Bobby V. caught on tape by transgender after sex act goes wrong

Bobby V. has everyone talking and this time its not for his music. Save for a few appearances on VH1's "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta", we haven't heard much from Bobby V. musically. But according to his social media page, he still makes music and has trysts with transgender women. A video has surfaced of the singer as he bolts out of an apartment of a transgender woman he had just had sex with. The story goes, according to reports is that once Bobby V. failed to pay the prostitute transgender woman her flat rate; she cut on her camera and began to record him. Bobby V. is seen with just a shirt on as he tries to cover his face with his shorts. He had no bottoms on and you can see some of his business(his penis) if you look close enough. The video goes by pretty fast since Bobby V. is trying to make a dash out of the apartment. He goes behind a curtain and bolts to the door where the transgender has her camera phone in his face. He pushes her away and runs to the kitchen and slips on his shorts. His face still visibly covered by his hand and hat, he makes an exit for the door and as the transgender woman follows, he runs. The transgender woman yells out chanting his name("Bobby V., Bobby Valentino") and tells him that he's left his keys and shoes. Bobby V. then vanishes out of the camera frame and the video ends. Of course you can see all this for yourself by clicking here while it is still up. Bobby V. allegedly met the transgender woman on a hook up site in case you were wondering. I'm sure he doesn't have to do that as Atlanta is crawling with transgenders and gay men. I guess he thought hooking up with someone online would make things less private and it turned out to be the exact opposite. Of course you can imagine the reaction once this news and video hit the social media circuit. Many people, however felt that the transgender woman shouldn't of recorded the end of the tryst. The transgender stood by her decision to leak the video(as I'm sure she's read many of the comments). People didn't seem to be too surprised though by Bobby V.'s fling with a transgender woman. I am a little surprised but then again everyone(NFL star Cam Newton allegedly came out posting a cryptic message on his Instagram which is the message Jay-Z's bisexual Mother posted), and their Mother(hey! Jay-Z's Mother) is coming out these days. It was being said on social media how the men in R&B(Usher and R. Kelly) have been taking L's(losses) lately. I guess we will have to add Bobby V. to the list now. Bobby V. is still alright with me. I like his music. It wasn't too long ago that I found a mix CD with some of his songs on it.
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