Foxy Brown posts video of herself reciting lyrics to a diss track aimed at Remy Ma

Foxy Brown continues to be an Internet gangster and stir the pot. The controversial rapper who has been sparring with Remy Ma over the years released her own dis track, "Break's Over" a few months ago. The song, however was not commercially released and was simply released in a snippet form to underground and blog circuits. In the wee hours of the morning, Foxy Brown posted a video to her social media account of herself in a SUV reciting the lyrics to the dis track while it played in the background. Foxy was en route to a performance adorned in a pink Moschino hat and track suit. Surprisingly, Nicki Minaj caught wind of the video and commented that Foxy looked "beautiful". Foxy also confirmed rumors that she has a daughter by shouting out her "dawta" on Instagram. Foxy has been teasing music now for the past 13 years and she has yet to put out a full length project. She periodically drops dis tracks aimed at Lil' Kim("Christmas Massacre" anyone?) and Remy Ma or a :50 second snippet of a song("Drugz") with no commercial release in sight. I can't blame Foxy for throwing shots at Remy Ma because Remy does send an occasional dis to Foxy on her "Plato o Plomo" album with Fat Joe. It's funny though that Remy would dis Foxy considering she's not looked at as a major figure in Hip Hop anymore. She is legendary in the realms of female Rap I will say that and stand by it wholeheartedly. Foxy's feud with Remy Ma is almost at the point of industry legend similar to her feud with Lil' Kim which has been going on for nearly 20 years.
Nicki Minaj just dropped a new song and video with Future titled, "You Da Baddest"(available on iTunes). The video was shot months ago and pictures surfaced online and via Nicki and Future's social media pages. The pictures in itself had many talking as some of the pictures of Nicki Minaj were rather unflattering and it showed her famous butt and how it looks before it likely got retouched in the editing room. Nicki has been keeping herself busy with all these collaborations. She likely has a new collaboration with Trina for Trina's new album("The One" due 9/8/17) and a possible one with Trina and Lil' Wayne. Nicki posted a picture of the famed trio in the studio together which fueled rumors of a collaboration. I will say Trina has been working too. Don't get it twisted. In addition to her own album coming out and her Nicki collaboration, she has a new joint album she's releasing with Trick Daddy. The first single from the album is titled, "Smooth Sailin". The song was just released on iTunes and I've yet to hear it but I will likely go check it out after I finish typing this blog. 
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