50 Cent speaks out on "Empire" ratings decline and Amber Rose speaks out on Wiz, Kanye

"Empire" saw its ratings decline with its second episode and 50 Cent had something to say about it. He feels the gay story line is too much for some people and its turning people off. Many agreed with these statements as well as their being numerous guests each week. Guest appearances aside, I don't think there is nothing wrong with them but I do think right now a lot of the story lines are all over the place. Now that Lucious is out jail now maybe things will fall back into place. As far as the gay story lines, one of the main characters in the show is gay so what do you expect. Second, the creator of "Empire" is gay so you don't think he would represent gay characters in some capacity? GTFOH! Amber Rose spoke out on her "slut shaming" she experienced in the hands of her famous ex-es Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa. She says Wiz has since apologized for calling her a "stripper" and she forgives them both. Kanye said in an interview he had to take "30 showers" after breaking up with Amber Rose. That whole analogy was funny being that he married Kim K. who has been with numerous black men in the entertainment business. Damon Thomas(producer to which she was once married to), Marques Houston, Nick Cannon, Kris Humphries, The Game, Ray J, one of the Jackson kids, and many more. Really Kanye? But anyway what do you all think of today's stories? Thanks for reading! :)
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