R. Kelly accused of having girls linked to a sex cult

I'm not surprised at all by this news. Given R. Kelly's track record with underage women(being married to Aaliyah at the time), pornographic lyrics, and sex tapes, allegations about a sex cult is believable. So the story goes, R. Kelly has girls that are linked to a sex cult spread throughout the states. Allegedly he tells the girls when to eat, when to sleep, and when to shit among other things and most importantly when to have sex. Based on R. Kelly's sex drive, he likely requests the girls to have sex all the time(with him or with each other). R. Kelly has denied the allegations! I don't think I ever seen R. Kelly deny something so quickly. It seems like every once in awhile we're hit with a R. Kelly sex scandal. Remember a little while back when a man had come forward and accused R. Kelly of sleeping with his wife? The said wife was an up and coming artist that R. Kelly was mentoring. It sounds like R. Kelly was mixing business with pleasure when it came to his protege. Sound familiar? 
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