Rihanna gets dissed on TV and Soulja Boy gets robbed

That "bitch"
  • Actor Charlie Sheen appeared on the TV show, "Watch What Happens Live" and when host Andy Cohen asked him about Rihanna, he referred to her as "that bitch!". Rihanna's fans heard the jab and went in on Charlie Sheen. Now I can only imagine the things they said about him considering all that you can say about Charlie Sheen. The jab stems back from Rihanna refusing to take a picture with Charlie Sheen and his girlfriend awhile back. Depending on when you can encounter Rihanna, she can be nice or she can be "that bitch". Depends. 
  • Soulja Boy's Hollywood home was robbed. Immediately when I read that headline, I figured Chris Brown and his henchmen had something to do with it or the goon squad he was showing on in front of on video awhile back. Who knows? 
  • Fans rejoiced when it was revealed that late singer, Aaliyah's "Ultimate Aaliyah" album was on Apple Music for streaming and purchasing. Many rushed to buy and here some of Aaliyah's greatest hits and hidden gems. 24 hours after the album appeared on Apple Music, it was quickly taken down because it was uploaded illegally by Craze Entertainment. The company is said to have also done this a few years before. Barry Hankerson, Aaliyah's manager and uncle has taken the album down.
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