Rihanna caught canoodling with new man

Social media was on fire yesterday as pictures of Rihanna and a mystery man made the rounds. Rihanna and said man were seen canoodling in a pool and had many wondering who exactly the guy was. The guy was later identified as a man who has ties to Toyota overseas(I seen the man's name but I can't remember and I believe he is of Arab descent). Rihanna's new mystery man is also said to be model Naomi Campbell's ex. Now it all makes sense as to why Naomi Campbell threw shade at Rihanna when appearing on "Watch What Happens Live" earlier this year. So it seems like Rihanna may of been dating this guy for awhile and this is our first time seeing it. When exactly did Naomi Campbell date this man is unknown. But this is all very interesting, I think. Well not really but Rihanna is a big superstar(as we all know) so anytime she starts dating(or messing around) with someone its going to be a big deal. Speaking of relationships, it seems as if the relationship between Brandy and her boyfriend associate, Sir The Baptist has ended according to her social media page and other gossip blogs. Brandy reportedly unfollowed Sir and posted a few memes that may have been directed to the dissolution of their working relationship. From the start of the relationship, Brandy was met with criticism about the guy's intentions. Many called out Brandy stating that Sir was simply using Brandy and it turns out that may of been true. A blog posted awhile back and just recently that Sir has a wife and kids. Brandy did work with Sir on a song called, "Deliver Me" and Brandy shared many pictures of herself and he during this time. Brandy is not the first singer Sir has been said to have used dated. The word is he dated Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child at one point so I'm not sure how true that is and the extent of their relationship either. To me, it seems like he just uses these women to help make more of a name for himself. But why someone like Brandy or Michelle Williams who is not as popular as they were in their heyday? Why not try and use someone more in the forefront these days? Maybe because they could see through his bullshit and lies. I don't know. I do hope Brandy finds happiness. She is one of my favorite singers. It does seem like she always gets the short end of the stick when it comes to romance. She seems like someone who falls easily.
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