Rick Ross issues apology after lewd comments about female rappers

Rick Ross' interview and comments on syndicated radio show, "The Breakfast Club" has landed him in hot water. When asked about signing female rappers to his MMG(Maybach Music Group) imprint, Rick Ross openly admitted that signing a female rapper would interfere in his day to day business as it would turn personal cause he's likely to have sex with her. His sexist comments offended many leading Rick Ross to issue an apology. Female rapper Rah Digga(song: "Imperial") spoke out on her Twitter against Rick Ross saying he shouldn't apologize for saying what he meant. I agree. He told the truth. How he feels is how he feels. I will say that unlike a lot of other male rappers, Rick 's Ross has worked with a lot of female rappers. He's worked with Azealia Banks, Trina, Nicki Minaj, Foxy Brown, Lil' Kim, and more.  I, as a female rapper would be offended and it goes to show how sexist some men are. Do you all remember when Rick Ross had a brief fling with Foxy Brown? They worked together on Ross' "Deeper Than Rap" album on the song, "Murda Mami". Ross was really telling the truth when he said he'd sex a female rapper(Foxy was reportedly rumored to sign with MMG back in the day). Foxy Brown confirmed her fling with Rick Ross many years ago during a performance. There were videos of Fox and Ross where Ross stated that he was turning Foxy into "Trill Na Na", a play on Foxy's famed moniker, "Ill Na Na".
R. Kelly has posted a video denying the allegations that he has a sex cult. Yeah right!
Amber Rose made comments about women in Philly not being "attractive" which sparked debate during a recent interview. I'm so tired of hearing about Amber Rose. She was more likeable and had more mystique when she didn't speak. She's been quoted saying that Kanye West bullied her for five years and some other jargon. Ever since they(VH1 and other companies) have given this women a platform, she won't stop talking and she continues to dig a bigger hole for herself. Remember when Amber Rose was running around saying she owns famed stripper club, "King of Diamonds" and they shot back and said it was a lie! Girl bye! No more press for this girl!
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