Keyshia Cole sued for serving beatdown

Do you all remember when it was reported some time ago that Keyshia Cole allegedly beat the brakes off some woman? The unknown woman at the time was dating Cole's ex, Birdman "Baby" Williams. Now the woman has come forward and has filed a $4 million lawsuit against Keyshia Cole. This was a strange time for Keyshia because she had been dumped by not only Birdman but also Bow Wow. Her career was in tatters and she was having a nervous breakdown in my opinion. Now it seems Keyshia Cole may have her act together then again she may not. She is set to appear on the new season of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" with her ex-husband, Daniel "Boobie" Gibson. Sounds like a hot mess already! In some not so shocking news, Brandy has broken up again with her rumored boyfriend, Sis The Baptist. Reportedly, Brandy found out that Sis was still seeing his baby mama. This whole relationship is a mess and was doomed from the start. Fans of Brandy(including myself ) spoke out against Brandy's new relationship. Brandy was quick to defend her new relationship putting various Internet trolls in their place. While we await a new album from Brandy, she is constantly touring and working out and hiding her pregnancy(allegedly!) I think Brandy needs to be single for awhile after this whole Sis fiasco. It was revealed awhile back that Sis had a working relationship with Destiny's Child's Michelle Williams. Michelle Williams has moved on because she has herself a new man and reportedly they may soon tie the knot. Take that Sis! This Sis the Baptist is bad news. He is a leech and an opportunist. What do you all think? 
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