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Mariah Carey previews new single and Trey Songz crushing on Ashanti

Mariah Carey previewed her new single, "I Don't(Like To Sing Live Anymore)" last night on her show, "Mariah's World". The single will be available on iTunes on February 3. The song samples the 1997 hit, "Where I Wanna Be" from Donnell Jones. Mariah posted a video of herself in the studio lip syncing the song. I will say the song doesn't sound bad and it may due well because the Lambs want Mariah to have another hit and she just might. Trey Songz may be dealing with a lawsuit from kooky actress Keke Palmer but that hasn't stopped him from being the ladies man that he is. It was revealed on Instagram that Trey Songz said he will "shoot his shot" towards singer Ashanti after a picture of her vacationing has since gone viral. Ashanti even commented with a bunch of emojis showing her excitement and embarrassment. So what do you all think of Ashanti and Trey Songz dating? I would be interested in hearing a duet from them and I already …

Rihanna claps back at Azealia Banks after immigration ban disagreement

Another day. Another Azealia Banks feud. Though this is not the first time Azealia has feuded with Rihanna. I do think this is the first time Rihanna took time to respond. Azealia was originally featured on Rihanna's "ANTI" album and for whatever reason she was cut from the album and Azealia took it personal. Though things like this happen all the time. Azealia threw some shade at Rihanna but Rihanna never responded that I know of. Fast forward to a year, Rihanna commented on social media regarding the immigration ban set forward by President Trump(can't believe I'm saying that). Azealia spoke out citing that Rihanna isn't from the states and yadda yadda. Azealia's comments soon forced Rihanna to respond and the two went back and forth via social media. Rihanna called Azealia a "weirdo" and Azealia shot back with Rihanna's alleged phone number on her Instagram account. A part of me was tempted to call it and see if it were real but I said I&…

Ciara signs to Warner Bros. Records and Keyshia Cole releases new single

Ciara has signed to Warner Bros. Records. The pregnant singer just shared the news via her social media. Ciara was formerly signed to Epic Records. One thing about Ciara she definitely can keep a record deal despite her her last four albums flopping. However she does manage to score one hit single per album so I'm surprised Epic didn't keep her on their roster for that reason alone. But good luck to Ciara. She's going to need it! Keyshia Cole just released her new single, "You" featuring Remy Ma and French Montana. Upon first listen, I was underwhelmed by the song. I haven't heard the song in full but it sounds like every other Keyshia Cole song in the past year or so. I was expecting something along the lines of "Enough Of No Love". Now that was the kind of comeback single she needed at that time and she needs something a little more hard hitting. Then again like I said I haven't heard the whole song. Interestingly enough Keyshia Cole is now si…

Mariah Carey hits the studio and Trey Songz hit with lawsuit

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates but I'm back with a few stories you might or might not have heard about.
Mariah Carey was spotted out and about with rapper YG(song; "Why You Hatin") and DJ Khaled. Reportedly Mariah just reported a new breakup anthem. Let's just hope its her voice we're hearing on the track! Then again Mariah is a studio singer. It's only when its time to perform live that she doesn't sing at all and just trollops across the stage. Could this breakup anthem be about her ex, James Packer? Go figure! Actress and sometimes singer, Keke Palmer is forging ahead with a lawsuit against Trey Songz. Keke cried foul when she says she was allegedly filmed for a video without her permission. The video in question(which I can't remember the name) of has made the rounds on the blogs and once Keke saw herself in the video; she spoke out. She claims to have informed Trey she didn't want to be in the video as well as the director/producer. …

Madonna drops F-bomb on live TV and Azealia Banks ponders new music

Madonna, actress; Ashley Judd(movie: "Along Came A Spider"), Janelle Monae, Pink, and many other celebrities took part in today's Women March held in Washington D.C. Women and other people also gather in Las Vegas, L.A. and Denver to come together to fight for women's rights. While taking the podium, Madonna dropped several F-bombs towards detractors who are not for women's rights. She also performed two of her hits; "Express Yourself" and "Human Nature". Many more celebrities were in attendance and many also spread awareness via social media.Azealia Banks has been on social media asking her fans what they all think her next musical endeavor should be. She even put a poll and the choices are the "Fantasea 2" which is the follow-up to the mixtape she released a few years back. The other choice would be her second full length album; "Business & Pleasure". At this point I just want some new Azealia Banks music. I don't…

Chrisette Michele said to perform at Presidential inauguration much to the dismay of fans

Sorry guys for the lack of updates. I didn't realize it had been six days since my last update. To be honest though I didn't feel there was nothing worth really blogging about. But now there are a few new stories circulating that I can report on. So here goes..
Trina has been making the rounds in New York to promote her new single; "Damn" featuring Tory Lanez. In one interview, Trina revealed that her ass is insured and has been for several years. She revealed that Lil' Wayne, 2 Chainz, Plies, Lil' Boosie, Kelly Price, and K. Michelle will be featured on her upcoming album due in April. Chrisette Michele is said to be secretly performing at Donald Trump's inauguration and people are very upset. There has been a list of singers asked to perform and reportedly turning down the invitation. I think the majority of singers are scared to perform because they don't want to upset and alienate their perspective fan bases despite some secretly being voters for …

Rihanna gets dissed on TV and Soulja Boy gets robbed

Actor Charlie Sheen appeared on the TV show, "Watch What Happens Live" and when host Andy Cohen asked him about Rihanna, he referred to her as "that bitch!". Rihanna's fans heard the jab and went in on Charlie Sheen. Now I can only imagine the things they said about him considering all that you can say about Charlie Sheen. The jab stems back from Rihanna refusing to take a picture with Charlie Sheen and his girlfriend awhile back. Depending on when you can encounter Rihanna, she can be nice or she can be "that bitch". Depends. Soulja Boy's Hollywood home was robbed. Immediately when I read that headline, I figured Chris Brown and his henchmen had something to do with it or the goon squad he was showing on in front of on video awhile back. Who knows? Fans rejoiced when it was revealed that late singer, Aaliyah's "Ultimate Aaliyah" album was on Apple Music for streaming and purchasing. Many rushed to buy and here some of Aaliyah's …

Ashanti going on tour with Joe and Kelly Price singing at Chris Brown boxing match

There's a lot of little news stories going around, many of them not noteworthy at all but I'll mention some of them just because. So here goes...
Waka Flocka Flame is caught up in the groupie mess once again. Some chick is claiming he was cheating. But to be honest I really didn't follow the whole story but by the looks of it, its getting really messy. Don't expect any new music from Ashanti anytime soon and I guess that's okay since she has plenty of hit songs to perform on tour. Ashanti, who is currently on tour with Ja Rule in Australia is about to hit Europe, this time with R&B singer; Joe. The trek stars February 22 in Paris and ends March 4 in Berlin. Get that money Ashanti! Kelly Price says she will be singing the National Anthem at the boxing fight between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. I still can't believe this is going to happen but I suppose. Speaking of Chris Brown, he was seen in the same club as his ex, Rihanna. Maybe he is trying to get her bac…

Nicki Minaj is now a single woman and Chris Brown gets thrown out of a gym

What's wrong with these celebrities? We're only 8 days into the new year and these celebrities are behaving more wilder than ever. It all makes for some very entertaining stories but also some very annoying moments. Sorry for the lack of updates. Sometimes I'm so busy doing nothing that I forget to provide you all with an update. Thanks for the support and continuing to visit and read my blog!
While Mariah Carey is still blaming everyone for her fiasco of a performance 9 days ago, Nicki Minaj is now a single woman. The rapper announced the news a few days ago on Twitter. Ex-boyfriend, Meek Mill wasted no time throwing shade at Nicki poking fun at a pair of shoes she wore back in Ciara's video a few years back. The shade was very stale! Chris Brown's crazy ass was thrown out of a gym after getting into a heated argument with the gym manager. While I thought he was in there training for his fake fight with Soulja Boy, he was actually with friends on the basketball c…

Music Feed: 2017 far

We're only 5 day into 2017 and already the entertainment world has been on fire with various feuds between celebrities, TV networks, and social media sites. Some feuds that erupted at the tail end of 2016 that were brought over into 2017 is also featured on the list.
Azealia Banks. vs. Facebook Facebook reportedly shut down Azealia Banks' Facebook page after she publicly criticized Brazilians. A similar thing happened last year but on Twitter when Banks' went on a racist and homophobic tirade towards singer Zayn Malik(I think that's his last name). Azealia has since rejoined Twitter under another pseudonym and has apologized publicly to Zayn. Mariah Carey vs. ABC By now we have all heard about the disastrous Mariah Carey performance on ABC during the New Year's Eve festivities. After Mariah's flub, she took to social media stating that "shit happens" but has since blamed ABC for sabotage. ABC shot back and denied the claims. Chris Brown vs. Soulja Bo…

Trina previews new single and Chris Brown and Soulja Boy to have boxing match

Trina released a snippet of her new single; "Damn" featuring Tory Lanez tonight on her social media sites. The single will be released on Friday, January 6. Trina shot the video to the single last month in Philadelphia. Based on what I heard of the :25 second snippet, Trina just might have a hit on her hands. It doesn't hurt that she has Tory Lanez on the song who is enjoying a lot of success. One of the reasons why Trina has remained so relevant over the years is not just because she releases music consistently. It is also because she works with a lot of different artists of all spectrums; new, old, and up and coming. She also keeps up with the ever changing trends in music and that doesn't hurt. So suddenly Chris Brown and Soulja Boy thinks that they are Floyd Mayweather and Pacquio. Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are taking their feud to the boxing ring and 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather are said to have a hand in the match. Personally I think this whole stunt is ridicu…

Janet Jackson welcomes baby boy and Chris Brown dogs ex in fiery message

Hey! I have lots of news today! It just so happens that today is one of those big news days and so early in the year makes it even better. The big news has been Chris Brown acting like a sociopath but Janet Jackson has finally given birth and everyone is talking about that and I think people have finally stopped talking about Mariah and her non-performance. I know I'm tired of hearing about it. Aren't you?
 Eissan Al Mana is the name of Janet's first child with her husband Wissam Al Mana. Janet announced early last year that she was cancelling her "Unbreakable" tour to start a family. The move drew much criticism and people weren't kind. Janet did assure fans that once she had her baby she would continue her tour. Just don't count on that to happen right away guys! Chris Brown has been sparring with Soulja Boy online and now he's turned his sights on his ex-girlfriend; Karrueche Tran after she commented on the back and forth between the two. While Ch…

Chris Brown threatens Soulja Boy over social media for liking ex girlfriend's picture

Chris Brown is a hot ass mess! I mean what other way can I put it? But before I get into that..
Mariah Carey, her management, and ABC continue to play the blame game after her disastrous New Year's Eve performance. ABC has since shot back and said they wouldn't intentionally sabotage someone's performance. I think Mariah should just own up to her mistake which she has pretty much because she tweeted saying "shit happens". But enough of this story already! Chris Brown has threatened to kick Soulja Boy's butt after he liked a picture of Brown's ex; Karrueche Tran. I'm so tired of Chris Brown getting upset at anyone and everyone that shows a liking to Karrueche. Whether their intentions are good or not, why choose to care now? You didn't care when you with her as much since you continued to act like a madman and allegedly abuse substances. Just when I thought Chris was over Karrueche, he is not. He has been commenting on all her pictures and in the p…

Mariah Carey caught lip syncing during New Year's Eve performance

Happy New Year everybody! 
Yet again Mariah was caught singing or not singing to a backing track and this time she didn't give a damn if we noticed it or not. Mariah Carey is making the news for all the wrong reasons. During her New Year's Eve performance; Mariah was noticeably lip syncing to her songs and she had no qualms about it. As the backing track played, Mariah removed the mic from her mouth and was carried around the stage by her backup dancers. When it was time to perform her hit song, "Emotions"; the backing track played and Mariah stood idle before speaking to the crowd and telling them the song was "#1". Duh! We knew that! This isn't the first time Mariah has been caught lip syncing but possibly the most notorious of her lip sync fails. She did nothing to try and cover up the fact that she was lip syncing. She just noticeably gave up and made several excuses. Now I didn't see the televised performance as I was out at a gathering at my fr…