K. Michelle warns Trina about her "Love & Hip Hop" co-star

So Trina posted a picture on her Instagram with Ariane(who is one of the cast members of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta"). Ariane is not a regular cast member but a "friend of" who makes occasional guest spots on the show. Well once K. Michelle saw the picture of Trina and Ariane, she warned Trina to watch out for Ariane. K. Michelle is referring to when Ariane said that K. Michelle left her standing outside with no ride. This was seen in the last season of the show and K. Michelle disputed the claims and has been upset ever since. In other news, there was a mysterious sign floating around in L.A. and some other major other cities. The sign read "4:44" and many thought it eluded to Jay Z releasing a new album or that was the time Beyoncé is rumored to give birth. Well it turns out that everyone was wrong as the sign pertained to a movie that will be on Jay Z's Tidal and Sprint. I'm not sure why people always think that Jay Z and Beyoncé posting signs means an album. This happened a year or so ago when people thought Jay Z and Beyoncé were putting out a duel album. I'm not sure if this is something that is still in the making but it has yet to see the light of day. Besides Beyoncé and company are eagerly awaiting the birth of her twin babies. I also read that Beyoncé will head Coachella next year after being prompted to cancel because of her pregnancy.
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