Janet Jackson welcomes baby boy and Chris Brown dogs ex in fiery message

Baby boy.
Hey! I have lots of news today! It just so happens that today is one of those big news days and so early in the year makes it even better. The big news has been Chris Brown acting like a sociopath but Janet Jackson has finally given birth and everyone is talking about that and I think people have finally stopped talking about Mariah and her non-performance. I know I'm tired of hearing about it. Aren't you?
  •  Eissan Al Mana is the name of Janet's first child with her husband Wissam Al Mana. Janet announced early last year that she was cancelling her "Unbreakable" tour to start a family. The move drew much criticism and people weren't kind. Janet did assure fans that once she had her baby she would continue her tour. Just don't count on that to happen right away guys! 
  • Chris Brown has been sparring with Soulja Boy online and now he's turned his sights on his ex-girlfriend; Karrueche Tran after she commented on the back and forth between the two. While Chris Brown has been trying to get Karrueche back, this time he sent a lengthy and fiery message to his ex bragging about having sex with her friends and so forth. It was in very poor taste in my opinion. Chris Brown has vowed to not bite his tongue(when did he ever) when he comes to checking people so I guess we can expect this type of behavior to continue throughout the year. I don't see this behavior ending well. 
  • Tamar Braxton upset fans after she seemed to side with gospel singer Kim Burrell after she made degrading comments about gays in a live Facebook video feed. Tamar quickly did some damage control as she should have being that she's made a living off of using gay slang in her TV shows. As for Kim Burrell, she has apologized for her comments but people didn't take lightly to it and felt it was insensitive. Burrell was supposed to appear on "Ellen"(an openly gay comedienne) and Ellen announced that she would not appear on the show. Pharrrell Williams, Janelle Monae, Chaka Khan, and Chaka Khan spoke out in defense of gay people unlike Tamar. 
  • Speaking of Kim Burrell, she did a vocal on Frank Ocean's(an openly gay R&B singer) latest album; "Blonde" and people called her out on that as well, as they should of. Frank's mother has come out and demanded that Frank remove her vocals from the album which I feel he should too. I was reading comments and someone said appearing on "Ellen" would of been big for Burrell who has not had the mainstream success of other gospel singers like Yolanda Adams or Kirk Franklin. What's really sad is that Kim Burrell's core fan base are gay black men. You have to know your core audience and you have to cater to them and not upset them with stupidity! There should be a lesson learned from all of this!
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