Mariah Carey caught lip syncing during New Year's Eve performance

Lip sync fail
Happy New Year everybody! 
  • Yet again Mariah was caught singing or not singing to a backing track and this time she didn't give a damn if we noticed it or not. Mariah Carey is making the news for all the wrong reasons. During her New Year's Eve performance; Mariah was noticeably lip syncing to her songs and she had no qualms about it. As the backing track played, Mariah removed the mic from her mouth and was carried around the stage by her backup dancers. When it was time to perform her hit song, "Emotions"; the backing track played and Mariah stood idle before speaking to the crowd and telling them the song was "#1". Duh! We knew that! This isn't the first time Mariah has been caught lip syncing but possibly the most notorious of her lip sync fails. She did nothing to try and cover up the fact that she was lip syncing. She just noticeably gave up and made several excuses. Now I didn't see the televised performance as I was out at a gathering at my friend's relatives house. Of course when I got on social media later in the wee hours of the morning, all I saw was videos of Mariah's disastrous performance. Mariah quickly responded to the backlash with a meme saying "shit happens" and yadda yadda. Why does Mariah lip sycn? Likely because her voice isn't what it used to be or she may be on what she calls "vocal rest". Many people bulk at the idea of a singer lip syncing especially someone of Mariah's stature but it is what it is and she's been doing it long enough. It seems to get progressively worse though and maybe there was a culprit behind the scenes that wanted to expose Mariah. You can assume that many were fired after the stage mishap. I just feel like if Mariah can't hit some of the notes like she used to or if not on that particular performance; just scale back. Did you see Mariah's performance and what did you think?
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