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Beyonce's Label Head Speaks On New Album Release

The head honcho himself at Columbia Records speaks out on all the good and bad that has occurred with the release of the new Beyonce album; "4"; mostly concentrating on good. The only bad really is the rumored push backs which the label head clears up in the article below. Read on!

After reports of dissatisfaction, panic and other pre-release drama, executives at Columbia Records are feeling vindicated by the positive early returns for Beyonce's new album, "4."

"All the speculation that gets around is frustrating when it's just not true," Columbia/Epic Label Group Chairman Rob Stringer tells "The story about us being unhappy with the record and stuff is just not true. There's never been any doubt or conversations about moving the record or changing it... Those conversations never existed. We're really, really happy with it."

The label is particularly pleased with sales reports from "4's" initial days of …

Mary J. Blige Discusses New Album

There has been a little confusion in regards to Mary J. Blige's new album. With the buzz single; "Someone To Love Me(Naked)"; the reaction was less than thrilling though I personally liked it. The supposed Nicki Minaj collaboration; "Feel Inside" was labeled a fake and the leaked song; "Miss Me With That" was just that!

Now whatever the true first single is remains to be seen or heard at presstime. Meanwhile Mary talks about her new album and what everyone can expect. There is also a new release date; check that out as well!

Nearly two decades after releasing her 'My Life' album, Mary J. Blige is prepping the follow-up later this year and despite the name, she says the content is totally different.

On 'My Life II: The Journey Continues' the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul says fans can expect the same passionate vocals that she's become famous for, but Blige, now 40 years old and married, is more equipped to deal with obstacles that come her wa…

Album Of The Day: Monica - The Boy Is Mine

The First Night
Angel Of Mine
I Keep It To Myself
Take Him Back
Ring Da Bell
Gonna Be Fine
'Cross The Room

Monica shocked fans when she released her 1998 album; "The Boy Is Mine". Most of the shock was due to the title track which was the duet with Brandy. Despite the questionable title; the music on here was really good. Though some dismissed it as being unoriginal, uninspired, and rushed; I begged to differ. Many highlights here including the first single; "The First Nigh" and "Angel Of Mine".

Throwback Video: Gina Thompson Featuring Missy Elliott - Things That You Do Remix

This was Missy Elliott's breakthrough as a Rap artist after guest appearing on this remix to the 1997 hit. Missy explained via her VH1 "Behind The Music" episode that Diddy was the inspiration behind her getting on the remix to "Things".

Album Of The Day: Rah Digga - Dirty Harriet

Lessons Of Today
Fuck Y'all Niggas
So Cool
Do The Ladies Run This

"Dirty Harriet" is the debut from Flipmode Squad member; Rah Digga. The album contains the singles; "Imperial" featuring Busta Rhymes and "Tight". During the release of this album; female Rap was sexed out thanks to Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown but Digga still managed to make this album Gold.

Chante Moore, Kenny Lattimore Divorce

Who knew? I was just reading a review of a recent concert by Chante Moore and she announced that she is in the midst of a divorce with singer; Kenny Lattimore. Together the couple made a variety of albums on the Arista label. Word is that Chante's next album is said to be a gospel album; "Changed" which currently has no release date. A few years ago Chante released the album; "Love That Woman" to little fanfare.

Ashanti is releasing new music and her first single is said to surface within' the next two to three weeks. The single is currently untitled. Ashanti's new untitled album is said to be released on her own label; Written Entertainment. No word yet on what label if any is distributing the project.

Me and my friend were talking about the BET Awards and the many travesties of it. We talked about the skit; "The Hollywood Husbands" and how she thought Nelly and Ashanti were married. I told her they were not and that JD and Janet weren't ev…

Throwback Video: Shareefa Featuring Ludacris - Need A Boss

"Need A Boss" was the debut single from former DTP/Def Jam recording artist Shareefa. I'm not sure what happened to Shareefa except for that she morphed into what's otherwise known as the singer; K. Michelle. They bare quite the resemblance to each other.

I remember my sister had this song as her call tone and my Mother got mad at her. Told her "she too old to have that Rap shit on her phone!" Ha!

Album Review: Beyonce - 4

End Of Time
Love On Top
I Care
I Miss You
Rather Die Young

Mind you, I only do album reviews on albums that I really like and Beyonce's "4" caught me by surprise. I wasn't expecting to like this album let alone listen to it. When I heard the leaked song; "End Of Time"(which is one of my favorites); I fell for the song. Naturally my curiosity for the rest of the album ensued.

Beyonce managed to record an album that triumphs "Dangerously In Love". To me that album was her best and the one I wanted her other albums to be modeled after. Well I finally got my wish with "4" which is similar in nature to it.

There is a heavy number of ballads but they work rather convincingly. The uptempos are just as good if not better.

Album Of The Day: Beyonce - Dangerously In Love

Naughty Girl
Me, Myself, and I
Hip Hop Star
Be With You

Who could forget all the hype this debut solo album from Beyonce created? Since today Beyonce is releasing her new album; "4" today; I thought I'd tribute Beyonce by featuring one of my favorite albums from her. To the irresistible first single; "Crazy In Love" to the tell like it is; "Me, Myself, and I"; Beyonce truly exploded with this album.

I think even the non Beyonce fans were caught off guard with this album as it is pretty good and I've been wanting Beyonce to make an album like this ever since. She comes pretty close with "4" or even triumphs this release in my opinion.

Kelly Rowland On Monarch Magazine Cover

There are so many magazine publications in circulation; who can keep up. Of course we know all the popular ones like Vibe, Essence, Vogue, etc; but Monarch is new to me. Then again I'm not in Borders or Barnes N Nobles like that in the newsstand aisles where I can see the variety of magazines.

I will say this is the most I've seen Kelly whether it be magazine covers, videos, or guest appearances on song than any other of her former album eras. Work Kelly!

Destiny's Child Reunion?

People are already labeling Beyonce's new album; "4" in stores and online tomorrow; June 28 a flop! So the media is already suggesting that a Destiny's Child reunion is in the works but think again! Read more below:

They are also believed to be in discussions to reunite Destiny's Child - although Kelly Rowland may not be keen.
'Beyoncé's career has stalled a bit,' the source said. 'Columbia seems to think they can get some mileage out of a comeback record with all of the girls.'
Another source told the paper that Destiny's Child could start recording together as early as October, with 'Family Reunion' as a a suggested album title.
But the source said Kelly might not want to team up with the band again and added: 'She has her own solo career now, why would she want to be singing back up for Beyoncé?'
A representative for Columbia told the paper: 'All I know is that the record came in . . . Nothing was ever discussed …

Kelly Rowland Unveils New Album Cover

After coming off her highly publicized performance at the 2011 BET Awards; Kelly Rowland unveils the new album cover for new album; "Here I Am" in stores and online July 26. The album features the singles; "Motivation" featuring Lil' Wayne and "Lay It On Me" featuring Big Sean.

"Lay It On Me" recently leaked out in demo form but I hear the song is being reworked. I personally liked it the way it was but whatever. This album is said to be more sex driven and I'm eager to hear it!

BET Awards Recap

So last night was the 2011 BET Awards and it went like any normal live awards shows telecast. There were a few surprises, some minor bleeps, and some pretty good performances. I'm going to break down the award show based on my own personal moments; the good; the bad; and the plain ugly.

The show opened with Mary J. Blige dressed in a white catsuit and a blond ponytail looking really good! She performed a medley of her hits including; "You Bring Me Joy", "Mary Jane(All Night Long" and she even performed her new single; "Til It's Over" featuring Jadakiss. The live version of that song sounded good so I can only imagine how the studio version will sound.

Mary really did her thing including a brief dance step before bringing out Anita Baker performing; "Caught Up In The Rapture". "Rapture" was the song Mary J. Blige recorded that landed her a record deal. So what better way to pay homage to the star and the said song by briefly seren…

Beyonce Overtakes BET Awards Performance

Sure there were plenty great performances at last night's BET Awards but Beyonce reigned supreme via satellite. Read more below:

The "Run the World (Girls)" songstress wasn't able to attend the BET Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday (June 26) but that didn't stop the diva from rocking the crowd remotely by performing via satellite from her headlining gig at the Glastonbury festival in England.

Following an introduction from Ne-Yo, Bey started off with her 4 track "Best Thing I Never Had." Sporting a dark leotard under a sequined belted jacket and ankle booties, the superstar belted the power ballad in front of a packed audience waving international flags.

Bey then segued into another spankin' new 4 cut, the Afrobeat-powered jam "The End of Time." The hitmaker worked some Motherland-inspired grooves to the dancefloor-ready track, pumping her elbows and flinging her curls about, flanked by a quartet of similarly fierce dancers with big …

Throwback Video: B2K - Why I Love You

At their peak B2K was simply unstoppable and annoying. As quickly as the group shot to fame they soon disbanded. "Why I Love You" is one of their many hits.

Lead singer Omarion would go on to pursue his own successful solo career while the remaining members started other groups, beefed with other celebs, and leaked out naked pictures.

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Drake Preps New Album Release

We've been reading and hearing about Drake's new album for a hot second. Read more below about the upcoming album:

Get ready for the second coming of Drake. Young Money’s all-star is gearing up to release the first singles from his sophomore album Take Care next month.

The Canadian artist has been giving away tracks including the viral sensation “Marvin’s Room” via his blog, but something official is expected to arrive in July. “I got the singles dropping in like a week, a week and a half, two weeks,” he told FADER TV on Tuesday night. “It’s gonna be a blast.”

Drizzy previously announced an October 24 release date for the album, which falls on his 25th birthday. “I’m excited for people to hear the evolution of the music,” he said. “I know what it’s like to drive around Toronto and think about life, so I just make music for those kids.”

On the follow-up to his 2010 debut Thank Me Later, he’s once again drawing inspiration from his real life experiences. “I only really k…

Monica Reveals Possible New Album Release Date

Last night Monica took to the ever popular Ustream where she informed fans of her upcoming album; "New Life" and the pending release date; October 4. That's of course if all the sample clearances go through. Not much else was really revealed and I didn't see the stream cast myself. I'm only going by what several other people have said.

There has been some confusion over the new single from Mary J. Blige. Everyone near had a heart attack when it was revealed that "Someone To Love Me(Naked)" featuring Diddy & Lil' Wayne was her first single from her upcoming album; "My Life II: The Journey Continues". After that; it had changed to a buzz single. Then it was revealed that the first single; "Feel Inside" featured Nicki Minaj which turned out to be a fake; to some extent.

Now its being revealed that the album's official first single is tilted; "Til It's Over". No word on who produced it but producer Rodney Jerkins …

Throwback Video: Mary J. Blige Featuring JD - Everything Remix

I stumbled upon this video of Mary J's "Everything Remix" and I nearly forgot about it. The song "Everything" is from Mary J's 1997 album; "Share My World" which is a favorite of mine. I can't remember who the other dude in this video is rapping with JD.

Album Of The Day: Chaka Khan - I Feel For You

Stronger Than Before
Eye To Eye
Caught In The Act
Hold Her
La Flamme

"I Feel For You" is one of the first albums I truly remember as a child since my Mother played it nonstop. I would eventually get my own copy a few years back. Hands down this album is a true 80s gem front to back. The title track is a Prince remake. The singles here included "Through The Fire" sampled by Kanye West on "Through The Wire".

Teairra Mari Featuring Mr. Vegas & Gyptian - Pum Pum Shorts - Music Video

Teairra Mari unleashes yet another video and I have no idea if these songs and videos will be apart of a compilation or not. Only time will tell.

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Jennifer Hudson - No One Gonna Love You - Music Video

The latest video and singles from Jennifer Hudson's Gold album; "I Remember Me" in stores and online now.

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Jill Scott On New Billboard Magazine Cover

Jill Scott graces the latest cover of Billboard magazine. Jill Scott is on track to have the #1 album in the country next week. Her newest album; "The Light Of The Sun" was released on June 21. Go Jilly!

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Lil' Wayne On The New XXL Magazine Cover

In the newest issue of XXL; Lil' Wayne talks about his impending retirement from Rap, Nicki Minaj, Drake, and not working with Justin Beiber.

The release date for "The Carter IV" has been pushed up a week to August 22. Let's see how long this date will stick.

Throwback Video: Brandy Featuring Kanye West - Talk About Our Love

"Talk About Our Love" was the first single and video from Brandy's 2004 album; "Afrodisac".

T-Pain Featuring Joe Galaxy - Booty Wurk - Music Video

T-Pain releases his latest video and single from his upcoming album; "rEVOLVEr". I'm not sure when the album will be released. When I find out I will inform you all.

The video also features comedian Kevin Hart who is the host of this years BET Awards airing Sunday. Make sure you check out that out! While the nominee list may be crappy and questionable; BET usually delivers in terms of the award show itself.

Beyonce Reveals New Target Commercial For New Album

I had been hearing about Beyonce's special commercial with Target that promotes the deluxe edition of her new album; "4" in stores and online June 28.

As you all know the album; "4" leaked three weeks ago and that created a flurry of rumors. Everything from the album being pushed back or not coming out was mentioned. Now certain bloggers and critics are already predicting this album's failure but only time will tell. I think its a really good album and you should check it out!

Kellly Rowland To Release Fitness DVD

I didn't realize people were so interested in how Kelly maintains her body which she does do a good job at. I do like seeing Kelly do more and she definitely has. As you know her new album; "Here I Am" will be in stores and online July 26. Read more below about the upcoming fitness DVD:

GRAMMY Award winning recording artist and actress Kelly Rowland teamed up with Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins to produce her first fitness DVD called “Sexy Abs,” shot yesterday in Los Angeles. Inspired by Rowland’s fans who frequently ask about her own fitness routine, the DVD will give them unique access to the same exercises that have shaped Rowland’s own sexy abs, with her own trainer and own music throughout. Coupled with Jenkins’ signature fun, high-energy style, the workout is designed to motivate, sculpt a sexy midsection, and deliver the health benefits of improved core strength, a key component in preventing lower back pain.

The DVD will be available this fall through Amazon as…

Missy Elliott Diagnosed With Grave's Disease

Who knew?!? And I wasn't sure if I had heard of Grave's disease or not but I believe I have. The rapper/producer opens up for the first time about her diagnosis which will be unraveled on her upcoming episode of VH1's "Behind The Music". Read more below:

Missy Elliott has revealed that she's been suffering with Graves' disease -- an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid -- as of 2008.

Missy reportedly shared details of the diagnosis with People Magazine, saying that the symptoms -- including mood swings and weight loss --- affected her quickly and unexpectedly.

"I was [driving and] trying to put my foot on the brake, but my leg was jumping. I couldn't keep the brake down and almost crashed," Elliott said. "I couldn't write because my nervous system was so bad -- I couldn't even use a pen."

Elliott has been going through radiation and exercising, which fortunately has improved her condition. "I'm 30 pounds lighter…

Album Of The Day: Ne-Yo - In My Own Words

It Just Ain't Right
When You're Mad
I Ain't Gotta Tell You
Sexy Love

I remember all the hype that surrounded this album upon its release. First single; "So Sick" went to #1. I wasn't buying the Ne-Yo hype at first but his first album is good and worth checking out if you haven't. The album also contains the single; "When You're Mad" and "Stay"(one of my favorites).

I know some people have told me I looked like Ne-Yo but I beg to differ.

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J. Cole Names Album, Sets Release Date

People have been holding their breaths for quite awhile waiting for the official release date of J. Cole's debut album. Now you can read below for that info and more:

After keeping fans waiting, J. Cole has finally revealed the title and release date for his debut album.

Cole World: The Sideline Story will be released on September 27 via Roc Nation/Sony Music. The North Carolina rapper made the announcement on Twitter. has confirmed the title and release date with his label rep.

The title continues the basketball theme found on his popular mixtapes The Warm Up and Friday Night Lights.

The first single “Work Out,” which borrows from Kanye West’s “New Workout Plan” and Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up,” was released last week, while the album is set to feature production from No I.D., Danjahandz, and Brian Kidd, along with a collaboration with Jay-Z.

Cole hopes to drop another mixtape ahead of the project’s release and sees Grammys in the future. “I’m tryna win that Grammy…

50 Cent Considers Leaving Record Label

50 Cent has been pretty vocal lately about his disdain for label; Interscope Records which is currently holding up the release of an album he has in the works.

It's really funny how things change over the years. I mean admit it 50 is not as hot as he was some years ago; at least on the music front. Sure he makes many movies; most straight to DVD but he does more on that front. Now one of the most successful and richest rappers in the game can't even get his record out. Times are really bad. Read more below:

After claiming that label woes delayed his upcoming fifth album and soon after announcing a November release date, 50 Cent is weighing whether or not to ditch the label after it hits stores. Speaking with MTV News, the G-Unit general explained that his staying with Interscope depends on how they handle the release.

"I don't know," he said. "It will all be clear in the negotiations following me turning this actual album in. And, of course, the performanc…

Lil' Wayne Plans To Retire?

Here we go again. Yet another rapper claiming to be throwing in the towel. Only time will tell how this turns out. Read more below:

Lil Wayne has kept fans waiting on his upcoming album Tha Carter IV, but it might be the last time they get a new offering from Weezy. The Young Money chief covered XXL Magazine’s latest issue, revealing that TC4 could be the end of the line for the platinum rapper.

“I’m bowing out still on top,” he says. “I’ma make y’all want me when I retire. I’ma make y’all be like, ‘Nooo!’ I ain’t leaving out this bitch when y’all be like, ‘Yeah, it’s about time, dawg.’ Carter IV might be my last one. I’ma make y’all be like, ‘Fuck!’ Yeah, nigga, I’m gone.”

The 28-year-old elaborated by explaining that his children would be the cause for him quitting the music business.

“Honestly, this is the real truth,” he says. “I honestly think it’s unfair to my kids. I’m super dedicated into what I do. Like, it’s no questions—it’s hands down, I do this. I live this. I don’t…

Foxy Brown Nearly Lands In Jail

After a mishap with her lawyers; Foxy was later to her court date and got nailed by the Judge. Certainly nothing new from one of the most notorious women in Rap; Ms. Foxy Brown. Ha! Read more below:
A Brooklyn judge threatened to hold Foxy Brown in jail after the rap diva showed up to court two hours late – and despite her assertion her lawyer told her it was OK.Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, is being prosecuted for allegedly violating an order of protection last year by mooning a neighbor with whom she had been feuding.The case had been scheduled to be moved to a trial part, but Foxy didn’t turn up until 11:30 a.m. and her lawyer, alleged sex pest Sal Strazzullo, didn’t turn up at all, sending an associate to ask for a five-week postponement.Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice John Walsh lit into Brown, telling her, “Don’t put me in a position where I’m going to have to remand you to make sure you’re here at 9:30.”Brown was livid outside court, citing many days she waited…

Album Of The Day: Janet Jackson - Damita Jo

Damita Jo
Strawberry Bounce
My Baby
Spending Time With You
Island Life

Janet Jackson released "Damita Jo" in 2004 after the Super Bowl debacle which exposed left breast. The album underperformed by most standards though it did go Platinum. The album featured the singles; "Just A Little While", "I Want You", and "All Nite(Don't Stop)".

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Joe To Release New Album

Joe is returning to the music scene with his new album; "The Good, The Bad & The Sexy" in stores and online August 16. The first single is titled; "Almost There" which I haven't heard but I'm sure its out there somewhere for streaming and downloading purposes.

I hear that Monica's new single will be released to us any day now and its produced by none other than friend; Missy Elliott who also reportedly appears on the song with Lil' Kim. Like I said that's the rumor but we will know for sure soon. Monica's upcoming album is titled; "New Life" which refers to her recent marriage to NBA star; Shannon Brown.

Mario just leaked what is considered his first single; "My Bed" from his upcoming untitled album. There is no release date as of now. Early word on the single is that people are comparing it to Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now". Also another song from Mario has leaked entitled; "Bermuda". "Berm…

Ne-Yo Wants To Work With Beyonce On New Album

As its been mentioned before Ne-Yo is working on a new album which he plans as a star studded one and next on his collaborative list is Mrs. Carter herself; Beyonce. The two collaborated on "Irreplaceable" before but this time Ne-Yo wants to lock her in for a duet.

Nivea has shot down the rumors that she was arrested for DUI after attending the wedding of Lil' Wayne's ex-wife; Toya; who has her own reality show appearing on BET. Ex-husband; The-Dream has even come forward and denied the rumors that suggested Nivea hit a tree while her youngest child was in the car.

I think this is the most we've talked about Nivea since she had that video out with Lil' Wayne called; "Love Hurts". I remember she was supposed to release an album but I'm not sure what happened with that. Clearly Nivea doesn't have to work with all the child support she gets from both Lil' Wayne and The-Dream.

According to twitter; Ameriie is getting married this weekend! I bel…

Throwback Video: Outkast - B.O.B.

I stumbled across this and its funny because I remember two people getting in an argument over this song on the bus when I was in high school. It was crazy! One girl said she didn't like the song and a guy; obviously a fan of the song got mad and they got into a big argument.

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50 Cent Plans Two New Albums

First a full length of new music which was originally titled; "Black Magic" and now 50 scrapped that. After that is finally released there will be a sequel to his "Before I Self Destruct" album.

Meanwhile 50 Cent just leaked out a new song; "Outlaw" a few days ago but I haven't been fortunate enough to hear it yet. Read more below about the upcoming albums below:

After 50 Cent brought the idea to light in November 2010, the Queens, New York emcee/actor 50 Cent is reportedly still zooming in on his 2009 fourth solo album Before I Self Destruct to update.

2009's G-Unit/Aftermath/Interscope Records release featured production by Eminem, Dr. Dre and Mobb Deep's Havoc, along with lyrical features by Lloyd Banks and Em. On Twitter yesterday, 50 Cent indicated that if released, Before I Self Destruct 2 will be after his forthcoming LP. The rapper also said that there will be a film component to the album.
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Lil' Kim To Join G-Unit?

After her deal with Roc-A-Fella never materialized; word is Lil' Kim is joining G-Unit or whatever is left of it. Maybe she can add some luster to the squad. Read more about it below:

“I brought the queen, Lil’ Kim,” said Shawty Lo while introducing the notorious raptress as his surprise guest at Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash 16 in Atlanta on Saturday (June 18). But the bigger surprise was what the Queen Bee said when she took the stage at Philips Arena after performing “It’s All About the Benjamins.”

“If ya’ll don’t know, this my boy right here. G-Unit South, that’s where it’s at,” proclaimed Kim, revealing that the “Dey Know” rapper is now part of the G-Unit roster and she may be following suit. “And I’m family too, down with the G-Unit camp. We got surprises for ya’ll.”

The Brooklyn diva, who was reportedly in talks to join Jay-Z’s Roc Nation at one point, has expressed her fondness for 50 Cent and has been in the studio working on music with him in the past.

After her annou…

Throwback Video: Ginuwine - When We Make Love

This was the first single and video to Ginuwine's 2005 album; "Back II Da Basics". The album didn't do well and didn't really produce any hit singles but I like the singles that were released from this album.

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Album Of The Day: Toni Braxton - The Heat

The Heat
Speaking In Tongues
Never Just For A Ring
Gimme Some
Just Be A Man About It
The Art Of Love

"The Heat" was Toni Braxton's first album after declaring bankruptcy(for the first time) and her first album in four years following 1996's "Secrets".

I remember my friend had this album and my other friend and they played the hell out it. I was conflicted to buy it sooner or later and its one of Toni's best albums in my opinion.

I always looked at Toni Braxton as a consistent album artist meaning I liked all her albums with the exception of the last one; "Pulse". Hopefully she will redeem herself if she plans to make new music and not retire like she mentioned on "Lopez Tonight".

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Throwback Video: Toni Braxton - Seven Whole Days

"Seven Whole Days" was one of the many singles and videos released from Toni Braxton's self-titled debut released in 1993.

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Throwback Video: Tracie Spencer - Tender Kisses

I decided to really take it back for today's Throwback Video. I remember my Mother had this cassette and she played it out and I end up liking it myself so here is the video; enjoy!

I have no idea what Tracie Spencer is up to these days but like many singers of the late 80s and early 90s; she is due for a comeback. I mean why not? Last I remember she was dating one half of the production duo; Soulshock & Karlin who produced her last album; 1999's "Tracie".

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Album Of The Day: R. Kelly - R.

Looking For Love
Ghetto Queen
Dollar Bill
Did You Ever Think
Home Alone
Half On A Baby

R. Kelly released his double album; "R" in 1998 which featured the singles; "Home Alone", "Half On A Baby", and much more.

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Keri Hilson Performs Live On SYTYCD

SYTYCD stands for "So You Think You Can Dance" in case anyone was unaware of the show that airs weekly on FOX. I read that Keri was trending yesterday on twitter or was it Kelly Rowland because she was mistakenly referred to as "Kelly Hilson". Ha!

Oh and the song she was performing was "Lose Control" if you were unaware of that too and the song features Nelly from her most recent album; "No Boys Allowed".

I was just thinking about Keri and how her album hasn't sold all that great this time and she's released like five singles/videos. Only two of those five; "Pretty Girl Rock" and "One Night Stand" featuring Chris Brown have been hits. Many have said why don't Keri just give it up but she must be really adamant about this album. I mean the album is cool in my opinion but she has yet to make an album I fully enjoy.

Now playing: SYTYCD Season 8 (Top 20 Results) - Keri Hilson - Lose Control - HD 720p
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Rihanna To Release New Album, Re-Release

Rihanna is one busy girl and dare I say it possibly becoming one of the more harder working entertainers in the business. It's no secret that Rihanna basically releases an album every year and the end of this year is no exception. Now either we're getting a new full length album or she is re-releasing her current album; "Loud". Read more below:

There have been whispers that Rihanna is already working on her next album. Now Ryan Seacrest confirms reports that the red-haired diva is back in the lab with a new project due later this year.

RiRi, who is currently making her way around the country on her “LOUD” tour, has plans to release her sixth album this fall. It would come as no surprise as she has put out five albums in the past five years, with her most recent project LOUD still spawning hit singles.

Seacrest spoke with the singer’s camp and made the announcement on his KIIS FM radio show. “We can confirm that Rihanna is currently working on material and will release a…

Nicki Minaj Set To Appear On New Mary J. Blige Single!

Run for cover Lil' Kim because Mary J. Blige is set to work with Nicki Minaj on her debut single; "Feel Inside" from her upcoming album; "My Life II: The Journey Continues" in stores and online this September. I can already see Lil' Kim fainting and having a heart attack and overreacting like she did towards Keyshia Cole. Mary J. Blige has always been someone Lil' Kim has always personally idolized and been friends with; so she will consider this the ultimate slap in the face unless she is already aware of it.

I remember Kim being mad at Keyshia Cole for letting Nicki diss her on her "I Ain't Thru" single. I never remember anything being mentioned about her being mad at Kanye West for letting Nicki diss her on "Monster". Actually Kim made it seem like she liked the verse and noted it was the hottest verse of that song. Though this is all just speculation right now.

To bring Monica in this equation; Lil' Kim is said to be featur…

Ashanti To Release New Album, Single

Just when you thought Ashanti faded into obscurity; the singer plans to release a new single very soon and the accompanying album this Fall. As far as the production goes; Ashanti sought out UK producers and some who are L.A. based(which she recorded most of the album). The album will be released on her own label; Written Entertainment. I'm not sure if the album is being distributed by a major or not.

Nas just released his buzz single; "Nasty" from his upcoming album; "Life Is Good" which the emcee is now considering changing the album title. Nas thinks some people are misconstruing what he means by the title. He claims that he has another title that he is considering and may ultimately choose. The upcoming album will be released this September.

Justin Timberlake has revealed that he was snubbed by Jay-Z after asking the emcee to work on him on his 2006 album; "FutureSex/LoveSounds". Though Jay-Z denied; he offered help on a later offering which Timberl…

Album Of The Day: Erykah Badu - Worldwide Underground

The Grind
I Want You
Bump It
Back In The Day(Puff)

Erykah Badu labeled this album an EP which was a follow up to her "Mama's Gun" album. This is probably the last of the Erykah Badu albums I really liked. Her last two kind of lost me. The album features the single; "Danger".

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Kelly Rowland, Beyonce Link Up For UK X-Factor Show

Kelly Rowland is gearing up for her stint as a judge of the UK "The X-Factor" which will also air here in the States this Fall. In addition to that Kelly will bring along pal Beyonce who will serve as a mentor. Read more about that below!

In other news Beyonce and Kelly will both perform at this years BET Awards airing Sunday June 26.

Destiny Child divas are working together again, this time Beyonce will help Kelly Rowland select the contestants on the X Factor UK. "Motivation" singer Kelly Rowland will have Beyonce join her in the judges house in order to sift through talented musicians and identify the best candidates for the next stage of the television show.

In regards to fellow judges on the X Factor UK Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh, and Tulisa Contostavlos, it is unknown whom will assist them in their decisions at the judges house.

Outside of the X Factor UK Kelly Rowland and Beyonce have been selected as feature performers at BET Awards which will be broadca…

L.A. Reid To Head New Jive/Epic Records Merger

After his untimely departure from Island Def Jam; L.A. Reid is back and this time running the joining labels of Jive and Epic Records which were already under the Sony wing anyway. As you read below; you may get a better understanding of what exactly is behind the merging. Check it out!

X Factor judge and music executive, L.A.Reid has been taped to run Epic records. The newly restructured Epic Label Group will combine the rosters of Jive and Epic and reunite Reid with Usher and Pink, two artists he discovered and helped develop. (Read the entire story at THR)

It’s also anticipated that Reid will steer the company towards more urban releases, which doesn’t bode well for the label’s rock acts, including Incubus, whose first album since 2006, If Not Now, When?, is due out July 12, and Augustana, whose Epic debut was released in April after Ghost’s tenure sidetracked the band.

As for the Jive Records roster, Epic will absorb some of those artists, including Pink and Usher, both ori…

J. Cole Unveils First Single Cover Art

It's been a long time coming but J. Cole is finally ready to unveil his new album; "Cole World" in stores and online this September. Meanwhile he drops his first single and the accompanying cover art for "Work Out" which samples Kanye West's "The New Workout Plan" and Paula Abdul's "Straight Up".

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Frank Ocean - Novacane - Music Video

This is one of my favorite songs out right now and the mixtape its from "Nostalgia, Ultra" will get a wide release in stores thanks to label Def Jam July 26. I haven't heard the mixtape yet but I've heard nothing but good things about it as well as Mr. Ocean himself.

Mr. Ocean produced one of my favorite songs on Beyonce's new album; "I Miss You".

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Keri Hilson Concert Causes Fans To Faint

I was going to throw in a funny joke about the fans fainting over Keri. Maybe it was because her set was so boring; they had no choice but to faint. But no it was the heat which was pretty hot down south in Memphis. Read more below!

Grammy-nominated artist Keri Hilson visited Memphis Tuesday to give a free concert as part of a promotional tour.

The music at the "Walmart Road to Essence Music Festival Concert in Memphis" was hot Tuesday, and so was the unbearable heat.

The warm temps were too much for many who passed out after succumbing to the heat during the concert, held at the Walmart on Winchester Road. According to Memphis Firefighters, one person had to be treated for heat exhaustion.

"I brought my children out," Renita Lauderdale said. "Let them go ahead. I'll stay cool. I gave them plenty of water before they went out there, but that's fine."

Excited fans didn't let the hot weather stop them from taking part in the special 45 minute …

The Game Speaks On Star Studded New Single

Sounds like to me The Game is simply trying to recreate the magic he had with the "One Blood Remix" single when he had virtually every emcee on. Let's see if he can pull it off again though. Read below for more on the story!

The West Coast rapper discusses the Lex Luger-produced "Bottles and Rockin' J's” off the "R.E.D. Album."

Game is building off the success of his Lil Wayne-assisted single "Red Nation" with a star-studded second single off his oft-delayed R.E.D. Album, due August 23rd. The Compton, California native taps Weezy, DJ Khaled, Fabolous, Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes and Teyana Taylor for the Lex Luger-produced “Bottles and Rockin' J's," explaining that it's a track geared for the club.

"I think it’s gon’ be such a big record in the club that it’s probably going to end up featuring everybody, or everybody who’s anybody is probably going to jump on a remix of their own or just throw themselves on it and …

Lil' Mama Claims Nicki Minaj Stole Her Style

This is kind of funny because Nicki Minaj doesn't remind me of Lil' Mama at all. To be honest; Lil' Mama's style is tacky. The whole statement that Lil' Mama is making stems mostly from Nicki Minaj rocking the same wig or hairstyle she did. I mean stuff like that happens though. I don't think she is trying to be like Lil' Mama though and I don't know anyone who wants to be.

Read below for more on the story:

The "Lip Gloss" rapstress accuses the Young Money member of jacking her swag.

Lil’ Mama is making claims that Nicki Minaj has jacked her style in the past. Speaking with, the former Jive Records rapstress fielded a question about her taking the Harajuku Barbie’s haircut and rocking it at the MTV Movie Awards. According to Mama, it’s the other way around.

“My cut is blunt and futuristic and Nicki Minaj started wearing that bob on her head after she came to my show, so at the end of the day I know what I do and I know what I possess…

Beyonce To Release New Fragrance

Of course Beyonce doesn't just stop at music; she is releasing another fragrance. You can read a little more below and click on the link below for an interview with Beyonce regarding the fragrance.

With a new album, 4, on the brink of release, and a European tour starting next week, one would think Beyoncé’s metallic-Minx’d hands are too full to juggle anything else, but she’s been hard at work on another number: three, as in her third fragrance.

“Women always tell me that my music makes them feel strong and confident, and Pulse is about finding that inner power,” the singer, a 16-time Grammy winning, Golden Globe nominated actress, said about her newest creation, Pulse, a floral citrus scent hitting stores in September.

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Ne-Yo To Work With Chris Brown On New Album

As well of a host of appearances that will dominate Ne-Yo's upcoming album. He is working diligently on that since his last album; "Libra Scale" didn't do that well even though I personally liked it. That's usually how it goes though. Artists that I'm casual fans of; I end up liking their least successful album. I guess I am strange that way. Read more below about Ne-Yo's upcoming album:

Ne-Yo Since his last album ‘Libra Scale,” didn’t measure up to his standards in sales, Ne-Yo has been in the label trying to create a masterpiece. Now that the wheels are fully turning on the new project, the “One in a Million” hitmaker reveals that he is planning a star-studded collaborative effort.

"I've reached out to new friends, from Busta Rhymes to Drake, to Lil Wayne, to Chris [Brown],” Ne-Yo tells OK! Magazine. “Don't know exactly what will be on the album yet because we're still in the process of putting it together."

A Chris Brown duet …

Album Of The Day: TLC - CrazySexyCool

If I Was Your Girlfriend
Take Our Time
Let's Do It Again
Case Of The Fake People
Diggin' On You

"CrazySexyCool" not only describes each member to a tee but the vibe of this hit album which features singles; "Waterfalls", "Creep", and "Red Light Special".

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Big Sean - I Do It - Music Video

The Detroit emcee releases new video! I'm not sure if this is his second single or not or simply a viral video. Big Sean's debut finally famous will be in stores and online June 28. The album recently leaked online which features standard and deluxe versions. Big Sean appears on Kelly Rowland's new single; "Lay It On Me" as well so check that out!

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Fabolous To Release New Album

Fabolous will release his new album; "Loso's Way 2: The Rise To Power" on September 13. There is no word on the album's first single but it should be released very soon. Look out for that!

Kelly Rowland's second single; "Lay It On Me" featuring Big Sean just leaked out. It is from her upcoming album; "Here I Am" in stores and online July 26. Kelly Rowland is set to appear and perform at this year's BET Awards airing Sunday June 26.

We are still waiting on that new album from Lloyd; well at least I am. The new album; "King Of Hearts" has been pushed back continuously. Why? I don't know. Thus far though the album has spawned two hit singles; "Lay It Down" and "Cupid". Check out the new and improved tracklisting for the album due in stores and online July 5.

1. Intro (MDMA) feat. Game
2. Dedication To My Ex (Miss That) feat. Andre 3000 narrated by Lil Wayne
3. Cupid feat. Awesome Jones!!!
4. Luv Me Girl feat. Chris…

Beyonce Unveils Deluxe Edition Cover Of New Album, Tracklisting

This is the cover for Beyonce's deluxe edition of "4" in stores and online June 28. There were rumors that the album was getting pushed back but the label is sticking with the date. Below you can check out the original album tracklisting along with the deluxe. I personally like the other album cover better.

1. 1+1
2. I Care
3. I Miss You
4. Best Thing I Never Had
5. Party (feat. Andre 3000)
6. Rather Die Young
7. Start Over
8. Love On Top
9. Countdown
10. End Of Time
11. I Was Here
12. Run The World (Girls)

CD 2:
1. Lay Up Under Me
2. Schoolin' Life
3. Dance For You
4. Run The World (Girls) - Kaskade Club Remix
5. Run The World (Girls) - RedTop Club Remix
6. Run The World (Girls) - Jochen Simms Club Remix

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Album Of The Day: Omarion - 21

Do It
Beg For It
Just Can't Let You Go

Omarion hit #1 on the Billboard Pop/R&B charts with this album and its actually pretty good if you've never heard it. It's a nice mature set of songs in my opinion and it was one of those albums I was surprised I liked.

The album features the first single; "Entourage" as well as the Timbaland produced; "Icebox" co-written by Keri Hilson.

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Album Titles That Feature Numbers

These album titles are all unique due to the fact that they all contain numbers or some form of numbers including numerals. Check them out!

4, Beyonce
Beyonce cited that her fans were the inspiration behind the title of her fourth album due in stores and online June 28(at presstime); release date may change. Beyonce also went on to say the number "4" represents many special days and occurrences in her life such as birthdays and weddings.

21, Omarion
Omarion was "21" at the time of the recording of this album. I think by the time the album was released though; he was 22.

21...Ways To Grow, Shanice
Similar to Omarion's album title; Shanice was coming of age hence the title "21...Ways To Grow".

II, Boyz II Men
The "II" represented album number two from the famed supergroup.

The Carter II, III, IV; Lil' Wayne
The Carter albums are a long running series of album's from the famed rapper.

8701, Usher
The album's title signals the release date of th…

Marsha Ambrosius - Late Nights Early Mornings - Music Video

Marsha releases the third single and video from her album of the same name. This is one of my favorite songs and I was glad it got the video and single treatment. The video is cool and I notice all of Marsha's videos have a message behind them.

Ne-Yo Working On New Album

Not even a year since his latest album; "Libra Scale" was released; Ne-Yo is planning to release a new album this Fall. Personally I liked "Libra Scale" but I understand that a lot of people did not. That's usually how it works. I like an album that everyone doesn't. Tough cookies!

Anyway read below for more info on Ne-Yo's upcoming album:

Ne-Yo is back in the lab recording his fifth album. The singer-songwriter checked in with his fans to share more details about the emotion-filled project.

“Album is coming together oh SO very nice! We takin’ em’ back to when music made you FEEL somethin’ on this one!” he tweeted. “This album will produce emotion, PERIOD. The whole gambit from joy to sorrow and everything in between. PLEASE prepare yourselves.”

His latest offering, due this fall, has something for everyone. “I been in the cave makin’ SURE I give y’all somethin’ worthy of the love y’all have given me. We gon’ dance, vibe, cry, laugh, make love,” he continue…

R. Kelly - Radio Message - Music Video

The newest single and video from R. Kelly's latest album; "Love Letter" in stores and online now.

Throwback Video: Deborah Cox - Nobody's Supposed To Be Here

This was the debut single and video for Deborah Cox's second album; "One Wish". The song hit #1 and reigned for 12 weeks; I believe.

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Album Of The Day: Jay-Z - Vol 2...Hard Knock Life

Money Ain't A Thang
Paper Chase
Can I Get A...
A Week Ago
Nigga What, Nigga Who
Money, Cash, Hoes

This was one of the few Jay-Z albums I owned; notice I said owned. I had a copy of this and I don't exactly know what happened to it. It's funny because I have Cd's that I've had for years and then there are the ones I've lost along the way. Or I just don't remember what happened to them.

"Vol. 2...Hard Knock Life" produced multiple hit singles including the title track; "Money Cash Hoes" with DMX, "Can I Get A" with Ja Rule & Amil and "Nigga What Nigga Who" with Amil. Good times!
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Jennifer Lopez Performs On So You Think You Can Dance UK

With "American Idol" over Jennifer Lopez is able to promote a little more her single; "On The Floor". Maybe she can start pushing "I'm Into You" as well since that one is not doing so well at the present moment. I'm sure we will be seeing a lot more J-LO appearances now since AI is over.

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Album Of The Day: Aaliyah - One In A Million

Ladies In The House
Never Coming Back
A Girl Like You
I Gotcha Back
Never Givin' Up
Giving You More
Choosey Lover
If Your Girl Only Knew

Aaliyah ditched R. Kelly in favor of the then unknown production team of Timbaland and Missy Elliott. It was actually a good choice. I remember having this cassette when I was younger and eventually getting the Cd. It's been awhile since I played it but just thinking about it makes me want to play it.

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