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The Top 20 Digital Songs of All-Time Revealed!

It is clear that we are living in the digital age. Or in other words we are living in a digital world. When I think of digital world, I think of a song by Kelis. This is based on digital sales through such retailers as iTunes. Of course this list is not permanent as it is always changing and some artist is shattering some type of records. Check it out!

4 MRAZ*JASON I'M YOURS 4,292,061

Jeremih Premieres I'mma Star Video!

My friend was playing this song two weeks ago in her car while we were on our road trip through Michigan(of all places huh?). No offense to Michigan cause I had a really great time. The more I heard this song, the more I started to like it. It is the type of song I expect to hear in the club and the crowd would react and chant along to.

Music Biz:
Drake Talks About Jay-Z and featuring on his album or not!"I don't know who came up with that rumor to be honest, but I always knew what Jay's first single was going to be," the hype-building Toronto MC told the BoomBox this afternoon. "Me and Jay did a lot of work together. Maybe at one point he was considering doing it and someone got over-excited and put out a press release that I was going to be on the first single."

As for now, Drake is optimistic that he will still appear on Mr. Carter's upcoming September 11 release. "I had a conversation about it a couple of days ago," Drake says of his studio …

Tweet Hard At Work On New Album!

Tweet is back on the scene as she travels to Germany and records a new album, her first since 2005's "It's Me Again". Check it out!

Joe Budden Talks New Label!

I'm not really that big on Joe Budden, never have been. I'm sure he could care less what I think of him or anyone for that matter. It is the type of "I don't give a fuck" attitude that has made him who he is today.

The Black Eyed Peas Top Billboart Hot 100 Charts!

Now I don't normally do this but I am posting this week's Billboards chart for everyone to see. If you are like me, I am obsessed with the charts. Every Thursday I would look forward to the issuing of the Billboard charts. Now thanks to many of the message boards I visit, I get a preview of the charts a day before their actually released.

If you are unfamiliar with how the Billboard charts work they are based on sales of physical CDs, digital media, radio airplay and more. The Billboard Hot 100 chart is the main single chart which hosts a variety of genres of music. The first number represents the position the song is this week and the second number represents the position it was in last week. A song with no number in the first column usually indicates a debut or a re-entry. Check it out!

Oh yea also you may see certain titles are highlighted but that's only because the person who posted the charts was showing off certain artists and titles chart positions to members of the …

Ludacris Unveils New Album Title!

Toni Braxton leads today's music news stories. Her long awaited album, "Pulse" is set to be released this November. Read on about that story and the latest on Whitney Houston and Ludacris.

Toni Braxton Talks New Album!
Toni Braxton is currently on tour in Jamaica, and during a recent press conference the R&B diva opened up about the new sound she's using on her sixth studio album "Pulse".

"For me this next album... My single comes out next month and we're keeping it a little younger" she revealed "I'm doing some dance things in there a little bit. Hopefully I can add some great collaborations with some Jamaican artists... We're gonna keep it a little young this time."

"We're gonna have the classic Toni's of course, as they call it the 'baby making music', but we're gonna do some dancehall things in there as well".
"Pulse" will be Toni Braxton's debut album on Atlantic Records. I usu…

Redman Goes Off About Prenupital Agreements!

A few days ago I posted the first part of a video featuring Redman & Method Man as they promoted new album, 'Blackout 2'. When the duo was asked about Nas and Kelis' divorce settlement, the two rappers erupted into a fit of anger. In part 2 of this video, this time, Redman lashes out regarding his feelings for prenuptial agreements. Check it out!

Richgirl Performs During WNBA's Halftime!

I apologize for the lack of updates regarding Tuesday night. I went out of town and got back in real late. I did make time to do a few updates and here is one. I will try and make sure that later today you will have plenty more updates.

Chrisette Michele Performs On BET's "Rising Icon" Show!

The Def Jam songstresses performs songs from her latest album, "Epiphany" and a whole lot more. Check it out!

RS: Chrisette Michele
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Jennifer Lopez Celebrates 40th Birthday Party!

Check out Jennifer Lopez as she arrives at her surprise birthday party. Apparently there was a huge showing of celebrities there to help Jennifer celebrate.

Music Biz:
Eminem Strikes Back At Mariah Carey?
It began with ‘Bagpipes from Baghdad’. Mariah Carey isn’t the only celeb that Eminem took a shot at but she still was damn mad and so was her hubby, Nick Cannon. Eminem claimed to have been having sex with Mariah and demanded her back.
Mariah wasn’t impressed and finally hit back with the song ‘Obsessed’ where it was her chance to get hers back at Eminem. And she did along with a video clip that had her in drag and looking suspiciously like she might be at least trying to look like Eminem.
Now it’s Eminem who has the right of reply and according to some Mariah should be real worried. ‘No one does offensive like Eminem and I don’t wanna know what he might have in store for her lyrically or in the visual….it’s going to be a nasty surprise’ commented rapper 50 Cent who is part of rap group …

Method Man, Redman Speak On Nas, Kelis Divorce Settlement!

An angry Method Man and Redman are asked about their feelings on Kelis' divorce settlement. Even if you are not interested, you have to check this video out simply for Method Man's explosive reaction! Wow!

Music Biz:
The-Dream Plans Last Album!
Singer/songwriter The-Dream announced via his Twitter page yesterday (July 23) that his third studio album, "Love King," slated for a late 2009 release, will be his last.

"I am engaged and 'Love King' IS going to be my LAST album!" he tweeted. In a subsequent post, The-Dream explained, "It is going to be [his] last bcuz, everybody is trying to 'KILL THE DREAM!' [The Dream is] the ONLY one that can end [his] career," although he did clarify he "will still be producing, writing, and featuring on other artist albums though."

During a video interview with that has been making its rounds on the internet recently, The-Dream said he has finished recording three additional records for…

Mariah Carey Releases Jermaine Dupri Produced Song!

I'm on a roll today as the music news keeps on coming and after all its a Monday so there is a flurry of news and stories all over. Check it out!

Mariah Carey Debuts New Track!
NY's Hot 97 to Play New Mariah Song "100%" Tomorrow!

Earlier today, DJ Envy of the radio station Hot 97 in New York, played the new Mariah song "100%" on his show!

Jermaine Dupri who is the producer of the record talked about it on his Twitter page.

Jermaine Dupri: "envy is playing the new mariah record me and b cox did on hot 97 right now. make sure yall hit hot 97 and request that new mariah. the record is called 100%."

Unfortunately, due to the very short notice, it seems like nobody was able to tune in for the premiere of "100%." But good news! DJ Envy in his last tweet says:

DJ Envy: "Guys..I know u wanna hear the mariah joint...they are holding me back ill try 2 get it on..but will play 2moro at 2 for sure."
Looks like Mariah is already pushing her second…

Mary J. Blige Teams With Chris Brown For New Album!

Hello all! I hope you all are enjoying your Monday, I am. I am currently watching "The Wendy Williams Show" which is my new addiction.

Here is some music news for the music news obsessed!

Mary J. Blige Preps Stronger Album!
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Mary J. Blige has been through the storm and is singing about it on her new album.

The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul will release her 9th studio album Stronger on November 24. The first single, “The One,” features Drake and can be seen in a new AT&T ad airing now.

“The album represents who and what I am right now,” MJB said on set of the commercial. “I’m a stronger human being after all the growing pains. It’s about life, love, change, strength—mostly really knowing who you are and being confident in that.”

The follow-up single will be the title track, “Stronger,” which can also be found on the soundtrack to More Than a Game. The documentary about NBA star LeBron James’ high school days in Akron, Ohio, opens October 2 in…

Throwback Video! Kelis - Young Fresh & New

Kelis released this song back in 2001. It was the lead single for her "Wanderland" album that wasn't released in the US but overseas. This song/video was released in the US but bombed. Kelis would later rebound here in the states in 2003 with her "Tasty" album. Check out this colorful video!

Tamia Tributes Michael Jackson's "Human Nature" Live!

Many stars are still showing their respect and admiration of the late great Michael Jackson. Check it out!

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Slim Thug Cuts Hair Off, Talks LeToya!

Like many entertainers with longer hair, they have all recently been cutting it down or completely off(in Mario's case). During the hair cutting process, Slim Thug is asked about LeToya once her song, "Not Anymore" comes out. Check it out!

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Lil' Wayne Disses Michael Jackson, Calls Him A "Fag"!

I remember my friend telling me about this but I didn't know a video existed. She simply said her friend heard something about it on the radio. During an attempt to freestyle(which was horrible by the way), Lil' Wayne gets tongue tied several times. After stopping and starting again, he inserts a line about Michael being a "fag". Check it out!

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LeToya Luckett's Tracklisting For "Lady Love" Album!

I hate to post album covers twice because I posted this prior but that was before the track listing was revealed. Now check it out below to see what leaked tracks made the album and which did not. LeToya's first album faced a similar fate when her a lot of her songs leaked out nearly a year 'fore its release. Luckily for LeToya her debut still went platinum and a lot of the leaked songs were modified.

Official Tracklisting (from LeToyaOnline)

01 – Lady Love
02 – She Ain’t Got Sh*t On Me
03 – Not Anymore
04 – Lazy
05 – Good to Me
06 – Over
07 – Regret (feat. Ludacris)
08 – I Need a U
09 – Take Away Love (feat. Estelle)
10 – After Party
11 – Drained
12 – Tears
13 – Matter
14 – Love Rollercoaster
15 – Don’t Need U

Bonus Track

16 – Swagger (feat. Bun B, Killa Kyleon, Slim Thug)

Whitney Houston Speaks On New Album!

The interest in Whitney Houston and her new album is starting to pick up a huge momentum that every major media outlet including MTV, CNN, Extra, ET(Entertainment Tonight) is taking part in one of music's biggest comebacks.

Throwback Video! Toya - I Do

A lot of people may not remember this song but it came out in 2001. 2001 was such an incredible year for music and just watching this video brings back a lot of fond memories for me. Toya was signed to Arista Records. At the time L.A. Reid was head of Arista and was either not promoting artists or dropping them off the roster. This song was a huge hit! Check it out!

Queen Latifah Returns With New Album!

The original Queen of Rap, Queen Latifah returns with "Persona" due August 25. The album features a mix of rap and R&B tracks with a lot of appearances. Check out the album cover and tracklisting below.

1. “The Light”
2. “Fast Car”
3. “My Couch” feat. Dre from Cool & Dre
4. “Hard to Love Ya” feat. Busta Rhymes, Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman, and Dre from Cool & Dre
5. “Runnin’”
6. “Take Me Away (With You)” feat. Marsha Ambrosius
7. “Cue the Rain”
8. “Long Ass Week”
9. “People” feat. Mary J. Blige and Jadakiss
10. “The World”
11. “Spotlight”
12. “If You Want To”

Bonus Tracks
1. “Over the Mountain”
2. “Champion”
3. “Fair Weather Friend”

Usher Appears On Vegas Magazine!

Meanwhile Usher is hard at work on his new album which is currently untitled right now. The working title, "Monster" was said to not be the title of his new album. Usher's new album is said to feature a lot of production from Pharrell Williams and a lot of those tracks have leaked onto the internet.

Diddy Introduces His New Group Dirty Money

Diddy talks about his new group Dirty Money and what exactly it means and more. Check it out!

Ginuwine Performs "Get Involved" With Missy Live!

Since I took Friday off from updating I am catching up with some of the updates for Friday. Ginuwine, along with Missy hit up the "The David Letterman Show" to perform his latest single. Check it out! Nice performance! I am loving Ginuwine's album right now. I think a lot of people are sleeping on it and need to go get it.

Get Involved Letterman Live
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Foxy Brown Performs Live In Connecticut

Last week Foxy Brown returned to the stage in Connecticut. The controversial performance has landed Foxy a lot of jeers in part to the crowd booing[reportedly over a woman who threw beer at Foxy] and Foxy's hearing aid repeatedly falling out. What a night! This seemed like a tough crowd but Foxy won them over eventually for the most part. It seems like her hearing aid would be more secure though. This explains why Foxy probably hasn't done many live performances in recent years. I think maybe she should do something more intimate and stripped down where she is not moving all across the stage and losing her hearing aid.

Mariah's Biggest Ooops!

Mariah Carey's oddest, weirdest, and most embarrassing moments are all here. Ooops!

This one is for everyone who would of said "How did I forget Glitter?" Personally I liked "Glitter" for what it was so I don't really consider it an oops. I figure had it been someone else in the lead role people would of liked it more.

Micheal Jackson's Memorial
Mariah was not one to be outdone when her duet partner Trey Lorenz killed her on their rendition of "I'll Be There". Mariah sounded so horrible that she later apologized for her vocals and performance on twitter. Later on she said that she regrets the twitter cause it was not even about her that day. Of course in typical diva fashion she made it all about her.

Good Morning America
While promotion her "E=MC2" album, Mariah performed her hit single, "Touch My Body" when suddenly Mariah's backing track started skipping. It was evident that Mariah was not singing and she trie…

Whitney Houston Speaks On New Album!

I'm now officially excited for Whitney Houston and her new album, "I Look To You". The singer speaks candidly about her music, career, and her legacy. Check it out! "I Look To You" will be in stores September 1.

Madonna Unveils Greatest Hits Album Cover!

Originally titled, "Iconography"(which I like better), Madonna plans to release her second greatest hits album, "Celebrate" real soon. A release date wasn't available when I checked.

Music Biz:
Kelis Gets Her Day In Court!
Kelis just hit the jackpot in court today -- a judge awarded her a ton of money in her bitter divorce battle with estranged hubby Nas.

A judge decided Nas has to pay Kelis $55,000 a month in combined spousal and child support -- plus the mortgage on their L.A. residence.

Nas also has to pay Kelis -- who gave birth last night to the couple's only child -- for the baby nurse, prenatal expenses and medical insurance.

The rapper also has to pay $35,000 to his worst nightmare -- Kelis' lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser.Well I am glad with the birth of Kelis and Nas' son, Kelis finally gets her cash out!

Meet Reality TV's Newest Star!
Reality stars endure the Hollywood shuffle just as much big-time actors. The newest Georgia peach to join …

Put That Trophy On The Shelf!

These albums were either shelved by the record companies or they simply have yet to materialize.

Ill Na Na 2: The Fever by Foxy Brown
When Foxy Brown wouldn't conform to what record label honcho, Lyor Cohen wanted(dying her hair among other things), Foxy rebelled and in return Def Jam leaked her album and shelved it indefinitely.

Black Roses by Foxy Brown
It is a shame when you have two albums that have either been shelved or held up. Blame Foxy's hearing loss and possible record label woes for the hold up in production.

Welcome To Fantasy Island by Adina Howard
This album featured the underground hit, "T-Shirt & Panties". Adina's label at the time, Elektra had a reputation for shelving albums.

Elektric Blue by Nicole Wray
It was to be the follow up to Nicole Wray's debut album, "Make It Hot" but it never happened. Nicole Wray was also signed to Elektra Records.

Detox by Dr. Dre
Over the years Detox has become an industry legend in itself. Many songs hav…

Brooklyn Beef! Who Want That?!?!?

Jay-Z is on the tip of everybody's tongue with the September 11 release of his "The Blueprint 3" album. Now take a look at some of his most famous and even legendary beefs.

Foxy Brown
Foxy Brown felt wronged by Jay-Z on many occasion. Often time the rapstress claims that Jay-Z would appear spineless and desert her in her times of needs namely her going temporarily deaf.

Jim Jones
Jay-Z's style of dress would be a topic that many rappers would use against Jay-Z in disses and Jim Jones was certainly no exception. If you ask me, Jim Jones was somewhat obsessed with Jay-Z to me. Every chance he got he spoke of Jay-Z.

50 Cent
50 Cent's "How To Rob" name dropped several rappers including Jay-Z. The song a parody of itself offended many rappers which led to Jay-Z questioning "I'm about a dollar, what the fuck is 50 Cent?".

The Game
During a freestyle Jay-Z decided to name drop several of his adversaries including The Game which led to several dis tracks…

Diddy Speaks On "Making The Band" Member E.Ness' Album!

I almost forgot about E. Ness but he better be glad(as well as Diddy) that someone still cares about him. Then again someone may of just wondered whatever became of him. Check it out!
For Hip Hop News & Entertainment at DimeWars.Com

Jay-Z Talks About Banning Chris Brown From BET Awards!

Jay-Z gets candid in a recent interview he did and he talks about the latest rumors circulating about him. You can check that out and more below!

Jay-Z Talks Chris Brown, The Game!
In an interview with English deejay Tim Westwood, Jay-Z took time to address several hot-button issues, the first of which was Chris Brown.

Jay-Z denied rumors that he had Brown's scheduled Michael Jackson tribute at the BET Awards canceled. "First, let me categorically deny that. That's not even my style. If I got a problem with Chris Brown, I got a problem with Chris Brown. I haven't said anything - I haven't said anything live, or behind the scenes. Whatever. I don't agree with what he did, and that's it."

Moving onto other controversies, Jay spoke about The Game, whom he mentioned in a freestyle live in concert, which ilicited a harsh response from the west coast rapper. Jay-Z was careful to point out that he in the freestyle that he was not talking about Game. "Tell g…

Rick Ross Premieres "Face" Video With Trina!

It is the fourth single from his nearly gold selling album, "Deeper Than Rap". Trina is looking very exquisite and it just makes me even more excited for new album. Check it out!

Kelis Gives Birth To Baby Boy! Nas Celebrates!

You read it right! Nas goes on the record to confirm the birth of his son, "Knight" and gives a performance in his hometown. Check it out!

Ciara Heads Back Into Studio With Justin Timberlake

The hit that was "Love Sex Magic" was huge going at the way to the top 10 in the US. Unfortunately the song died out real quick and by the time Ciara's "Fantasy Ride" was released the momentum was gone. With "Fantasy Ride" under performing in the states, Ciara is quick to get back into the studio and hook up with the very person who was responsible for her last big hit[here]...Justin Timberlake! Check out the story and more below!

Ciara Hooks Up With Justin Timberlake..Again!
According to a new article published in The Observer, singer Ciara is back in the studio with her "Fantasy Ride" collaborator Justin Timberlake.

The news seems to have slipped out by mistake, since the article actually focused on Ciara's no-show at a recent party for Social Life magazine which she's currently on the cover of. According to the magazines editor Devorah Rose, the reason given for CiCi's absence was "she got an opportunity to go into the reco…

Ja Rule Confronts 50 Cent Face To Face!

Ja Rule Takes On 50 Cent!
Ja Rule is still talking about 50 Cent. Well click here to see what he has to say now about the rapper.

Mariah Carey Pushes Album Back!
According to Amazon site, they have Mariah Carey new album Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel pushed back to September 15th and it has been confirmed it got pushed back. It was suppose to be release on August 25th. There are reports that the album was not completed in time to make the original release date. It will also miss the cut-off for 2010 Grammy Awards nominations and will now go head-to-head on the charts with Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 (Sept. 11) and Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon: The End of Day. As recently as this morning, she tweeted that she was still in the studio finishing the project. A video for the “Obsessed (Remix)” featuring Gucci Mane will premiere this Thursday.I'm surprised about the pushback especially since the album was pushed up. I happen to follow Mariah on twitter and a lot of her status messages indicated that…

Mya Behind The Scenes Of New Video Shoot!

Most people may of heard of the new Mya track featuring Bun B., "Show Me Something". If not you can hear a bit of it here or you can always check it out elsewhere. Anyway I just read that Mya has a few mixtapes, "Beauty & The Streets Vol. 1 and 2" coming out and a song with Nicki Minaj called, "Ponytail". Looks like Mya is slowly grinding and trying to get her name back. Can't be mad at that!

Lamar's Top 5 Shocking Moments In R&B/Hip-Hop

Chris Brown's apology video was a shock in itself but not big enough to land on this list. Sure, there probably are some more shocking moments but this is all off top of the head. It is my opinion and you can agree or disagree. Who cares?!?! Enjoy!

5. Rihanna's Naked Pictures!
Rihanna was already a hot topic thanks in part to her becoming Chris Brown's punching bag. Rihanna gained even more publicity once pictures of her nude surfaced. Some say that Chris Brown was responsible for the leaked pictures.

4. Brandy's Fatal Car Crash!
Brandy's personal life has overshadowed her music in recent years. So when news of a fatal car accident was released, it sent everyone into overdrive. Was Brandy going to jail? What would happen? Brandy would later learn her fate earlier this year prior to her releasing her debut Epic album,"Human".

3. Raz-B Accusing Chris Stokes of Child Molestation!
Rumors of Chris Stokes behavior with children are now industry legend. Former B2K me…

Diddy Previews New Album In Central Park

Diddy along with Cassie and new group, Dirty Money[which consists of Danity Kane's Dawn Richards and songwriter Kaleena]stop in Central Park in NYC and preview his new album, "Last Train To Paris". Check it out!

Chris Brown Releases Rihanna Apology Video!

I was watching "106 & Park" and Terrance J was talking about the Chris Brown video and I'm thinking like what the hell he talking about? Well here it is. Check it out!

It's Finally Here

Kid Cudi finally unleashes the video to his new single, "Make Her Say" featuring Common & Kanye West. I finally heard the song and the video is cool. I see this song has been off and on the charts so I'm not really sure how this will fare in the end.

Destiny's Child

LeToya talks about her upcoming album, Beyonce, Destiny's Child reunion, her new album, and everything you've heard her talk about before. See that's the things with interviews sometimes. Reporters ask interviewees the same questions all the time. Then again if I'm not mistaken I think they are given a list of question they can and can't ask.

Music Biz:
Queen Latifah Returns!
Queen Latifah will be releasing her new album, "Persona" on August 25. Click here to get more details on the album. You will definitely be in for some surprises.

Jay-Z Speaks On 15 Year Olds!
"I hear it all the time -- 'Yo, he should let the young guys, the new generation of guys come in,'" Jay explained in an interview. "But you don't become the front-runner in music because someone lets you. You have to claim your shoes...If you grow up listening to hip-hop, you love hip-hop and that's the end of it. But if you're a 30 year-old rapper still trying to …

Ready Set Go

Peep the new album cover for Trey Songz, "Ready" album due in stores September 1. The album is led by the single, "I Need A Girl" and the next single will be "LOL Smiley". The second single I haven't heard but apparently a lot of other people have. Trey has been keeping listeners interested by dropping a variety of mixtapes("Anticipation") and a remaking of many of today's popular hits. So what do you think of the album cover? Apparently the cover is a take from his "Anticipation" mixtape cover.

Music Biz:
Paula Abdul On The Outs?
Paula Abdul's new manager says she may not be returning to "American Idol."

According to a Los Angeles Times report, David Sonenberg says he doesn't have a proposal for a new contract for Abdul. He says it doesn't appear she'll be back.

Sonenberg began representing Abdul a few weeks ago.

Auditions for the ninth season of the highly rated Fox talent competition begin next month.


Mama Knows Best

Lil' Kim and Cyndi Lauper perform her classic hit, "Time After Time" in celebration of Nelson Mandela's birthday. Cyndi sounds off and Lil' Kim sounds nervous. Check it out!

Music Biz:
TLC's Chilli Gets Into Altercation!
On the eve of her upcoming reality show, "Frankie & Neffie", Frankie(who is Keyshia Cole's mother) got into an altercation with TLC's Chilli. Click here to get the exclusive details! As we all know Frankie is a hoot and everytime you turn around she is into with someone or acting crazy.

Material Girls

Richgirl is the newest girl group in a line of many to appear on the scene recently. The group is currently the opening act for Beyonce's tour and you can't get any bigger than that. Check out this exclusive interview with the ladies.

Music Biz:
Mary J. Blige Titles New Album!
Mary J. Blige has titled her new album, "Stronger", due this November. The album is led by the new single, "The One" featuring Drake. The album features collaborations from Chris Brown, Keri Hilson(who's responsible for the title track), Jazmine Sullivan, and T.I. After seeing Mary J. on "The Jimmy Fallon Show" last month where she did an improptu performance with Jimmy Fallon, I am anticipating her new album. Several songs have leaked already and the album isn't out til November. Mary seems miles ahead and is getting the word out on this album early so come November she will have another monstrous first week sales.

Foxy Brown, Toni Braxton Owe Money!
Rapper Foxy Brown …

Coming Up Short

Good morning everybody! I come to you all on a night where I have not been to sleep. I have been out all night at the casino having big fun and a whole bunch of other crazy drama. Anyway here is some music news for the music news obsessed. Amerie takes to TV. Chrisette Michele upset. Ashanti joins the Major Leagues! It's all here. Read on about it below!

Amerie's TV duties!
While Rocsi is off on vacation(I suppose), Amerie will step into her shoes and host two episodes(Monday and Tuesday) of BET's "106 & Park". Make sure you check that out. This will also give Amerie a chance to promote her album, "In Love & War" which will be released on August 25.

Chrisette Michelle Snubbed?
Chrisette Michele is riding high with her new album, "Epiphany" and its albums singles. Now the singer talks exclusively about not receiving her Grammy. Click here to get the full story!

Ashanti's Big In A Major Way!
Fresh off her turn as Dorothy in "The Wi…

Another One Bites The Dust

Hello all! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. It's unusually cool today but that's okay with me, I like cool. I have some music news for you all. Kelly Rowland talks new album, Beyonce's free concert tickets, and Diddy's album pushed back. Read more about these stories below.

Kelly Rowland Talks New Album!
Former Bandmate singer turned solo star Kelly Rowland is currently topping charts across the globe with her smash single "When Love Takes Over", and now according to Billboard, the songs producer David Guetta has revealed that he will in fact be producing the majority of the singers upcoming third studio album.

It's looking less and less likely that Rowlands new album will be R&B like her first two efforts, especially in light of some recent comments she made to Billboard regarding Guetta.

"The current sound with urban and pop is just kind of dancing in circles, and nothing is going anywhere," Rowland says. "I was really kind of b…