Lil' Wayne's ex Toya Wright claps back at Tamar Braxton

If you all were unaware of it but for some time Tiny Harris(T.I.'s ex wife) and Tamar had fallen out over unknown reasons. Well T.I. called out both women after Tiny posted a happy birthday shout out to her godson which is Tamar Braxton's son, Logan. T.I.(oh how I hate having to mention him) called out both Tiny and Tamar for being divas and that prompted Tamar to issue a public apology to Tiny in which she accepted. In Tamar's apology she came off very sincere but also threw some shade at some unknown people. Well Tiny's best friend, Toya Wrigh(Lil' Wayne's ex) caught wind of the shade and decide to clap back at Tamar and her response had social media on FIRE! Toya accused Tamar of being "jealous" among other things and called her out for talking about her sisters(The Braxtons), getting mad at everyone who appeared on "The Real"(the show that she was FIRED from(Toya's words, not mine)). It was just so much but I'm glad Toya called Tamar out because Tamar deserved a nasty read for all her behavior since she had been FIRED from "The Real". I was watching this season of "Braxton Family Values" and I truly got to see how over the top and annoying Tamar is. Sheesh! In other music news, there was a story floating around last week(I'm late I know) about Lil' Kim's house being in foreclosure which I'm not sure how true this is. When this story initially broke, Lil' Kim was seen buying a car at a dealership. So either Lil' Kim ain't broke or she just needs to get her priorities in order. I'm not so sure to be honest what's going on. I know she's supposed to be coming out with a new album(FINALLY! but don't hold your breath) and she is supposed to be shooting a video for the "I'm Better Remix" featuring Missy, Eve, and Trina. Let's hope that happens. I would love to see these ladies do a video. Do it for the culture(as they say!) Enjoy your weekend people!
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