Janet forced to rest vocal chords and Nelly embroiled in beef with former associagte

Janet Jackson has been ordered to rest her vocal chords which has forced her to cancel some of her upcoming tour dates. Get well Janet! One of Janet's former collaborators, Nelly has been embroiled in an Internet feud with an old acquaintance. The guy who goes by @loosecannonslim on IG(Instagram) has been poking fun at Nelly's current boo, all the while posting and showing his admiration for Nelly's ex, Ashanti. I believe this all started when Nelly allegedly dissed the guy's baby Mother or maybe I have the story mixed up. Who knows? But the whole story is crazy nonetheless! Don't you think? And Wale was on "The Breakfast Club" a few days ago and I finally got around to hearing some of the audio to the shocking interview. In addition to airing out his beef with Meek Mill, he went on to make a statement about suicide if he is not successful. Boy! I thought Wale was successful, obviously not successful as a Kanye West but more successful than a B.O.B. What do you think about Wale's statement about suicide? And Beyonce' showed up to Ciara's 30th birthday party last night which had a Halloween theme. Beyonce' came as Storm from "X-Men" fame. Speaking of birthdays, Happy Belated Birthday to the following celebs: Ciara, Monica, Drake, Ashanti, Keyshia Cole, and Toni Braxton. We have quite a few celebs who have celebrated birthdays this month. Well that's all for now folks! Thank you for reading! :)
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