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NeNe Leakes returns to "RHOA" and the Kardashians celebrate Caitlyn Jenner's birthday

So with all the Future and Blac Chyna rumors, she's actually starring in the video for his song, "Rich Sex". I still think they fucked though and maybe that explains the tattoo which some are saying was for the video but it looks pretty real to me. Meanwhile the Kardashians and Jenners are celebrating Caitlyn Jenner's birthday. How old is she now? 72? Caitlyn looks good though I'll give her that. And I think the best news today is not even in music but in the reality TV realm. NeNe Leakes has returned to "The Real Housewives of Atlanta", at least temporary. The original housewife joined the ladies on their trip to Jamaica, but it was a surprise to the cast. They had no idea she was joining them. But pictures leaked today of the group photo featuring Leakes alongside Cynthia Bailey and her husband Peter. Reports are saying NeNe was asked back due to the boring storylines. Well at least the first couple of episodes look to be interesting with all the dram…

Erykah Badu to release new mixtape and Missy Elliott previews new single

Erykahpeak Badu is said to be releasing a new mixtape as early as next week. The mixtape titled, "But You Caint Use My Phone"(a line from her 1997 hit "Tyrone") will likel feature Badu's cover of Drake's "Hotline Bling". Are you looking forward to some new music from Ms. Badu? Speaking of new music, Missy Elliott will release her new single "WTF(Where They From)" on November 13. The song features Pharrell who also produced the song. Timbaland let the cat out the bag months ago when he revealed that Missy's first single is produced by Pharrell. Missy later claimed that she would let people know when her new music was ready. Future has denied rumors that he's dating Blac Chyna, the ex-girlfriend of Tyga. The two have been seen out in public at various clubs. Well if Future is not dating her he's definitely fucking her! Wouldn't you agree? Well that's all for now folks! Until next time! Thanks for reading! :)

Janet forced to rest vocal chords and Nelly embroiled in beef with former associagte

Janet Jackson has been ordered to rest her vocal chords which has forced her to cancel some of her upcoming tour dates. Get well Janet! One of Janet's former collaborators, Nelly has been embroiled in an Internet feud with an old acquaintance. The guy who goes by @loosecannonslim on IG(Instagram) has been poking fun at Nelly's current boo, all the while posting and showing his admiration for Nelly's ex, Ashanti. I believe this all started when Nelly allegedly dissed the guy's baby Mother or maybe I have the story mixed up. Who knows? But the whole story is crazy nonetheless! Don't you think? And Wale was on "The Breakfast Club" a few days ago and I finally got around to hearing some of the audio to the shocking interview. In addition to airing out his beef with Meek Mill, he went on to make a statement about suicide if he is not successful. Boy! I thought Wale was successful, obviously not successful as a Kanye West but more successful than a B.O.B. What …

Adele returns with "25" and Wale and Meek Mill beef

So I was on my way to the gym last night, and I was listening to radio. I turned the dial to one of our local radio stations here and Frank Ocean's "Thinkin' About You" was on. Even though its a few years old, it was still refreshing to hear and it sounded brand new even to this day. It led me to wonder though, "Where the hell is Frank Ocean?" He promised us a new album in July and he ain't been seen on heard from since. I take it, he is perfecting the album or just going through the motions. Anyway I can't wait until we get a new album and I really hope its good if not better than "channelOrange" and certainly better that Miguel's "Wild Heart", who claims to make better music than Frank Ocean. It's funny because "this better music" that Miguel has been making lately has fallen on deaf ears. But on to some other news, Meek Mill and Wale was beefing a few days ago but luckily Rick Ross stepped in to help the men …

Trina to release sixth album and Bobby Brown plans to release memoir

Sorry for the lack of updates! So here's some quick news for you all. Trina will release her new album tentatively titled, "6" this December. She just dropped a remix to Drake's hit single, "Hotline Bling" and I like it. Personally Trina is one of my favorites so I'm looking forward to her album that was produced by Rico Love. Bobby Brown will release his memoir,"My Prerogative" in June 2016. Lindsay Lohan says she will run for President in 2020 much like Kanye West. She must still be cracked out because that sounds like a joke, much like Donald Trump running for President. Like I see that Trump has a lot of votes right now but will people ultimately vote for him, that remains to be seen. But my vote is for Hilary Clinton! And with that being said, I'll try not to hold out too long before the next update! Thanks for reading! :)

Kanye West crashes "American Idol" auditions and John Legend and wife expecting baby

Kanye West is making news for showing up during "American Idol" auditions. The rapper performed his hit single, "Gold Digger". I'm sure the surprise appearance will air this season on "American Idol". John Legend and his wife have announced that they are with child. This is the first child for both. Congrats! Rita Ora says she wanted to remake "Lady Marmalade" made famous by Patti LaBelle complete with Charli XCX, Miley Cyrus, and Iggy Azalea. Iggy immediately responded and said she wants no part of the collaboration! Besides "Lady Marmalade" was already covered in the past by Pink, Missy Elliott, Lil' Kim, Christina Aguilera, and Mya. Not to say that it can't be made again but the whole idea orchestrated by Rita Ora was a very random thought. Maybe they all should try remaking a song that hasn't been remade yet. What do you think? Or do we even care? Well thanks again for reading guys! :) Have a good night!

Rihanna said to have received nude pictures and Nicki Minaj guests on "The Hills" remix

Nicki Minaj and Eminem are both featured on the remix to The Weeknd's "The Hills" song but on separate tracks. Speaking of Nicki, she spoke out on the beef between Meek and Drake saying "their grown ass men" and "it hurts" cause she loves both of them. Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson went on social media and claimed to have sent nude pictures to Rihanna and says she has yet to respond. I bet she showed her friends the pics. Now she just needs to show us! :) Then again hell Chad might show them himself being the type of person he is. The BET Hip Hop Awards were recorded last night and are set to air on October 15. In attendance were 2 Chainz, Diddy, Lil' Kim, Snoop Dogg, Lil' Scrappy, Bambi, Redman, T-Pain, Big Tigger, Maino, DeJ Loaf, Soulja Boy, Rick Ross and many more. Scarface was presented an award and was arrested shortly thereafter. Not sure about what though. Today marked the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March and many showed …

Rihanna reveals new album title and B.O.B. exposed by groupie girl

Justin Beiber is ready to sue after pics of him in the nude surfaced. B.O.B. is being called out by some groupie girl who says he was using her to make himself more relevant and she had receipts to show it. B.O.B. who had been dating Sevyn Streeter(song: "Don't Kill The Fun") said he is newly single. Just yesterday there was a video of the two cuddled up during an interview. The ratings for "Empire" have gone down again but not by much. The third episode had 13 million viewers. Last week's episode had 13.7 viewers. Not bad. Last night's episode was actually really good by the way. Rihanna revealed the cover art for her new album, "Anti" which still has no release date and its being executive produced by Kanye West. Well that's all for tonight folks! Thanks for reading! :)

50 Cent speaks out on "Empire" ratings decline and Amber Rose speaks out on Wiz, Kanye

"Empire" saw its ratings decline with its second episode and 50 Cent had something to say about it. He feels the gay story line is too much for some people and its turning people off. Many agreed with these statements as well as their being numerous guests each week. Guest appearances aside, I don't think there is nothing wrong with them but I do think right now a lot of the story lines are all over the place. Now that Lucious is out jail now maybe things will fall back into place. As far as the gay story lines, one of the main characters in the show is gay so what do you expect. Second, the creator of "Empire" is gay so you don't think he would represent gay characters in some capacity? GTFOH! Amber Rose spoke out on her "slut shaming" she experienced in the hands of her famous ex-es Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa. She says Wiz has since apologized for calling her a "stripper" and she forgives them both. Kanye said in an interview he had to…

"Soul Food" sequel in the works

Looks like there will be a "Soul Food 2". Remember the 1997 hit movie starring Vanessa Williams, Nia Long, and Vivica A. Fox? Well due to the success of "The Best Man Holiday", looks like several black films have gotten the green light for sequels. "ATL 2"starring T.I. was planned but later scrapped. Thank goodness! Though it might of been a good movie. I'm so against the idea of making all these sequels. How about something original? This January, "Barbershop 3" will be released starring Ice Cube, Common, Eve, and Nicki Minaj. How do you feel about black movies getting sequels? Yay or nay?