Trina previews new single and Chris Brown and Soulja Boy to have boxing match

Damn Trina!
  • Trina released a snippet of her new single; "Damn" featuring Tory Lanez tonight on her social media sites. The single will be released on Friday, January 6. Trina shot the video to the single last month in Philadelphia. Based on what I heard of the :25 second snippet, Trina just might have a hit on her hands. It doesn't hurt that she has Tory Lanez on the song who is enjoying a lot of success. One of the reasons why Trina has remained so relevant over the years is not just because she releases music consistently. It is also because she works with a lot of different artists of all spectrums; new, old, and up and coming. She also keeps up with the ever changing trends in music and that doesn't hurt. 
  • So suddenly Chris Brown and Soulja Boy thinks that they are Floyd Mayweather and Pacquio. Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are taking their feud to the boxing ring and 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather are said to have a hand in the match. Personally I think this whole stunt is ridiculous. Soulja Boy did go on social media and apologize for his buffoonery. Chris Brown, on the other hand has remained unapologetic and is coming off more and more like a sociopath. Will you watch a boxing match between these two washed up stars?
  • When I go to the explore option on my Instagram, I see all these videos fans have put up of Mariah Carey singing really good. In the process they are putting down J-Lo and Ariana Grande. I don't recall Ariana Grande ever saying anything about Mariah before so I'm not sure why she is part of the conversation. Anyway Mariah Carey is legend. We can't take that away from her but you have to admit her live performances are hit or miss. I'm really tired of hearing about Mariah Carey and her non-singing self but it is news. I just read that she's fired her creative director after her famous lip sync fail on ABC. I would tell Mariah to fire herself if she could. Jenny McCarthy(famed comedienne and radio show host) spoke out on her radio show and said that Mariah used a stand in during the sound check. She also said Mariah stood wayside with a gold microphone. Like I said Mariah just needs to scale down the notes she can't hit anymore and call it a day. 
  • Tiny Harris, T.I's wife is going ahead with her plans to divorce T.I and I'm glad. T.I. is annoying to me and a serial cheater. I think Tiny is making the right decision. She is asking for alimony and full custody of their 20 children.
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