Beyoncé fans mad at Mathew Knowles

When news outlets started reporting that Beyoncé had secretly given birth to her twin babies, everyone in the Beyhive(and beyond) were ecstatic. But when the twins' grandfather, (the infamous)Mathew Knowles posted a congratulations to his daughter, fans were upset. Fans felt that Mathew should of respected Beyoncé enough to let her make her own formal announcement or even dad, Jay-Z. Personally I don't think anything was wrong with him doing this. He's excited about the birth of his grandchildren and we all knew that Beyoncé had had her babies. Also being the private person, Beyoncé is, she likely wasn't going to make an announcement(anytime soon) about the birth of her babies but I bet you she has footage of their birth and will share during her next album project(Beyoncé usually reveals video footage of her private life during her tours or during her new album projects). I do think some people acted out of order with this and that's okay if you disagree with me. It's just my opinion. Have a good day guys! :)
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