Brandy called out for throwing shade on social media

A few days ago Brandy posted a throwback picture of herself and Queen of shade, Mariah Carey with the caption, "SheKnowsMe" and social media users felt Brandy was throwing shade(at J-Lo). If you know the history between Mariah and J-Lo, Mariah was famously quoted for saying "I don't know her" when asked about J-Lo in an interview overseas. Brandy perhaps meant no harm but I caught the shade. But what would Brandy have against J-Lo? The only thing I can recall is J-Lo and Brandy recording the same song and both songs leaking online. I'm not sure if it were a song that Brandy was going to use but J-Lo certainly didn't use it either. But that was so long ago. Brandy did respond saying she was not throwing shade further saying if she was we'd know. I guess the whole "SheKnowsMe" caption was a play more so to Mariah who has claimed to not "know" certain singers a la J-Lo. I'm not sure what's been going on with Brandy personally or professionally but something has been off for awhile. Remember when fans of Monica called out Brandy for throwing shade and Brandy followed it up with a performance on the Soul Train Music Awards with a slight change of lyrics to her 2004 hit, "Talk About Our Love"(one of my favorite Brandy songs). There was also a falling out between Brandy and her songwriter friend, TC(I think that's his name) and he went online and exposed Brandy for shunning him for taking a picture with Beyoncé(Brandy denied this and apologized to Beyoncé's sister, Solange who had just shouted Brandy out). Not long ago we were hit with rumors that Brandy was pregnant( and a congratulations from Brandy's former co-star on "Moesha", Countess Vaughn). Brandy denied the pregnancy rumors as did her daughter. To combat those rumors, Brandy(and her daughter) stressed that she was enjoying a lot of cake(s) and  filmed herself working out int the gym (as if pregnant women can't work out). It all started when Brandy started doing some shows and was appearing to wear attire that was unusually loose fitting and Brandy has always typically been a thin woman. I assumed at first she was going for a new Bohemian type style. There was an unflattering photo captured by a fan that spearheaded the pregnancy rumors  and hit the blogs(and spawned the aforementioned Countess Vaughn congratulations message). Brandy could of simply been bloated for all we know from enjoying all this cake her and her daughter is eating! Of course we can't forget the bizarre working relationship Brandy has shared with gospel star, Sis The Baptist. The relationship was dogged with rumors of infidelity and opportunistic behavior(on Sis's part). I love Brandy, I do. She is one of my favorite singers but something in the buttermilk ain't clean and hasn't been for awhile. I do hope we can get some new music in the future.
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