Rob Kardashian calls out Blac Chyna and T.I. in social media rant

Rob Kardashian is upset with his ex-girlfriend/baby mama, Blac Chyna and he put all her business out on front street today via social media(first on Instagram before his page was shut down). Not to be outdone, Rob took his frustrations to Twitter continuing his tirade towards Blac Chyna. Now why is Rob so mad at Blac Chyna? My guess is as good as everyone else's. It seems like all this just came out of nowhere but according to another online blog(famelous), Blac Chyna did something(what? I'm not sure). Rob threw out the fact that he fronted all of Blac Chyna's bills including her clothes, cars, house, and plastic surgery(complete with before and after pictures(*in my Nicki Minaj "No Frauds" voice*). He also accuses Blac Chyna of cheating on him with multiple men and posted the pics of the men(who Rob says Blac Chyna fucked right after him in their bed or something to that effect). If that wasn't enough, Rob also alleges that Blac Chyna is an alcoholic and a drug addict. Rob is really PISSED! I know Rob was really in love with this girl(if we want to call her that) and I'm not sure why. They had a reality show on E!(you all remember that?) and even though I don't personally care for Blac Chyna, I thought their show was cute. I'm not surprised at any of what has been said thus far. I always figured that Blac Chyna(gosh I hate typing her name) was simply using Rob to have a baby and to adopt the last name Kardashian(which she was very close to doing). Throughout this nonsense(cause that's really what it is), Snoop Dogg spoke out in defense of Rob not discerning the fact that he should of known what he was getting into when he began to deal with Blac Chyna. Maybe Rob thought she had changed her promiscuous ways. T.I. even chimed in(when he should be worried about the state of his own relationship) and called Rob out for telling all their business. Rob shot back at T.I. and I'm so glad he did because T.I. is annoying as all hell! Rob says that T.I. paid Blac Chyna to have sex with him and Tiny. I believe this because T.I. and Tiny are known swingers(having an open relationship). These people better leave Rob alone. That is all I'm saying! Have a good day people! P.S. I wonder will T.I. have something to say after that because Rob shut T.I. all the way down! I'm here for all the TEA, DRAMA, and SHADE!
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