Beyoncé orders fan site stop selling her unauthorized merchandise

I saw on Twitter that Beyoncé's team sent a letter to a fan who ran a website selling unauthorized merchandise. The fan who is allegedly said to be very young pleaded with Beyoncé and her team to not pursue legal action. I believe her team was simply telling her to stop selling the merchandise but she could still have her fan site. The reason being is Beyoncé's name is trademarked so if you are going to use her name(for say like a clothing design where her name appears), you have to get permission. Now who you go through to do all that, I don't know but because I'm not in the business of designing clothes. So Remy Ma was caught throwing shade at Nicki Minaj via a Instagram post posted by DJ Clue(that's a name I haven't heard in awhile). The event is for Nicki Minaj's homecoming celebration and in the comments there was a screen shot of Remy Ma saying "home going" and if you all know what "home going" mean, its another name for dying. Basically its a nice way of saying funeral or death. Wow! The shade! But Nicki deserves to have some shade thrown at her now and then cause she does her share of shade throwing. Speaking of Nicki Minaj, K. Michelle is firing off at an unnamed rapper in a series of tweets about Nicki Minaj. Now this story is not new but its come back up because there's supposedly some audio of K. Michelle dissing Nicki Minaj and being that it got back to K. she started tweeting. For those of you who are not familiar with this story, you can thank me later. Anyway when K. Michelle was working on her second album, "Anybody Want To Buy A Heart?", she revealed the title track was stolen from her by Nicki Minaj who put the song on her "The Pinkprint" album and the song featured Meek Mill. Well that was just that and K. Michelle ranted about it and it was a done deal. Now years later, being that these so called recordings may be released of K.'s rant towards Nicki, K. is saying that Nicki insinuated that K. and Meek Mill were having sex at the time which K. denied. She also spoke about how celebrities(Nicki) who are at the top are very insecure(very true). The Nicki fans are not happy with K. and have went in on her according to reports but I haven't seen what exactly they've been saying but I can't imagine what they could say about her except the fact that she's crazy. You can't talk about her butt being fake cause so is Nicki's.
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