest Rumors

Britney Spearsis reportedly on the brink of losing custody of her two sons. Britney's parents are even siding with Kevin Federline for custody. Britney clearly needs to get herself together. It might take something as huge as this to make her get herself together. Developing...

To Release or Re-Release
Kelly Rowland is reportedly set to re-release her "Ms Kelly" album. Already? The album hasn't even been out for two months. Kelly hasn't even released a second video let alone single. No one knows what her second single is. One minute its "Comeback" then its "Ghetto". Maybe she should just release both songs/videos like 50 Cent did. Wouldn't hurt! At presstime, "Ghetto" went to radio last week. I think Kelly should wait before she does a re-release if true.

News Tidbits:
Ludacris and DTP do free concert David Banner disses Al SharptonAmy Winehouse finally checks into rehabMarried man sues florist over revealing affairBusta …

Terrance Howard, Lil' Wayne, Lupe Fiasco

Clean Your Trap
Terrance Howarddoes not like "unclean" women! I don't think anyone does unless your a crackhead. He said using tissue "down there" is just not enough. Ladies get your wet wipes!

Albums Update
Lil' Wayne has been added to the "Upcoming Album Releases" for his upcoming album, "The Carter 3" in stores Dec 18th. Lupe Fiasco's The Cool has moved from Oct 30th to Nov 20th.

News Tidbits:
Kanye West is not pushing his album back
Kanye West, Pharrell, and Lupe Fiasco planning an album as CRS(Child Rebel Soldiers)
Whitney Houston makes surprise performance with CeCe Winans

Mariah Carey Breakdown Alert

Mariah Carey Breakdown Alert - Rihanna
Rihanna is so hot right now her popularity rivals Beyonce. Who would of ever thought? That popularity hasn't transferred into record sales but she'll live. Her monster single, "Umbrella" has definitely taken her to another level. Two years three albums later and Rihanna has not slowed down yet! I even read that she is beginning work on a new album. I wasn't really surprised upon reading the news. It makes her the perfect candidate for the "Mariah Carey Breakdown Alert". Def Jam and Jay-Z is working this poor girl to death. She might wind up in "Rehab" a la Amy Winehouse, the very thing both singers sang about. I think there comes a time where you reward yourself by taking a nice long vacation. I know some labels, executives want artists to strike while their hot which is perfectly understandable. But at what cost? You see Ashanti slowed down after like 5 albums in a row. Thank God or she would of been a ca…

Upcoming Music Releases Updated

Cassidy, Baby Bash, Boys N Da Hood, Mario, David Banner, Hurricane Chris, Lupe Fiasco, Birdman, Lil' Mama, Wyclef JeanandNas have all been added or modified in the "Upcoming Music Releases" section. The list is pretty lengthy but it is the most up-to-date list right now. Remember to check it on a consistent basis to keep track of impending release dates, changes, and modifications.

News Tidbits:
D'Angelo pleads guilty; license suspended after 2005 car crashLuther Vandross 4-cd set of unreleased duets planned for future releaseJa Rule sued by contractor

The Latest Rumors

Here are the latest rumors circulating about your favorite, most hated, and conceited artists. These are all just rumors(look: CSV Disclaimer) until they are confirmed and/or denied.

What Day Does "Graduation" Fall On This Year?
According to Kanye West has changed his album release date. Originally Kanye was to release his album, "Graduation" on Sept 11th alongside 50 Cent but is rumored to have changed it. What brought about the change? I don't know but I think he should still come out on that day. Make 50 Cent eat his words. Then again this is so unlike Kanye, I have to see it or hear it to truly believe it. Developing...

Get To Know Your Destiny's Child
According to Mathew Knowles and whoever else, Destiny's Child will release a new album. Before you get too excited, know this won't be the Destiny's Child we're accustomed to seeing. There will be no Beyonce, Kelly, or Michelle. The fabulous 3 will be replaced by Solange, some…

Famous Recluses

Famous Recluses
These artists are known primarily for their private lives, occasional recording habits, and rarely being seen in the public eye.....except when it is time to promote an album. Here is the list:
1. Michael Jackson - MJ sightings are one in a million and when they do occur pandemonium is sure to strike.

2. Sade - Bohemian soul queen spends more or all her time in her native hometown of Nigeria and London than she does in the confines of the US.

3. D' Angelo - This soulful crooner's trouble with the law has overshadowed his music career. His once toned and defined frame is now that of a 300lb. I was told!

4. Maxwell - Another soulful crooner who is so private that word spread that the singer was gay and hiding out.

5. Anita Baker - Anita takes her precious time recording in between raising her family. Blink close enough and you'll find her at industry events such as the Grammy Awards.

6. Lauryn Hill - Lauryn Hill is back on the tour circuit! At one p…

News On Olivia, Michelle Williams, Rihanna

Life After G-Unit
Olivia is working on a new album sans G-Unit. She has collaborated with Bryan Michael Cox(Mary J Blige, Danity Kane), Rodney Jerkins(Brandy, Toni Braxton), Missy Elliott(Aaliyah, Gina Thompson), and Mike City(Brandy, Carl Thomas) among others. Olivia insists that she is still cool with G-Unit. She mentioned this album would have a hip hop/reggae flavor influenced by the likes of Lady Saw and Shaggy. No release date has been confirmed for the upcoming project.

News Tidbits:
Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams to release new cd on Oct 9thRihanna to start work on a fourth album, "Rihanna" due next yearAmerican Idol contestant goes into labor during auditionsTrina in fair condition after minor car accident TV veteran Merv Griffin(Wheel Of Fortune, Jeopardy) dies at 82Johnta Austin - Ocean Drive added to the "Upcoming Album Releases" - 10/16

Artist Spotlight: Trey Songz

*Artist Spotlight*
Trey Songz is set to release his new album, "Trey Day" on Oct 9th. A lot of his songs from the upcoming album have leaked, and they have all been really good. If those songs were any indication of what's to come consider me excited for his project. Trey's new lead single, "Can't Help But Wait" is a slower, mellow jam produced by Stargate(NeYo, Beyonce). The song featured today is entitled, "Another Girl". I'm not sure if this song is on "Trey Day" or one of Trey's mixtapes. You can hear the song below. If you like the song enough, email me and I will give it to you.

Trey Songz - Another Girl(Song)

"Follow My Lead" or "Hate On Me"

"Hate On Me" If You Will
Jill Scott has finally released the video to her debut single, "Hate On Me" . It is taken from the album, "The Real Thing" in stores Sept 25th. It is one of the many albums coming out in Sept and on that particular day. Click here to see the video.

"Follow My Lead" Or Get Left Behind
50 Cent is upset that his video/single for the Robin Thicke featured, "Follow My Lead" leaked. As if? He probably leaked it himself! I read that 50 threw a temper tantrum in the G-Unit offices and tore the place to shreds. Really? I don't quite believe it but that's the story.

The Bitch Is Almost Back
Click here to get a sneak preview of New York's new digs for the upcoming season of "I Love New York 2".

Hating Is "So Uncool"
KeKe Palmer(Akeelah & The Bee, Barbershop 2) is set to release her debut album, "So Uncool" on Sept 18th. Remember to occasionally check the "Upcoming Album Release…

Artist Spotlight: Yung Joc

*Artist Spotlight*
Yung Joc is one of the few Bad Boy artists who can get a release date and single. His current single, "Coffee Shop" is burning up the 106 and Park countdown. It has also reached the top 40 of the R&B/Hip hop charts. Now Joc is set to release his 2nd single,"Play Your Cards" from his upcoming album,"Hustlenomics" in stores Aug 28th. The single is produced by Cool and Dre(Christina Milian, Mary J. Blige). Hear the new single below brought to you by the wonderful YouTube. If you like the song enough, email me and I'll give it to you.

Yung Joc - Play Your Cards(Song)

I Just Need 50 Cent More 2 Get Dis Album

I Just Need 50 Cent
50 Cent is doing and saying everything in his power to outsell Kanye on Sept 11th. Do you really expect to outsell Kanye when you have no hit singles? 50 is going to sell off of hype alone. None of his singles have made any impact so far. Strangely enough I find myself liking every song except the one with Justin Timberlake. 50 has went on record to say that "if Kanye sells more records...I won't put out any more solo albums" The nerve of 50? Kanye is going to outsell you anyway. It is best you bow out gracefully and take the loss.

Album Update
J Records Emily King's upcoming album,"Eastside Story" has been added to the Upcoming Music Releases section.The album drops Aug 28th. I heard a lot of things about this woman but saw no promo whatsoever. Shame on J. It looks like all their attention goes to Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood which is understandable. They sell records and are more than likely the label's top priority. It would…

Dream, Nivea, J Holiday, Rihanna, Mel B.

A Dream Come True
Upcoming singer/rapper/producer Dream who's resume includes "Umbrella" and "Bed" by J Holiday is already being hailed as the next NeYo. So soon huh? That just goes to show how easily you can be replaced. And we wonder why Beyonce doesn't take long breaks. Dream is married to singer Nivea. Nivea is rumored to be signed to Capitol Records. Dream did some songs on Nivea's last US album,"Complicated" which was really good and sadly overlooked. Let's hope Dream plans to make some hits for his wife. I know a lot of people would like to see Nivea come back out.

Mel B pulls a Janet move
Mel B. aka Eddie Murphy's baby mama has been secretly married for over 2 months. She has been trying to keep her marriage under wraps but we were bound to find out eventually. My thing with Mel B is that she falls and lays down for men real quick then next thing you know she's pregnant and the guy has left her. Let's hope she doesn't…