Azealia Banks mad at singer for copying her style

Another day. Another Azealia Banks beef. This time Azealia is upset at up and coming singer SZA(whose new album, "Ctrl" debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 Charts) who she feels copied her style in her video for "Drew Barrymore"(which also features the famed actress). There was a still (click here to see it) floating around of SZA from her video that IMMEDIATELY reminded me of Azealia Banks' "Slay-Z" mixtape(click here to see it) when I seen it. Before I know it, Azealia was tweeting about it and of course social media picked up on as it will with their own thoughts. Now I will say the still of SZA was definitely influenced by Azealia. Now whether it was SZA herself or her costume designer for the video, the influence is obvious in my opinion. You know they say "imitation is the highest form of flattery". I don't have anything against SZA but I'm just stating the obvious. Of course Azealia went on to say how she had a boxing party and SZA ate all her chicken wings and she asked Azealia to guest on a verse for the song, "Doves In The Wind"("Cranes In The Sky" anyone?) but obviously that didn't happen. What do you guys think? Do you think SZA was somewhat influenced by Azealia Banks for her look in her "Drew Barrymore" video?
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