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Where's the beef?
We're only 5 day into 2017 and already the entertainment world has been on fire with various feuds between celebrities, TV networks, and social media sites. Some feuds that erupted at the tail end of 2016 that were brought over into 2017 is also featured on the list.
  • Azealia Banks. vs. Facebook 
  • Facebook reportedly shut down Azealia Banks' Facebook page after she publicly criticized Brazilians. A similar thing happened last year but on Twitter when Banks' went on a racist and homophobic tirade towards singer Zayn Malik(I think that's his last name). Azealia has since rejoined Twitter under another pseudonym and has apologized publicly to Zayn. 
  • Mariah Carey vs. ABC
  • By now we have all heard about the disastrous Mariah Carey performance on ABC during the New Year's Eve festivities. After Mariah's flub, she took to social media stating that "shit happens" but has since blamed ABC for sabotage. ABC shot back and denied the claims. 
  • Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy 
  • I can't even remember how this idiotic feud began. At this point the whole feud is laughable at best. The two former stars are planning a boxing match for charity. 
  • Brandy vs. TC(songwriter)
  • At the end of last year, Brandy's songwriter; TC blasted the singer on social media. He alleged that Brandy got mad at him for taking a picture of Beyoncé and said she treated him like "shit". I'm not exactly sure what Brandy did to piss him off. Once the tweets made the blog rounds, Brandy quickly posted a video on her social media of herself and TC seemingly in better times with a well-timed caption making light of the fight and how they've since made up. Instead of leaving it at that, Brandy posted a picture of herself and Beyoncé in Barbie doll forms. She revealed in her caption that she has love for both Beyoncé and Solange and any person stating otherwise is a lie! 
  • Tiny Harris vs. T.I. 
  • Tiny Harris shocked everyone when she filed for divorce. T.I. tried to talk her out of the proceedings but I see Tiny went with her heart and let a sleeping dog lie. While things have been cordial between the two lately, things could go from good to worse any minute now. T.I. and Tiny are no stranger to airing out their dirty business via social media. 
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