Rihanna claps back at Azealia Banks after immigration ban disagreement

Bank(s) on this!
  • Another day. Another Azealia Banks feud. Though this is not the first time Azealia has feuded with Rihanna. I do think this is the first time Rihanna took time to respond. Azealia was originally featured on Rihanna's "ANTI" album and for whatever reason she was cut from the album and Azealia took it personal. Though things like this happen all the time. Azealia threw some shade at Rihanna but Rihanna never responded that I know of. Fast forward to a year, Rihanna commented on social media regarding the immigration ban set forward by President Trump(can't believe I'm saying that). Azealia spoke out citing that Rihanna isn't from the states and yadda yadda. Azealia's comments soon forced Rihanna to respond and the two went back and forth via social media. Rihanna called Azealia a "weirdo" and Azealia shot back with Rihanna's alleged phone number on her Instagram account. A part of me was tempted to call it and see if it were real but I said I'm not even all that interested. My friend who is a big Azealia Banks fan said he is done with her and me personally, I'm just here for the music if we get any. 
In other news...
  • Keri Hilson's new album album is titled, "L.I.A.R"(Love is a Religion). Not sure of the release date.
  • Stevie J. still owes money for child support but then again what else is new? 
  • Remy Ma revealed miscarriage last week via "Love & Hip Hop New York" show. Just realized I didn't mention that last week so the news is a bit old. 

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