Beyoncé is said to have had her twin babies

As I suspected Beyoncé reportedly gave birth to twin babies earlier in the week. The babies however remain hospitalized because of a "minor issue". Congrats to Beyoncé and family and hope her babies have a speedy recovery. So in the never ending saga between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj, both ladies performed at a concert in ATL(Atlanta) with Remy Ma taking the stage first and Nicki Minaj later on. A video surfaced of Remy performing "Lean Back" and Nicki performing "No Frauds" among other songs. Many speculated that since both women were on the same bill, they were likely to clash with one another but Remy confirmed that by the time Nicki performed, she was long gone. Remy took to her social media this morning poking fun at the situation and Nicki as well. I like both ladies as I've said before but I feel that Nicki is the one that is keeping this feud alive. The only reason why Remy keeps saying things is because Nicki keeps throwing shots at Remy on various songs and on social media. Are you tired of the feud between these ladies? I am. Happy Fathers today to any Fathers that read my blog. Enjoy your day!
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