Nicki Minaj speaks on "dating" Nas and Iggy Azalea new album has a release date

Hey guys! I'll tell you now, this is a lengthier post so I'm warning you now. So yesterday Nicki Minaj appeared on "Ellen" and she brought up Nicki's rumored new boo, Nas. While Nicki played somewhat coy, she did admit to having "sleepovers" with Nas. She also says that she's "celibate" but may make an exception for Nas. I bet she will in fact I think any woman(or man) that is celibate will make an exception for Nas. I still can't get over how people keep saying that "SHether" has been removed from iTunes(Apple Music) when I periodically check and I see it there. Nas is collecting those coins. I'm guessing Nicki doesn't feel a ways about that considering she's just rubbing in the fact that's she's "dating" Nas. Remy's not worried though. She's been married for several years. Speaking of female rappers, Iggy Azalea will release her new album, "Digital Distortion" on June 30. I was watching Iggy on "Watch What Happens Live" on Bravo and she seems so UNBOTHERED when asked about her rivals Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks. She didn't have one negative thing to say about either lady though both ladies have publicly dissed her numerous times in interviews and on record. I can dig that about her. I'm not feeling any of her new songs though and I can only imagine how her album sales are going to look like but like the late great Aaliyah sang, "dust yourself off and try again". Ariana Grande is "broken" after her concert in Manchester was bombed and many people were attacked, injured and dead. Ariana is cancelling her tour currently. #PrayforManchester
DJ Khaled wants to take the post vacated by Epic Records president, L.A. Reid. I mean does he even have the qualifications? I mean I guess in this day and age you don't necessarily have to(just look at you know who) and he's quite business savvy. The last thing we need is DJ Khaled screaming on any more records. He screams on enough as there is. Good luck though in getting that position. In other music news, Missy Elliott surprised fans when she unveiled a remix to her single, "I'm Better" featuring LIL' KIM, TRINA, and EVE. Missy had been teasing a collaboration with the ladies but no one knew that she had this in store(except those involved). It makes you wonder when did they record this because it seems like all the ladies are all so busy doing their own thing. When did they find time to collab? I will say Trina had the best verse and Kim had the best punchlines. Eve's verse was okay but I expected a little more from her personally. It was still good to hear her though considering she doesn't put music out there like that. As for Lil' Kim, with all these collaborations(including her most recent one with Faith Evans) she's doing its definitely time to put out her own new music (when she is said to be working on). Trina is supposed to release a new album but for some reason its taking forever. This collaboration gives us hope though that maybe more females can link up and do some collaborations. We always love when the females get together on a track. With Missy grabbing the likes of Trina, Lil' Kim, and Eve(who are all personal friends of her), I'm sure there was no drama. Now it may be hard getting some of other ladies together on a track but hopefully we'll see more collabos in the future.
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