Nicki Minaj's ex throws a jab at her on social media

Azealia Banks did an interview with XXL magazine and she spoke on her upcoming collaboration(song: "Ain't Know" from Banks' upcoming album, "Fantasea II: The Second Wave due in August or September) with Nicki Minaj's ex, Safaree Samuels. She said her decision to work with Safaree wasn't because of an alleged rivalry between her and Minaj but "industry shit" as Banks calls it. Banks later said that she wrote Safaree's verse on their collaboration and its "hot". Once the interview started making the rounds on Twitter, a Nicki Minaj fan retweeted an excerpt of the interview where Azealia revealed she wrote Safaree's verse. There was a screen shot of Nicki Minaj liking the retweet on her personal Twitter page which Safaree obviously got wind of and that's how the drama started. Safaree took to his social media account and threw some jabs at his ex saying "let it go" when it comes to him and that its been "4 years" since the demise of their relationship. Azealia's revelation about writing Safaree's verse on their collaboration is validation for Nicki Minaj. It's been a long standing rumor that Safaree was the writer behind some of Nicki Minaj's biggest hits. It is something that Nicki Minaj has always denied.
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