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Nicki Minaj reveals upcoming collaboration with Trina

Nicki Minaj surprised fans when she revealed through Twitter that she and Trina have recently collaborated. The revelation caused a frenzy resulting in the news to cause "Nicki & Trina" to begin trending on Twitter. It's funny because some people were acting like this is the first collaboration between the rappers when it fact it will mark their fourth collaboration. Whose album will this collaboration appear on is unknown. Trina revealed the guest list on her upcoming album awhile ago and Nicki wasn't one of the guests unless things have changed. Maybe it could be for Nicki's album but she's been extremely tight lipped about it. Are you all looking forward to hearing this new collaboration between Trina and Nicki Minaj? In other Nicki Minaj news, the rapper revealed that she has two new songs on DJ Khaled's new album, "Grateful" which will be available tomorrow on June 23. The big question is if Nicki will be throwing more shots at Remy. I mentioned this very thought to my friend and said he thinks the beef is "stale" now and he is "over it". I couldn't agree more. But we will all be listening closely. Remember a few days ago I posted about Azealia Banks(I know I post about her all the time) wanting to collaborate with her former nemesis, Iggy Azalea? Well Iggy finally responded to Azealia via Snapchat and revealed she had no ill feelings towards Banks and that she wouldn't be against a collaboration more or less. Would you guys all be here for a duet between the two? I say why not. Nicki and Trina have collaborated. Missy, Eve, Lil' Kim, and Trina collaborated as well. We need more females(rappers) collaborating instead of being against each other.
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