Nicki Minaj is now a single woman and Chris Brown gets thrown out of a gym

Single again.
What's wrong with these celebrities? We're only 8 days into the new year and these celebrities are behaving more wilder than ever. It all makes for some very entertaining stories but also some very annoying moments. Sorry for the lack of updates. Sometimes I'm so busy doing nothing that I forget to provide you all with an update. Thanks for the support and continuing to visit and read my blog!
  • While Mariah Carey is still blaming everyone for her fiasco of a performance 9 days ago, Nicki Minaj is now a single woman. The rapper announced the news a few days ago on Twitter. Ex-boyfriend, Meek Mill wasted no time throwing shade at Nicki poking fun at a pair of shoes she wore back in Ciara's video a few years back. The shade was very stale! 
  • Chris Brown's crazy ass was thrown out of a gym after getting into a heated argument with the gym manager. While I thought he was in there training for his fake fight with Soulja Boy, he was actually with friends on the basketball court causing a ruckus. The gym manager intervened and asked Chris and his cohorts to leave. In typical Chris Brown fashion, he threw a fit and took to social media smoking a cigarette with racoon eyes and looking like Skeletor. :) 
  • After begging Jay Z to visit he and Beyoncé's compound, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and their children finally had the playdate Kanye has been wanting. The paparazzi caught Kanye and Kim pulling up to Jay and Beyoncé's compound. I can only imagine how that experience went. The streets are always saying that Beyoncé doesn't like Kim Kardashian but maybe that story is a little far fetched. What do you think? 

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