K. Michelle calls out Joseline after jab on social media

A week or so ago, Joseline Hernandez(of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta") went on a social media rant towards executive producer of the show, Mona Scott Young. Joseline alleges that Young along with VH1 owes her $150,000. She called out the producers(mostly Young) over how they make the cast of the show fight as well as a barrage of other claims that Joseline made(that I can't remember now since this was a few days ago). It was reported that Joseline quit "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" over money and in the trailer for tomorrow's reunion special, Joseline is seen exiting the reunion set refusing to take part in the show. On the show's finale which aired last week, a montage of Joseline's most volatile moments while on the show were chronicled which upset Joseline. Joseline said in another social media rant video that producers put together the video because they were upset with Joseline for quitting the show. Fast forward to a few days ago, Mona Scott Young was seen on social media with former cast member, K. Michelle(whose had her own issues with Young in the past) in a video along with some other unknown women. I don't know exactly what was said or implied in the video but whatever it was it upset Joseline and Joseline threw shade at the women on social media. K. Michelle got wind of the shade thrown and unleashed her own tirade towards Joseline with claims of the star being a "cokehead", how she should hang her music career up and that she needed to comb her daughter(Bonnie Bella's) hair. Ouch! The tirade caught everyone off guard and the fact that K. Michelle(who is ruthless in her own right with her words) mentioned the child(which is always supposed to be off limits when adults argue) was uncalled off. Joseline shot back at K. Michelle on social media poking fun at the rumors that K. Michell had a smelly vagina(by offering her to take some sort of pill) and her not having custody of her own child. Wow! Yesterday K. Michelle poked fun back at Joseline by parodying her workout videos on Instagram while pretending to snort a substance on a table. She also said Joseline breast feeds her baby in one hand and the other hand she uses to snort coke. This back and forth will only get worse. I'm team Joseline at the end of the day. I never really cared for K. Michelle. Whose side are you on? K. Michelle or Joseline? I'll have more as this foolishness continues.
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