Adele returns with "25" and Wale and Meek Mill beef

So I was on my way to the gym last night, and I was listening to radio. I turned the dial to one of our local radio stations here and Frank Ocean's "Thinkin' About You" was on. Even though its a few years old, it was still refreshing to hear and it sounded brand new even to this day. It led me to wonder though, "Where the hell is Frank Ocean?" He promised us a new album in July and he ain't been seen on heard from since. I take it, he is perfecting the album or just going through the motions. Anyway I can't wait until we get a new album and I really hope its good if not better than "channelOrange" and certainly better that Miguel's "Wild Heart", who claims to make better music than Frank Ocean. It's funny because "this better music" that Miguel has been making lately has fallen on deaf ears. But on to some other news, Meek Mill and Wale was beefing a few days ago but luckily Rick Ross stepped in to help the men squash it. But something tells me its far from over. Drake broke the Internet this week with the video of "Hotline Bling", which I haven't seen yet. I guess I will watch it one day. But I'm not so eager to watch videos like that nowadays. Adele is back with her new single and video for "Hello" for the album "25" due November 20. Apparently Beyonce', Rihanna, and Kanye West all have new albums that are said to drop before year's end. Knowing them, they all may be secretly released on iTunes or some interesting marketing scheme idea. Well thanks guys for reading! :) Sorry for the lack of updates but I do have a life outside of this blog which is mainly working and working out! :) Until next time folks! :)
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