Mariah Carey previews new single and Trey Songz crushing on Ashanti

"I Don't..."
  • Mariah Carey previewed her new single, "I Don't(Like To Sing Live Anymore)" last night on her show, "Mariah's World". The single will be available on iTunes on February 3. The song samples the 1997 hit, "Where I Wanna Be" from Donnell Jones. Mariah posted a video of herself in the studio lip syncing the song. I will say the song doesn't sound bad and it may due well because the Lambs want Mariah to have another hit and she just might. 
  • Trey Songz may be dealing with a lawsuit from kooky actress Keke Palmer but that hasn't stopped him from being the ladies man that he is. It was revealed on Instagram that Trey Songz said he will "shoot his shot" towards singer Ashanti after a picture of her vacationing has since gone viral. Ashanti even commented with a bunch of emojis showing her excitement and embarrassment. So what do you all think of Ashanti and Trey Songz dating? I would be interested in hearing a duet from them and I already have an idea in mind. They should do a remake of the song, "John Doe"from Public Announcement. Have you all heard that song before? It's an oldie but goodie. 
  • I read a headline about some jargon involving Drake, Justin Beiber and others regarding how they won't attend the Grammys. I'm not sure why though because I didn't bother opening the link. I think its a bunch of B.S. to be honest. How can you not attend the Grammys when you were nominated more than any other artist? Don't tell me you weren't nominated enough? I can't with some of these artists.
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